Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fashion At AMAs

Got home too late to watch the show, but I had to check out the fashion at tonight's American Music Awards.

Best-Dressed: The Game

Worst-Dressed: Sarah Silverman (honey, it's an awards show, not a debate competition)

Best-Dressed Couple: Mario Lopez and Kareeeeena

Worst-Dressed Couple: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale (He looks like he's auditioning for Danny Zuko on Grease, and she looks like she's about to go to outerspace)

Worst Use of Accessories: Flavor Flav

Best Era Outfit: Carmen Electra in flapper-wear

Best Impression, Male: John Mayer looking like Edward Scissorhands

Best Impression, Female: Nelly Furtado looking like Janice Dickinson

Best Lighting: Beyonce

And I have to ask this. Do they starve all the former American Idol contestants? The weight loss on these people is a bit scary.

Look at Carrie Underwood's bony legs (and don't get me started on that hideous outfit).

Taylor Hicks looks much leaner.

Oh wait. I just saw Clay Aiken. He must have eaten Carrie and Taylor's sandwiches.


Lisa said...

THAT was Nelly Furtado?? How scary is that? I don't really like her much anyways because she never sings anymore-she just copies Fergie. I thought Taylor looked AWESOME at the awards-really smooth and fresh, it was so nice to see. But yeah, Carrie certainly has changed and I am digging Clay's new hair now! lol I know the other style scared you but the long waves sure look good!

And Gwen Stefani's outfit is just as bad as her new cd!

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