Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gossip Of The Day

Michael J. Fox filmed an Democratic Party ad in support of a Missouri Senate Democratic candidate, who supports stem-cell research. Rush Limbaugh has accused Fox of exaggerating his Parkinson's syndromes for the ad, saying, it was purely an act and that it's "shameless". Um, no. What's shameless is someone accusing a man who is suffering from Parkinson's Disease of faking it. Asshole.

Naomi Campbell was arrested today after attacking her drug counselor. I think that counselor needs to find a new job because Naomi is obviously still on the crack.

Jerry Springer has finally been sprung from Dancing With The Stars. That show can really do wonders for one's reputation. As they said on the show today, the general public's impression of Jerry Springer now is nothing like it was prior to, when all people saw was him hosting his trashy talk show. Now the world knows that Jerry's a really nice, funny, hard-working, CLASSY GUY.

Forbes released their list of Top Dead Celebrities. For the first time in years, it's not Elvis Presley. Kurt Cobain is now the No. 1 dead money earner. I think Rock Star is responsible for most of that money considering how many Nirvana songs we heard this year and last!

Speaking of Rock Star, Tommy Lee always seemed to look at Lukas Rossi the way Gary Garry looked at Jordis with those moo cow eyes on RS: INXS. I think Tommy has taken it to a new level. Paparrazi pics abound of Lukas and Tommy locking lips.

Just found out that Hedley is playing in LA next Thursday at the Knitting Factory. The start time is listed as 5:30 pm. WTF?! 5:30 pm?!?!?! What the hell kind of concert starts before 7 pm on a weeknight? And it's all ages too. Not that having kids around has stopped Jacob Hoggard from urinating on stage in the past!

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