Monday, September 29, 2008

Shortened Schedule Shafts Stars

They had just three full days to learn their new dances on Dancing with the Stars, and it showed. I'm not sure why the producers insisted on having the celebs dance twice in week one, especially since, as a result, week two was, well, weak.

Warren Sapp and Brooke Burke tied for the night's high scores with three 8's, and each had obvious flaws. Warren broke into big grins during his Matrix paso, and the ending was really wonky, with Warren dropping down on Kym. I thought he was going to crush her. Sometimes I feel like he's getting praised so much because no one expects him to be so light on his feet. I thought Brooke was way overscored on her rumba. She looked sloppy to me, and not nearly as polished as she did last week.

Toni Braxton earned a seven and two eights for her rumba. Technically I think she was probably the best one, but I didn't feel any connection between her and Alec. Misty May-Treanor, Susan Lucci and Cody Linley all scored three sevens. Maks choreographed another dominatrix paso. Misty had the appropriate aggression but looked like a tranny robot. Susan Lucci danced the slowest, most careful rumba I've seen, but I really don't know how they could have done a sexy rumba to "Waiting on a World to Change." Cody did the best male rumba, but that's mostly because the other guys didn't do much in their rumbas. He didn' look great doing it, but at least he did something.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer continued to push it with Len, and now the other judges are starting to get annoyed with them bucking the traditional dance, scoring them with two sevens and a six. Lance and Lacey's stubborness is going to cost them eventually. But, like with Susan, how in the hell are you supposed to do a paso doble to "I Kissed A Girl"?! I did laugh really hard at Lance's cherry Chapstick, however.

Maurice Greene scored 19. He didn't do much of anything, rumba-wise. Kim Kardashian was given the moves, but she didn't do much with it again. She doesn't finish her moves, and she's sloppy. She looks so half-ass when she dances. Her actual ass, however is not so half. More like one and a half. Holy cow. That dress made her look like a freakin' barge from the side. She scored 17 (and Len ridiculously gave her and Lance the same score).

Bringing up the rear (heh) were Rocco DiSpirito with 16 and Cloris Leachman with 15. Rocco barely did anything in his rumba, and Cloris had a part in the middle where she just stood there while Corky waved his cape around.

I'm going to guess Rocco will be on his way out, but I'm still hoping for Kardashian.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ted McGinley Jumps The Shark

Ted McGinley, the "Patron Saint of Shark Jumping", jumped his own shark on Dancing with the Stars, becoming the second celebrity eliminated in week one.

To be fair, Ted had no business being eliminated this early when horrid dancers like Cloris Leachman and Kim Kardashian were still in the game. Mambo McGinley was doing just fine, but the combo of him not being very popular and his partner being brand new was probably what sealed his fate. That, and Cloris Leachman being batshit crazy and entertaining as hell. I can't really explain Kardashian because I can't imagine that she actually has fans. Because really? What does she do?

The producers had Toni Braxton in the perceived "bottom 2" with Ted, which really isn't too cool considering the fact that she has a heart problem. But I guess if she can dance, she can stand through a potential elimination.

Musical guests on tonight's show were Jesse McCartney and the Jonas Brothers. Jesse McCartney and Susan Lucci since they were on All My Children together for a few years. Wish they had showed some of that footage. The Jonas Brothers ... uh, HOW exactly are they big stars? They are horrible singers! Eeek. My ears were bleeding.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jeffrey Ross Not Last Comic Dancing

Comedian Jeffrey Ross became the first celebrity to be voted off on this season's Dancing with the Stars after last night's weak foxtrot with his partner Edyta.

What probably torpedoed Jeffrey (along with his bad dancing) was Cloris Leachman's emergence as the funny man on the show. Cloris, who noted that she was "older than the mambo", continued to steal the show with her hilarity tonight, doing some crazy "dance" moves and crotch grabbing. She has zero dance technique but most definitely brings a show. She had the crowd eating out of her hand.

Also stealing the show once again was Warren Sapp. The self-proclaimed Fat Boy exudes fun and joy in his dancing, and it's very contagious. You can't help but smile, especially when you see the twinkle in his eye. And his footwork is something, especially considering how big he is. Kudos to Kym for getting him to this level so quickly. Maurice Greene also has an infectious attitude that makes you enjoy whatever he is doing. Unless you are an old fogie like Len, who thinks a worm is called a "Free Willy". Ted McGinley is another one who throws himself into the dances. He totally had the mambo attitude, if not all the moves. He reminds me of Albert Reed a bit. Hopefully he won't suffer the same fate.

