Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Eight Is Way More Than Enough

The "Top" 8 men on American Idol performed in the last semifinal round Tuesday night for a shot at the final Top 12. And if we're lucky, all of Ryan Seacrest's questioning of the judges about how many guys should be in the Top 12 will prove to be foreshadowing, and 3-4 of them get dumped on Thursday. I seriously think this is going to happen, and then it'll be bye-bye Phil, Brandon and hopefully Sanjaya and/or Sundance.

From "best" (and I say that so grudgingly) to worst:

Brandon Rogers - finally showed some signs of life with "I Just Want To Celebrate" but chose too obscure of a song and had Simon call him Travis. If Simon can't remember him, why should the majority of the voters?

Chris Richardson - out of tune on "Tonight I Wanna Cry" on quite a few occasions but surprisingly didn't sound so bad the rest of the time. The country twang suits his voice.

Chris Sligh - good vocal, blah performance of "We All Want To Be Loved". And I can totally see right through him. He's such a phony. Everything he does is so calculated.

Jared Cotter - still hot, has a good voice, but picked the wrong song ("If You Really Love Me") again. As Simon said, it was unoriginal and will get lost in the mix.

Blake Lewis - Huh. I originally forgot him when I posted this. It made that much of an impression. Anyway, I'm not a fan of the beat-boxing, rapping, reggae thing, so I didn't like this performance at all. But credit him for originality, I guess.

Sundance Head - Did someone drug Eddie Vedder? I can't believe he allowed "Jeremy" to be sung on American Idol. I just cannot take Sundance seriously as a grunge rocker after seeing his blubbery tears last week. And he's not that good at singing heavy rock anyway. His tone isn't quite right for the song.

Sanjaya Malakar - "Waiting on the World to Change" as sung by Shyamali Malakar at a high school talent show. Oh wait, that's Sanjaya? Huh. Could've fooled me. And color me surprised (or not) that he knows how to hula.

Phil Stacey - Probably one of the worst performances we've ever seen at this level. First of all, he decided to sing LeAnn Rimes' "I Need You". Second of all, he cannot for the life of him sing low notes, yet he keeps insisting on picking songs that start low. The only good thing I have to say about it is that at least he didn't sing "I need you like murder, like breath, like rain" as Trenyce did in Season 2.

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