Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Pics From Tuesday's Idol Scene

Justin Guarini with crying girl Ashley Ferl Justin Guarini w/ crying girl Ashley Ferl
Kimberley Locke Kimberley Locke
Justin Guarini Justin G.
DAUGHTRY!!!!1111! at Starbucks DAUGHTRY!!!!11!
Kimberly Caldwell and Jasmine Trias Kimberly Caldwell and Jasmine Trias
Jared Cotter Jared Cotter
Kimberley Locke and Nadia Turner KLo and Nadia Turner
Scotty the Body Scott Savol
Melinda Doolittle Melinda Doolittle
Lisa Tucker Lisa Tucker
Diana DeGarmo Diana DeGarmo
Justin and Kimberly Justin and Kim
Jon Peter Lewis JPL
SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy
Anthony Fedorov A-Fed
Blake mania Blake mania
Justin Chambers, aka Dr. Alex Karev Justin Chambers (aka Dr. Alex Karev)

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