Friday, November 10, 2006

Mutiny On The Island

Last night's Survivor was one of the best episodes in recent memory. Great drama, controversial strategies and a crazy twist made for one great episode.

The show started out with two equal-sized tribes - six members of Aitu (Yul, Becky, Ozzy, Sundra, Jonathan and Candice) and six members of Raro (Parvati, Adam, Nate, Jenny, Rebecca and Brad). When the two tribes got to the Reward Challenge, Jeff Probst threw in a crazy twist. Anyone from any tribe had 10 seconds to decide if they wanted to switch tribes. Earlier in the episode, Candice, who had an alliance with Jonathan, Yul, Becky and Sundra on Aitu, had said that she intended to go back to her original tribe members Adam and Parvati (but mostly Adam. Can you say showmance?!) when the merge occured. Candice decided not to wait and switched teams right there. Jonathan followed suit, and BAM - Aitu was down to four members, while Raro had eight.

The remaining Aitu tribe was shocked and PISSED that they got decimated just like that. But the numbers advantage don't help teams out in challenges, and they had to sit four people out. Meanwhile, Aitu had a double advantage of being super-motivated to win after the betrayal and of having super studs Ozzy and Yul (Have you SEEN the man's abs, not to mention his back muscles?!) on the team. Those two have consistently been the best competitors in challenges, and this was no different. It was embarrassing and gratifying to see how badly they smoked Raro in this challenge. And I laughed muchly when Ozzy pulled a Bobby Jon and screamed in Candice and Jonathan's faces after the victory, saying twice, "Mutineers are the first to die!" And then they promptly sent Candice to Exile Island. Heh.

Aitu's reward was coffee, pastries and letters from home. If being jacked by Candice and Jonathan wasn't enough to bond them together, winning that reward was. Group hugs, tears, laughter (at Yul's ultra-geeky photo of him as a kid) all around for that group during the reward.

Meanwhile, at the Raro camp, Jonathan is kissing everyone's asses after realizing that he'd be the first to go if they lost the Immunity Challenge. He tries to cozy up to Adam, saying that he wants an "All-Caucasian Final Four" with him, Adam, Candice and Pavarti. Huh. So with all of the hype about the racially-divided tribes in the beginning of the season, it's the white tribe that sticks together. Interesting.

At the Immunity Challenge, the Aitu four (suddenly my favorite tribe ever!) compete against the weaker half of Raro (suddenly one of my most hated tribes ever!) - Jonathan, Brad, Pavarti and Rebecca. Raro gets off to a seemingly big lead while Aitu struggles, but then suddenly Yul figures out an easier way to accomplish their task (and nearly yells it out loud enough for Raro to hear before Becky hushes him!), and they catch up quickly. Jonathan starts panicking and then gets snarky with Probst, who snarks back in his play-by-play, "Jonathan ... getting frustrated by me!" BWAH! Go Probst! Aitu pulls off the win and sends Raro off to Tribal Council Take that, traitors!

Unfortunately, the traitors get spared when Adam and Nate decide that it's better strategy to get rid of Brad instead of Jonathan because they don't trust Brad and are worried he might reunite with Yul and Becky. And because Jonathan is white. Kidding. Sorta. Nate, Jenny and Rebecca foolishly don't see that by getting rid of Brad, they're giving the original white tribe the numbers. As much as they talk about wanting to get rid of Jonathan, they might keep him around as the Will Kirby of the group, thinking that no one will ever vote for him to win, so let's keep him around. Stupid! So don't be surprised if Rebecca or Jenny are the next to go.

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