On the opposite end of that spectrum is Kim Kardashian, who was nearly eliminated and who probably should be eliminated next. Kim, who was hilariously dancing a mambo to "Baby Got Back", barely tried tonight. She is a gorgeous woman, but she has absolutely no sex appeal on the dance floor. She is awkward and gawky. And her partner Mark tried to overcompensate by dancing feverishly around her, but that only served to make it more obvious that she wasn't doing anything out there. And then she tried to pretend that she's just reserved and shy. Oh sure. Introverts go out to clubs all weekend. And make sex tapes. Ahem.

Showing big improvement was Susan Lucci, who is much more suited for the ballroom dances. She loosened up a lot and showed good footwork and posture in her quickstep. Cody Linley did the same with his quickstep, loosening up more than he did yesterday. His footwork, though, needs a bit of help.

Rocco DiSpirito also improved with his mambo, but his quickstep yesterday was pretty mediocre, so he didn't have very far to go to improve. He didn't actually do all that much dancing. And somehow the judges scored him the same as Maurice, Misty, and Lance.

Speaking of the latter two, Misty continued to show potential, doing a lot of her mambo solo, which was really cheeky, but she still dances too much like a jock, and I could almost see her mentally counting some of the steps in her head. I think Maks can whip her into a more graceful shape with time. Lance regressed a bit with his quickstep, which was a bit clompy and stompy.

The best dancers over the last two nights were Brooke Burke and Toni Braxton. Brooke got the highest marks, but I think Toni was equally as good, and even better when it came to chemistry with her partner. Toni and Alec look amazing together and dance very well with each other.

I think Kim is most likely to leave tomorrow, but Ted could be in big danger as well since he's not one of the bigger names and isn't paired with a known pro.

David Cook's New Single Leaked

AOL Music has an exclusive first listen for David Cook's new single, "Light On", which is co-written by Chris Cornell and Brian Howes.

Check it out here:

IMO, I think it's a good mix of rock and pop, which I think he may need off the bat so as to not alienate his Idol fans. And it's rock enough to draw in some of the rock fans. His voice sounds really great on this, and the chorus is catchy. The softer piano part where he goes in really deep voice is stunning.

But is it distinctly David Cook? I'm not sure. It is an anthemic song, though, and I do associate that with DC. If not for his voice, which I can pick out of anywhere, I'd say the song itself is a little Hinder, a little 3 Doors Down, a little Daughtry. And they have all put out some huge hits, so if he goes down the same path, that would be fantastic.

The song will be released on iTunes on Sept. 30.

Monday, September 22, 2008

DwtS Judges Remove Cobwebs From Low Paddles

After too many seasons of dormancy, the low paddles have finally been broken out on Dancing with the Stars. Contrary to past recent seasons, the judges actually showed some restraint in awarding high marks, with the 4, 5 and 6 paddles being shown with regularity, even for praised dances. THANK YOU!

They did reward good routines, however, giving Brooke Burke and Derek Hough a 23 and Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer a 22 (a total score that was dragged down by a six from fuddy-duddy Len Goodman, who did not appreciate the edginess in the cha cha). Also scoring high, in a big surprise, was Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson, with a 21.

Best of the night for me were Lance and Lacey. That routine was so exciting and entertaining. And so different from what we normally see on this show, which I think it fantastic. I think with her more modern approach, Lacey will help expand the audience of this show. This choreography was amazing. That last move made me yell "HOLY CRAP!" out loud. The only thing I did not like about this routine was their outfits. Hideous. They could have done edgy without looking like street urchins.

Technically, Brooke was very good, and I think she's going to go very far in this competition, but I would hesitate to call her best of the night because I felt like she needed to loosen up more, personality-wise. She was holding back a little. Once she breaks through that, however, look out.

Warren was a revelation. I though he was going to be one of the first to go, but he totally brought it tonight. He was fun, charming, and surprisingly nimble for a dude that big. And they thought Emmitt Smith was a big teddy bear. If he can make it through the ballroom dances, he'll be in good shape because he's money in Latin.

Toni Braxton was also very good. She and Alec Mazo make a HOT couple.

In the upper-middle of the pack for me were Misty May-Trainor, Cody Linley and Ted McGinley. All three of them have great potential and looked really good at times but also clumsy and/or stiff at times. Misty looked really elegant in hold with Maks, but when they did side-by-sides, she out-masculined him, and he's really macho, so that's not good. The judges gave her good advice in telling her to ease up on the aggression. It was hard to critique Cody because Julianne Hough steals all the attention away, but when I noticed him, he looked stiff often, especially in the hips. Ted was very debonair and charming, with good posture and frame, but Bruno was dead-on. Ted was half Cary Grant, half Steve Carrell.

