Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tardy Thoughts On TV

Had a really busy week this week, so I'm finally just now catching up on all my shows.

Team Kentucky is no longer lucky. Their luck finally ran out on The Amazing Race tonight. They finished last in last week's leg for the second time in the race yet managed to stay in the game by finishing last on a non-elimination leg. They were not so lucky the third time. Although they arrived at the pit stop second-to-last, they were marked for elimination due to last week's last place finish and thus had a 30-minute penalty. When the Alabama girls arrived at the mat 10 minutes later, David and Mary were eliminated. They will be missed on the show. Those two were the kindest, most genuine team ever on this show, with the biggest hearts.

Their behavior and demeanor on the race is a stark contrast to the selfish, catty behavior of the Barbies, who are making no friends on the race and don't care to either. The pageant girls are definitely living up to their stereotype, although you gotta give them props for being a serious kick-ass team who very well could become the first female team ever to win the race.

There is one other team who shows the good character of Kentucky, and that's the Cho Bros, who, in one of the first episodes, paused to take a moment of silence for the Vietnam Vets when they were at the Hanoi Hilton. The Chos have continually sacrificed their standing in the race to help out their alliance-mates Kentucky and Alabama. Sometimes I think they're too nice for their own good, but with David and Mary gone and with Alabama wanting to forge out on their own many times, it will probably be a good thing for the Chos to look out for themselves.

Monique Coleman danced her last dance on Dancing With The Stars Wednesday night. She got her long-awaited encore and a couple of 10s but got the boot nonetheless. This leaves us with an all-male Top 3 - Mario Lopez, Emmitt Smith and Joey Lawrence. Based on last week's show, I'd say that Mario and Emmitt are the most likely finalists. Mario had an outstanding showing with an emotional, beautiful waltz that I would have given a 10 for. His samba? cha-cha? mambo? (I always get them confused) was good, but I felt he was doing a disco dance more than a latin dance. But what do I know? I think he got a 29 for it. Emmitt was awesome on the rhumba. His hip action was spot-on. He also got a 29, and Len said he would have given him an 11 if he could. Joey was a bit campy but got a tongue-bath. He hasn't wowed me since that routine he did where he was wearing his Keebler elf outfit. That was a while ago. He's been in the bottom 2 a lot lately, and I've got to think that he won't be able to pull out of that bottom 2 slot against Mario and Emmitt. But then again, Jerry Rice beat Stacy Kiebler for a Top 2 spot last year, so you never know.

Lost is winding down for the fall season (ALREADY!), and I'm still not clear on what's going down. The black cloud killed Ecko this week. I think the black cloud is some kind of metaphor for the castaways' conscience or hidden demons. His dying words to Locke were that they're next. Meanwhile, Juliet plays a tape for Jack with instructions to operate on Ben and then kill him on the operating table. Hmmm ... sounds a bit too convenient. Not sure he should trust her! Next week's show looks quite cliff-hangerish. Jack may or may not kill Ben. Sawyer may or may not be killed. Can't wait!

Grey's Anatomy, had one of its best episodes of the season this week. It started with Meredith and George pretending to be Izzie and Cristina, respectively, with each other in the elevator. George made McReferences (Cristina), while Meredith said "Seriously" a lot (Izzie). Seriously! Izzie returned to the hospital under strict orders from Bailey not to talk to any patients. She, of course, did after astutely noticing that a burn victim deliberately burned herself in order not to take the bar exam that she has failed several times before. Alex gives up a career in plastic surgery (aka being McSteamy's lackey), choosing to save a baby's life with sports talk instead of staying on hold with the DMV for McSteamy. George bungles some chicken/pig relationship analogy and calls Callie a pig. I still don't get what that analogy means. A pig is committed but a chicken is ...?

Desperate Housewives borrowed from The Nine with a hostage crisis on tonight's episode. Lynette, Nora, Edie and Julie were amongst the hostages in a supermarket by a crazy neighbor whose husband cheated on her. The last 15 minutes was great TV, especially when Lynette and Nora were bickering, and Lynette said to crazy neighbor that Nora tried to seduce her husband. Crazy neighbor's response? "She put the moves on your husband? Why didn't you say so?" ... BANG. Shot Nora point blank in the chest. After Nora died, Lynette went AWF on the lady and said that maybe she deserved to be cheated on. Oooh snaps! Crazy neighbor went to shoot Lynette for that, but their new neighbor threw something at her head, and the bullet hit Lynette in the arm. Edie's nephew tried to tackle crazy neighbor and another customer picked up the gun and shot her in the head. Damn good TV, let me tell ya!

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