Sunday, February 18, 2007

Best of the TAR Best?

The Amazing Race premiered its 11th season tonight, with 11 All-Star teams competing for the $1 million dollar prize. Now, when they say All-Star, I guess it just depends on your definition of All-Star because I would never in a million years consider Kentucky (David and Mary) to be a strong team. They got as far as they did last season thanks to the Cho Bros and are presumably on the show because they were well-liked by the public. There is only one previous winner in All-Stars - Uchenna and Joyce. I don't know if other winners were even asked (apprently Chip/Kim and the Hippies weren't), but since the winners aren't always the most likeable (hello Flo/Zach and Freddy/Kendra) or particularly memorable (hello multitude of all-male teams like Brennan and Rob and whoever the heck won it in December), I'm okay with it not including them.

The most All-Star team of the All-Stars is the omni-present Romber. This will be the fifth CBS reality show for Rob and Amber - they each had two turns on Survivor and now two turns on TAR, plus their televised wedding (BARF). But, to their credit, as much of fame whores they are, at least they're darned competitive. They are a good team and proved it with their first-place finish on the first leg.

The most FABULOUS team is Oswald and Danny, aka the Cha Cha Chas. They started off the race at the front of the pack and finished it in second place after the first leg. They are my all-time favorite team. I just love their charm, humor, attitude and how much they embrace the experiences. One of their most memorable moments during their initial season was when they took time out to go shopping. Hee! This year, they've already gotten off some good one-liners: "I told you - less martinis and more cardio"; "I hear you guys have your own cable channel" (to Rob and Amber); "Yes, I know who Rob and Amber are because I live on this planet"; "We chose to do wrangle it because I've always wanted a career in beauty. So if I can cut the nails of a horse, I can surely cut someone's hair and give them a manicure." Haha. They even got this double entendre in there: "Keep stroking me; I like it."

I've always underestimated older couple Teri and Ian, who came in second in season 3 just 2 minutes short of the victory. I foolishly underestimated them again, and they came in third in this leg. Now that's amazing.

Coming in fourth was a newly-formed All-Star team of Eric and Danielle from Season 9. Eric came in second and Danielle was one of the two bartender ditzes. They met on the show and fell in love. Oh brother. They started off poorly but caught towards the end when other teams goofed.

Team Guido (3rd place, season 1) placed fifth, followed by the Beauty Queens from last season in a surprisingly middle-of-the-pack sixth. Uchenna & Joyce were non-entities in placing seventh. Charla & Mirna started the race strong but grabbed a local to help and got sent to the wrong park entrance and fell way behind, finishing eighth, just barely ahead of David & Mary, who unveiled their evil side and lied to the Beauty Queens at the airport. Kentucky also had a funny moment at the airport when David called Amber "Kim". Considering the egos on Romber, I couldn't help but laugh at seeing their egos knocked down a peg.

Competing for last place were Kevin & Drew (season 1) and Jon Vito & Jill (season 3, I think?). Jon Vito and Jill were in the Top 3 up until they had to drive to the park, and, like Charla and Mirna, they brought someone along to show them the way. They also got sent the wrong way (which I hope puts an end to having all these ferns on the show) and ended up losing. Kevin and Drew were extremely lucky at JV and Jill's misfortune because they had plenty of their own, with one of them (sorry, not sure which is which) taking a big tumble and hurting his knee and shoulder and their tire busting up towards the end. I don't think they are long for this race - if Charla with her tiny legs can outrun one of them, they're really not in good physical shape.

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