Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feelin' Good

After a rough first outing on the men's side, the Top 10 guys rebounded with a stronger showing on Tuesday. AJ Tabaldo delivered a terrific take on "Feelin' Good", which was a really appropriate song choice, as watching AJ just makes you smile and feel good. He brings a joy to the stage that is rarely seen on the show.

Blake Lewis once again impressed with the song choice, singing Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity", even if his vocals once again did not quite live up to the high quality of the song choice. Chris Richardson may have turned in the best showing of the night with Jason Mraz's "Geek in the Pink", which was the perfect song choice for his voice. Chris Sligh also picked a good song once again, singing Ray LaMontagne's "Trouble".

Brandon Rogers picked a good song as well, with "Time After Time", but he failed to make much of an impression and instead showed why he's been a backup singer all this time.

Jared Cotter, my favorite last week, went down a few notches with an ordinary performance of "Let's Get It On". He may stick around, though, for the hot factor and the comedy factor. First, he dedicated the performance to ... brace yourself ... his parents. HA! Then he and the judges turned the show into an episode of Three's Company with all the sexual double entendres. Simon said his performance reminded him of something that you would see on the Love Boat if they had a cabaret singer, and Jared said "That would have been a great Love Boat". HA! again.

Sanjaya Malakar and Nick Pedro each decided to sing a jazzy club song for whatever reason. Sanjaya did "Steppin' Out With My Baby" and put everyone to sleep for the second consecutive week. And, maybe even worse, resembled Michael Jackson. He, at least, dressed appropriately or his song, unlike Nick, who looked like he just came from the office and was singing in a karaoke bar. Paula praised Nick's tone, but I thought his tone was all kinds of wrong on this song.

With "Mustang Sally", which even Sanjaya would have done ok with, Sundance Head was lightyears better than his previous showings, but that really isn't saying much. Naturally, the judges gave him a tongue-bath. Ugh. They're letting this dude coast on one good audition.

A TiVo mishap made me miss Phil Stacey's performance of "Missing You", and I'm not really that broken up about not seeing his creepy bald head, to be honest.

I think Nick and Jared are on their way out, although it could easily be Brandon instead of Jared. For some god-forsaken reason, Sundance and Sanjaya are pulling in the votes.

On to the women ...

I am officially on the Melinda Doolittle train. I. LOVE. HER. LOVE HER! Her "My Funny Valentine" should be right up there amongst the all-time Idol greats. That was just flat-out awesome. Her arrangement, runs and pitch were just pefect. I was in awe.

Next to Melinda, everyone else was just pretty good to pretty bad. In the pretty good department were LaKisha Jones, who couldn't come close to her performance last week and who could have done better, performance-wise, with "Midnight Train To Georgia"; Stephanie Edwards, who also did well but could have done better on "Dangerously In Love"; Jordin Sparks, who is totally sweet and has a pretty voice but had breath and low register issues on "Reflection"; Sabrina Sloan, who sang "All The Man That I Need" a bit too scream-y for my tastes; and Gina Glocksen, who showed her pipes and overcame some bad backup singers on "Alone".

Leslie Hunt, I guess, was middle-of-the-road with "Feelin' Good". I guess it was more "Feelin' Okay". I really hated her scatting at the end.

Pretty bad were Antonella Barba who crazily thought she could sing Celine Dion ("Because You Loved Me") and "sang" with no emotion whatsoever and with no concept of pitch; Alaina Alexander, who started off pretty well but could not finish in tune on "Not Ready To Make Nice"; and Haley Scarnato, who had no soul on "Queen of the Night".

As bad as she is, Antonella is one of the most talked-about contestants (for the wrong reasons), so I don't think she is going anywhere this week. I think it will be Alaina and Haley, with Leslie being a possibility as well.

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