Saturday, September 23, 2006


Due to legal issues, Supernova (Lukas Rossi, Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke) cannot be called Supernova anymore. So Tommy Lee is sending out feelers for a new name for the band.

I'm hoping this will not becoming a new series, Rock Star: Name My Band.

Posted on Tommy's website:

Help Name The Band! We are not allowed to use just Supernova so what would you call it? Has to begin with Supernova. Like.......

Supernova California
Supernova Persona
Supernova Syndicate
Supernova Circus

Sadly, those ideas are step up from what he had earlier in the day:

* Enter The Supernova * High speed Supernova * Supernova Sex etc????

Here are some ideas for you, Tommy:
Champagne Supernova (oh what the hell. What's another lawsuit?!)
The Band Formerly Known As Supernova
Super! No! Nova!
Blame It On The Bossasupernova
Anna Kournisupernova

They should've gone with Toby and become SuperEvs.

But in all seriousness, can't they just call themselves The Supernovas? *shrugs*


Lisa said...

I thought Lukas was gonna go in the ring and fight those guys who wanted their name back! lol

I think the names that Tommy Lee has given are ALL supernova-ass cheesy!! What a great way to start a band-changing their name after only two weeks.

How about Lukas and the Ross-ettes?


Nova Nova Sho vo va banana nana sho vo va, fee fi fo fo va! NOVA. And they even have a song made up for it too! lol

This should be interesting to see what they come up with!

Lisa said...

Oh and I forgot to say...I LOVED your idea of:


What a way to pay homage to Lukas's heritage! Canadian all the way.



The possibilities are endless!! lol