Sunday, June 03, 2007

Canadian Idol Judges Delusional

With Canadian Idol about to start its fifth season this week, the judges are all over the place trying to drum up interest in the show. And let's face it ... they need all the help they can get because if the last two seasons were any indication, this show is on its last legs. But publicity stunt or not, the statements coming out of the CI judges' mouths are laughable, especially considering the "talent" that has come out of their show lately.

First, judge Farley Flex said to the Canadian Press that the American Idol judges were at fault for the whole Sanjaya thing (true). But then Farley goes on to say, "I'm very confident in the integrity of our panel and our vision of what we see as being the Top 22 to turn over to the public, so I'm pretty confident in saying there wouldn't be a Sanjaya scenario in our world."

Hmmm ... really, Farley? Let me submit the following evidence from the last two seasons against that claim:

Brandon Jones

Daryl Brunt

Sanjaya was better than both of them.

Then Zack Werner popped off about the American Idol judges not knowing anything about finding talent. And then popped off about the contestants, calling Blake Lewis a "Justin Timberlake knock-off who looks like he's 40" (WTF?!) and Jordin Sparks a "professional pageant kid ... who knows so little about artistry". He also said, "And the fact that that Blake (Lewis) kid had the audacity to use the word artist in describing what his music is, is ridiculous -- it's just generic, knock-off, imitative crap. Our show is about anything except that."

Oh really, Zack?

Because I don't see last year's winner Eva Avila being all that much different artistically from Jordin Sparks, or even Katharine McPhee. And are we going to even try to pretend that season 3's runner-up Rex Goudie is a great singer? Blake can sing circles around him. The only way Zack's remarks have any merit is if the only season of Canadian Idol that existed was Season 2, which I still think is one of the best seasons of any Idol ever. Blake's music is generic, knock-off, imitative crap? Please! Until CI starts allowing people to sing their own songs, that's basically what their show (and all other Idol shows) is all about.

The show's producers also went to the press and talked about how Canadian Idol is a kinder, gentler show than American Idol. And this is another problem with the show. The last two years, the judges have just gushed about how great the show and the singers were, even when they gave performances that made Chicken Little look good.

This is not to say that CI is this awful show that has produced no talent. It has produced some great (and artistic) talent, and the tweeny Canadian voters are the ones who seem to vote out the artists before their time. But for the judges to go on their high horses about AI when they've been guilty of the same mistakes (and more) is hilarious to me. And all I have to say is if there's a Sanjaya-esque singer in their Top 22 or whatever it is, I will laugh ... and hope that he makes the final.

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