Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brooke Burke Ballroom Queen

Derek Hough Brooke Burke took home the title of Dancing with the Stars Season 7 champion. I shouldn't have been surprised since she was the best celebrity dancer from the beginning, but the best dancer doesn't always win. Just ask Mel B. Or Sabrina Bryan. I thought Warren Sapp's charm and surprisingly nimble moves would make him the fifth consecutive athlete to win, but he came in second, with Lance Bass placing third.

So Brooke wins, the audience cheers, confetti drops, and her partner Derek hogs the spotlight, the microphone and the trophy. Hello ... it's called Dancing With The Stars. SHE is the star, Derek, not you. Get over yourself. And Mark Ballas ... it wasn't about you either when you won. How about congratulating the celebrity first before picking up Derek and putting him on your shoulder?

The result show was kind of a snoozer, I'd have to say. The most interesting part was probably the Jeffrey Ross roast of the finalists. He did come up with some doozies, like joking that Brooke popped out another baby with Lance as the father, and that the kid was going to come out of womb and the closet at the same time. I was really surprised Disney/ABC allowed that one to air.

Also hilarious:
*The cameras panning to the audience after Miley Cyrus' performance, and stopping at a man and woman looking rather bored. I howled when I realized it was Miley's boyfriend and mother. HAHA!
*Carrie Ann Inaba invoking Paula Abdul once again by crying while giving Brooke her critique after her final dance
*Kim Kardashian trying to dance again. Man alive, she is AWFUL!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coldplay EP On Sale Today For 99 Cents

Who needs Black Friday when you see bargains like this? has Coldplay's new EP, Prospekt's March, on sale today for just 99 cents on their mp3 download page. This is likely a one-day sale, so if you want it for less than a buck, buy it now.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dancing Judges Favor Brooke ... Again

As if it wasn't obvious from the very beginning, the Dancing with the Stars judges want Brooke Burke to win this show. For her Grease- borrowed inspired freestyle, they threw the "best freestyle EVAH!" OTT praise out there, along with the perfect 10s.

First of all, anything that demeans, so to speak, Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke's freestyle is automatically going to get me fired up because THAT dance was THE. BEST. FREESTYLE. EVAH. That dance was brilliant and inspired. Brooke and Derek had some way impressive lifts, but that was really the only exciting thing about that dance for me. The actual dancing was unoriginal. Best dance ever, my ass.

Warren Sapp and and Kym Johnson's freestyle was way more exciting and fun. Carrie-Ann Inaba ... WTF, lady? She said she thought their freestyle was the best this year, yet she still scored them lower than Brooke and Derek.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer were hilarious with their hip-hop freestyle, but the actual dancing was very disappointing. This should have been HOT, seeing as how hip-hop is what Lance danced to for years, and Lacey is very good at hip-hop. But this one fell way short of expectations dance-wise. It was witty and hilarious, but I thought they did way too little in this dance. Their samba, on the other hand ... wow. They killed it. They won Round 1, IMO (and got underscored while Brooke got overscored) but then lost Round 2.

So after the finale, I really don't know who should or will win this. Brooke has been consistently good all season, but I also think she's been way overpraised and has never really captured me enough to want to vote for her. I can easily see her falling short in the public vote. I've thought Warren was going to win for weeks now, due to that "fat boy can move" underdog thing and due to his charisma. But he's also been coasting on that while not dancing as well as others. Lance and Lacey are an exciting pair and should have a strong combined fanbase, but their freestyle was a letdown of Mel/Maks proportions and probably won't grab any new voters.

It will be interesting to see how things go down tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sneak Peek Of David Cook's Album

Clear Channel has David Cook's upcoming album available to stream before it releases next Tuesday. To listen to the album, click here:

After Track 12 "A Daily AntheM", make sure to move to the 12 minute mark for a hidden song.

My early favorite is "Permanent", which was written about his brother Adam and is totally, completely heartbreaking. David has said in interviews that everyone was in tears in the studio when he recorded this song. I don't know how he'll ever be able to keep it together singing live. I don't know how people can get through listening to it without getting choked up.

Other favorites are "Declaration", which I immediately loved after hearing it on SNL, "Come Back To Me" and "Lie".

Apparently, there will be some exclusive tracks on iTunes and Wal-Mart if you purchase the album. Argh. I really dislike when artists do that. It's smart, I guess, but ... argh. Argh because I know I will totally buy both, justifying the iTunes one by saying I wanted it immediately and won't get to a Wal-Mart for awhile because there isn't one conveniently located near me. Such a sucker. These better not be throw-away songs!