Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Crying With The Stars

There were almost as many tears shed on tonight's episode of Dancing With The Stars than when Benji Schwimmer was told he was a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance (and that's a lot, folks!).

Monique Coleman started the waterworks by getting very emotional during her waltz. The girl was practically sobbing at the end. I don't think she cried, but Willa Ford, who has been languishing near elimination, could have after receiving a 10 from Bruno. I was almost crying after seeing a painfully boring Sara Evans dance a paso doble to ... get this ... The Phantom of the Opera. Just say no, people!

What got everyone all weepy, though, was Jerry Springer, of all people. The man who hosts shows where people throw chairs and bitch-slap other guests has turned into the beloved character on the show. He's easily the worst dancer there, but his self-effacing humor has charmed the viewers and judges, and he's certainly no Master P. Jerry gives it his all every time, and he has fun doing it. He wanted to be on the show to learn how to dance for his daughter's wedding, and this week, he got the waltz, which he is what he has been striving for all this time. At the end of his dance, he waltzed over to his daughter in the audience and gave her a big hug. Awww. Carrie-Ann cried (and then she cried again during Joey Lawrence's waltz), Jerry's partner cried. The audience probably cried. Even Jerry's crazy talk show guests probably cried at home.

But it was Mario Lopez who got the scores in the end, earning two 10s and a 9 for his mariachi paso doble. The man is probably the best dancer there, his chemistry with his partner Karina is sizzling (she's fantastic!), and he stuck to the rules this time, but when is he going to do a slow, non-Latin ballroom dance? Hmmm ...

Who's out tomorrow night? It should be Sara, but she seems to have a huge fanbase that will vote for her no matter how blah she is. There is no way Jerry is going home this week after the whole daughter thing. I can keep saying Willa until she actually does leave, but I'm thinking possibly Vivica Fox.

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JessicaLynnOriginal.com said...

I agree.. I think Sara is safe because of her fans. But after her horrible dance last night she should go home. Great Blog, have a great day!