Maurice Greene and Kim Kardashian fall pretty much in the middle. Maurice has the capability to really groove and charm like Warren Sapp, but that foxtrot was so snooze-worthy most of the time. Very slow and plodding. I was expecting to hate Kim, but she was actually likeable. Not so much likeable, though, was her music. Pink Panther? Really? Like the upper-middle group, she looked good at times, but she also looked really clumsy at other times. And had no connection with anyone during her dancing, really. I expect her to be better in Latin.

The ones who should be duking it out for first to go are Jeffrey Ross, Rocco DiSpirito, Cloris Leachman and Susan Lucci. I think it's pretty much a given that it's going to be Jeffrey, who was really bad, injured eye or not. Cloris is almost as bad as a dancer, and she showed us way too much skin for an 82 year old, but she's also hilarious and memorable, so I think she'll stay. Rocco DiSpirito, who went early, will probably be in the bottom 2 with Jeffrey. Rocco is a good performer but not so much a good dancer. His frame and footwork need help. Susan Lucci won't be in any danger due to her fame, but if she wants to stay longer, she needs to Erica Kane this one up and lose the daintiness and stifness.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Josh Groban Emmy Medley

Check out this hilarious video of Josh Groban on the Emmy's, doing a TV Theme Song medley. Make sure to watch for the Baywatch beach run and the South Park voices. Haha

Monday, September 15, 2008

American Idol Trainwreck In Australia

Oh man, this might be the single worst performance I've ever seen from an American Idol winner. This is Jordin Sparks performing "No Air" on Australian Idol.

Oof. Jordin looks and sounds really sick. Sweetie, there are times when it's better to call in sick. Please try that next time, k?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cook Brothers Sing National Anthem

David Cook's first post-Idol tour gig was singing the national anthem at the Kansas City Chiefs' home opener today, with his younger brother Andrew.

As we all know, Andrew was the one who originally auditioned for American Idol, and David allegedly just came for support and got coerced into auditioning and, of course, eventually won. Andrew got cut, but the kid can sing too!

Here's video of David and Andrew singing the anthem, found on YouTube. Nice harmonies!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

AI, SYTYCD, DwtS Win Emmys

David Cook wins again ... sorta. At the creative arts Emmy ceremony Saturday night, American Idol won an editing Emmy (Outstanding Picture Editing of Clip Packages For Talk, Performance, Award or a Reality-Competition Program) for the "David Cook Goes Home" package on Top 3 results night. It shared the award with the Jimmy Kimmel Show for "I'm F***ing Matt Damon", which also won the Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.

Wade Robson picked up a well-deserved Emmy for his Hummingbird and Flower choreography, danced by Hok and Jaimie in season 3.

Dancing with the Stars won awards for makeup and technical direction.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kanye West In Trouble, But Not For His Mouth

Kanye West was arrested on Thursday morning at LAX after an altercation with photographers who were taking his picture. Kanye and his bodyguard were booked on suspicion of felony vandalism after they smashed cameras. TMZ, whose videocamera was amongst those tossed, caught it on tape:

He was charged with "suspicion" of vandalism. I don't know that there's much suspicion there. That video, is pretty much proof right there, although, to be fair, it also doesn't show what provoked it. But really, Kanye? Causing a scene in an airport on 9-11? Jesus.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Theo Tams Wins Canadian Idol 6

Lethbridge, Alberta piano man Theo Tams was crowned the sixth Canadian Idol tonight, defeating Nova Scotian Mitch MacDonald in the finale. No big surprise here, although I wouldn't have been surprised (or even too disappointed) if Mitch had won. Mitch's vocals were lacking for me, but his taste in music won me over in the end.

Theo, who judge Zack Werner called the best male vocalist in the show's history (throwing the Kalanadians into a tizzy!), will have his new single "Sing" released immediately. The studio version can be heard on his brand-new website. It's a little more mellow. Not sure that's an improvement.

The song has some lyrics that are cheesy enough to make David Cook's Magic Rainbow song sound deep. The chorus starts with "We'll sing till the stardust falls around us and we breathe it in". Oh boy! But it's a pretty good tune melodically, and it's infinitely better than the coronation songs from Kalan Porter and Eva Avila, the latter of which I can't even remember the title.

Speaking of former contestants, Jacob Hoggard returned to the stage with his band Hedley and sang "Old School", which I may attempt to purchase if available in the States. I was very pleasantly surprised by Hedley. I think I was expecting spazzy Jacob but really liked what I saw from him. Good song too. The other performance I really liked was the Top 10 singing "World". Drew killed it on this song. He sounded terrific.

