Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hip Hop Not Hip For DwtS

This week, Dancing with the Stars continued with its almost comical now attempts at trying to horn in on the So You Think You Can Dance crowd. As if having a former SYTYCD finalist on the show as a professional and bringing in two dancers to perform as guests wasn't enough, they decided to make the ballroom dancers and celebrities do a group hip hop routine. Oh yes, because the past hip hop freestyles have been SO good. (Not)

Can you say TRAIN WRECK?! Cloris Leachman brought some laughs with her Old School Granny routine before they hid her in the back, but poor Susan Lucci looked like she just walked into a hip hop class, was taught the choreography once and forced to do it on the spot in front of the whole class. She had no idea what steps she was supposed to be doing. It was sad. Brooke Burke has been great all season, but she was just terrible at the hip hop. Lance Bass was easily the best celeb at this, unsurprisingly, and I loved that he threw in a little N'Sync Bye Bye Bye move in there. He and Lacey Schwimmer totally killed it. Everybody else? Not so much. Derek and Cheryl were pretty good, and Warren was smooth when they showed him. But man alive, that was bad.

Cloris finally went home. I was sure it would be Susan Lucci after the hip hop. She just looked so terrible in it. But she's bound to go home either next week or the week after.

Len Goodman was not judging this week (probably avoiding the group hip hop on purpose!), and they brought in ballroom expert (snort) Michael Flatley to replace him. That was a disaster as well, especially when he gave Brooke Burke a 10 while Carrie-Ann and Bruno gave out 8s.

Julianne Hough left the show temporarily while she had her appendix removed today. She will be replaced by Edyta, who will now dance with Cody. That will be interesting. She's too much woman for him, methinks.

I still think this is Warren Sapp's to lose, but Lance is sneaking up on him, and if he can continue his momentum, he could give Warren a run for his money. I have a sneaking suspicion that Brooke isn't getting the votes, so the judges anoint her such high scores to keep her out of danger. Sometimes she deserves it, sometimes she doesn't. She definitely didn't deserve that 10 this week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

David Cook Album Cover, Track Listings Released

The album cover and track listings for David Cook's debut album are out. The album drops on Nov. 18!

01 Declaration
02 Heroes
03 Light On
04 Come Back to Me
05 Life on the Moon
06 Bar-ba-sol
07 Mr. Sensitive
08 Lie
09 I Did It for You
10 Avalanche
11 Permanent
12 A Daily Anthem

The Time Of My Life

Track 12 - "A Daily Anthem" - is apparently a David Cook original that was going to be on his second solo album that he was working on prior to AI. That's awesome that he got it in.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cloris Actually Dances On DwtS

Cloris Leachman has been riding her schtick for weeks now on Dancing with the Stars, but tonight she finally let her dancing speak for itself and ended up with a score of 22, which tied her with one of the weekly leaders, Warren Sapp.

Cloris and her partner Corky Ballas played it straight in their tango, and Cloris unleashed some serious flexibility for her age. She got a pair of 8s, which was way excessive, but good for her for actually dancing this time. She kind of has it made in this competition. She's such a character that she can get the votes for being funny, and when no one is expecting her to dance anymore, she gets high marks for exceeding expectations.

Warren Sapp also gets the benefit of low expectations. Because he's such a big guy, it's amazing to see him so light on his feet. But I think now the judges are kind of over that and are now putting high expectations on him based on his past dances. He got dinged this week for lack of content in his samba and for not doing much while his partner Kym Johnson just danced around him. I was really quite surprised to hear that critique towards a favorite since they always turned a blind eye with Helio.

Lance Bass has been dinged for weeks for not reaching expectations. Everyone expects him to be better than he actually is just because he was in N Sync, but he was always the obviously not-as-talented band member. This week, he and his partner Lacey Schwimmer finally struck the right balance between doing actual ballroom and getting their "rebel" schtick in there. They did a gothic tango to "Disturbia" that earned two 9s and an 8 from Len, their highest marks of the year. I think this may have been their "Thriller" paso moment.

I was wondering if Lacey was about to cut a bitch during Brooke Burke and Derek Hough's samba since they performed to "Hip Hip, Chin Chin", which was what Lacey and Danny danced to so memorably on SYTYCD. Bruno and Carrie-Ann loved it, but Len thought it was too raunchy. I thought it was too awkward to be raunchy and not nearly as close to as good as Lacey and Danny's dance. Brooke's a good dancer, no doubt, but she doesn't get called out on much, it seems.

Neither does Cody Linley, who stumbled and bumbled around during his tango with Julianne Hough. But not only did he get high praise and marks, but Carrie-Ann made excuses for him by saying he stumbled on Julianne's dress. Looked more like he stumbled on his feet than her dress, but whatever it was, it was sloppy.

Toni Braxton also looked a bit sloppy at times, although I was entertained by her muy caliente samba with Alec. Maybe it's just Alec. But you go with your samba rolls, Toni! At least she did a real samba, unlike Maurice Green, who didn't do much samba-ing, as far as I could tell. It looked more like a disco, but what are you going to do when you're given KC & the Sunshine Band for a samba?!

Rocco DiSpirito knows something about goofy music, not to mention goofy costumes. He got both tonight and just looked like a drunk frat boy trying to samba. I was expecting the white man's overbite to appear at any minute. I love his enthusiasm for the show and how great he was with Misty May Treanor when she got hurt, but the dancing just isn't cutting it, and he's probably going to go this week now that Cloris actually did a real dance and Susan Lucci brought out the Erica Kane for her tango.

Next week's dances are brand new to the competition: jitterbug, hustle, West Coast Swing and salsa. If Lacey doesn't get West Coast Swing, I will eat my hat. That's her specialty. It would kind of suck to have two Schwimmers have WCS in the mix during their respective shows and not get it.