Sunday, February 04, 2007

Purple Reign

An unfortunate thing happened halfway through today's Super Bowl. Halftime ended.

Prince performed a short set during halftime in what pretty much looked like a monsoon. With all the lights and pyro and smoke, not to mention the electric guitar he was KILLING, I would not have blamed him for a mediocre performance under those conditions. Hell, I wouldn't have blamed him if he pulled out altogether, but the man went out there and provided one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows in recent memory.

On a stage shaped like his symbol, he opened with "Let's Go Crazy", then was joined by the Florida A&M marching band on "Baby I'm A Star", which segued nicely into "Proud Mary", then back to "Baby I'm A Star". Then he did a bit of "All Along The Watchtower" with Hendrix licks and segued into "The Best Of You" by the Foo Fighters. Considering that Prince has hundreds of songs in his catalogue, I thought it was interesting and way cool that he'd do those covers. I never would've thought he'd sing Foo Fighters, but it was really good, and he really made it his own. He closed, appropriately, with "Purple Rain", and I wish he had done it like he usually does in concert - for about 15 minutes - because I did not want the show to end.

Oh, and there was this football game. The Colts won. The Anointed One (Peyton Manning) now has the accolades to back up the hype. Rex Grossman will still be maligned in Chicago, even though it's not really his fault that every time the Bears forced or recovered a fumble, his team coughed it right back up. TWICE!

On the commercial front, the only one that really stood out for me was the rock, scissors, paper beer commercial where the two guys played for the last beer and the one guy threw a rock at the other guy's head to make him fall and let go of the beer.

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