So another season in the books. This was supposed to be the best season ever, and it certainly started out that way, but once they got to the Top 10 show, things went downhill, and voting got really weird. Oddly enough, though, the show got its rightful winner. Theo was consistently good throughout the whole show (although I kind of hated his last Foreigner song), and I pegged him for the finale pretty much from the get-go. Congrats to him! And congrats to Alberta, which has now produced half of the Canadian Idol winners. Hmmm ... maybe the regional voting isn't taking place in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia. Maybe it's Alberta!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Even More Lost With Fringe

And I thought Lost was confusing.

Just caught the premiere of J.J. Abrams' new show, Fringe, on Fox tonight, and it's twice as confusing as Lost is, and that's saying a lot because I'm continually baffled by Lost. I started to follow it a little bit more towards the end of the show, but I may have to watch it again to figure out WTF is going on with the "pattern" and all that.

Best part of the show for me, by far, is Joshua Jackson, who brings some of the charm and snarkiness he showed so well with Pacey Witter to this new role. Pacey is one of my favorite TV characters of all-time, so I totally welcome this.

But what I want to know is this ... when is Greg Grunberg showing up?! He's pretty much done every J.J. show.

Oh, and Fox used THIS show as a lead-in for Hole in the Wall? Talk about an odd pairing. The Japanese version of this show that I've seen on YouTube is hysterically funny. This show makes me want to scream hysterically. Brooke Burns is the most annoying host EVER. Even more annoying than Samantha Harris. Wow.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Jordin Sparks Promise Ring Controversy

On last night's MTV Video Music Awards, Jordin Sparks set off a bit of a controversy with her comments about promise rings. After hearing host Russell Brand mock the Jonas Brothers for wearing promise rings, Jordin fired off this:
"I just want to say, it's not bad to wear a promise ring because not every guy and girl wants to be a slut, OK?"

Here's the video. Check out John Legend's expression while this is going on. LOL

For the record, I have no problems with people, especially young teenagers, choosing abstinence, and I think making sexual jokes about teenagers like the Jonas Brothers is tacky. But to basically say that people who DON'T wear promise rings and who have sex are sluts? Um, judgemental much, Jordin? She could have stated her case a whole lot better than that by endorsing it rather than belittling the other way.

But if it makes the non-"sluts" of the world feel any better, they weren't the only ones getting mocked. Check out this one from Russell Brand about Barack Obama and George W. Bush:

"Please elect Barack Obama on behalf of the world. Some people - I think they're called racists - may not be ready to elect a black man. It was nice of you to let that retarded cowboy have a go at it."

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Memorable 90210 Moments

With the new 90210 premiering tonight, here's a list of 9 of the most memorable moments from the original show.

1. "Donna Martin graduates!"
I don't think there's anyone who's never Somehow this whole thing grew a life of its own and has lived on in pop culture infamy. It's right up there with "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so ... scared!" You didn't even need to see the episode to recognize it.

2. Brenda loses her virginity at the spring dance
Brenda and Dylan sneak away during the dance to have sex for the first time. And Brenda utters this hilariously bad line: "How many girls get to have sex for the first time with someone they actually love?"

3. Dylan's dad gets blown up
We find out years later that his dad actually didn't, but I won't forget Luke Perry's screams of anguish that made me laugh more than anything else.

4. Dylan chooses Kelly
After cheating on Brenda with Kelly while Brenda was in Paris, the girls let him decide who he wants, and Dylan chooses Kelly during a nighttime dip in the pool.

5. Emily Valentine slips Brandon Euphoria
Brandon's girlfriend spikes Brandon's drink with "Euphoria" at a club. When he finds out, he dumps her, then she turns into Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. The best was when she threw paint all over some float they were all working on and then doused it with gasoline before Brenda comes in and saves the day. lol

6. Brenda fools REEK into thinking she's French with a really bad accent
Brenda had the most ridiculously bad accent ("My name izzz Bren-da"), but her American in Paris love interest, played by Dean Cain (!!!) bought it anyway. I can't find YouTube video of them in Paris, but if you go down towards the end of this video, you can hear the bad accent.

7. Andrea offers herself to Brandon as a going away present
More ridiculous but memorable storylines. The Walshes were going to move back to Minnesota, and Andrea decided to give her unrequited crush Brandon a going away present - herself. And who was the present for - her or him?

8. The slumber party
While playing Truth or Dare, Kelly's bitchy friend gets her to admit that she was raped during her freshman year. Which I guess set her up for almost getting raped the next season at a college frat party and then actually getting raped late in the series. Couple that with Kelly being burned in a fire, getting stalked and getting addicted to diet pills, I guess the producers had this thing for Kelly Taylor being in peril.

9. David's old pal Scott shoots himself while playing with guns
Well that was one way to get rid of him!