Thursday, September 21, 2006

Simply The Best

After an entertaining and satisfying season of Rock Star: Supernova that saw many memorable performances, we have singled out the Best of the Best with the Top 15 performances of the season.

1. Headspin (acoustic) - Lukas Rossi
Lukas established his diversity and musicality as artist with this haunting, anguished rendition of his original, which obviously was heartfelt, as he himself seemed near tears after the performance.

2. Creep - Lukas Rossi
The performance that made the naysayers go '...oh'. Lukas showed to the world that he could bring the vocals, and was more than just amazing stage presence. The boy was the complete package. With 'Creep', no doubt his fellow rockers feared that he would 'run .... run .... run .... run ....' away with the competition. As he did.

3. Losing My Religion - Ryan Star
The song that made everyone sit up and take notice of the soon-to-be-monickered 'Dark Horse'. At home behind a piano, Ryan made this reworked version easily one of the most memorable performances of the season. The look of awe on Toby's face as Ryan sang says it all.

4. Back Of Your Car - Ryan Star
Ryan fought hard to be able to sing his original, and after viewing this performance, it's easy to understand why. The instantly catchy tune brought
a new comfort level for Ryan onstage, and he was fearless in his delivery, with guitars a flyin' and some fun 'dance' moves with Jim.

5. Throw It Away - Toby Rand
'Uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh'. Suddenly Toby went from an 'also ran' to a frontrunner with this performance, and had Dilana and Lukas looking nervously over their shoulders.

6. White Rabbit - Phil Ritchie
Paired with a member of Supernova, many of the Rock Star competitors cracked under the pressure. Phil, however, seemed to revel in the experience, and backed by Jason Newsted, gave his strongest performance. It's unfortunate that Phil's Dilana-esque honesty got him booted from the show, as he had so much potential.

7. Dolphin's Cry (acoustic) - Magni
Magni managed to stand out from the pack and grab himself an encore in the process as he performed with just a guitar in hand, and blew us away with vocals that left little doubt that Magni was one of the best singers in the competition.

8. Rebel Yell - Lukas Rossi
Lukas took no prisoners as he ripped into this Billy Idol classic and delivered an astonishing passion and confidence that instantly had him pegged as a potential winner. And to quote myself (heh) in week one, 'iIf he sings like this every week there will be no competition, only an inevitability.' This performance set the bar very high, perhaps at a height that only Lukas himself could reach.

9. Living On A Prayer - Lukas Rossi
Rearranging the Bon Jovi tune until it was almost unrecognizable may have hurt Lukas, as the next night he ended up in the bottom three, but the performance also highlighted his musical prowess, as he was able to turn a song that has shook stadiums worldwide into a simple, moving love song.

10. My Iron Lung - Patrice Pike
Determined not to be seen as 'boring' by viewers, Patrice stepped up the 'edgy' factor by performing in a manner that seemed...well...rather unlike her. Patrice growled the lyrics to the audience, roamed the stage and made her way into the Rock Star pod, displaying a confidence that many of her previous (and subsequent) performances lacked.

11. Karma Police - Toby Rand
Throughout the competition, Toby never really had a performance that highlighted his vocal ability...until this song. He proved that he can sing more than just 'fun' songs, but can emote with the best of them. The last thirty seconds of the song were magic.

12. Santeria - Josh Logan
During much of his stay on Rock Star, Josh seemed to be torn between trying to be the 'rocker' that the Supernovans wanted, or staying true to his roots and performing as he was most comfortable, in his folky, laid-back fashion. With 'Santeria', Josh seemed to be acknowledging that he could never contort himself to be what the band wanted, and instead embraced the unique musical flavor that he was born with.

13. Everybody Hurts - Zayra
With many of her performances being a bit 'out there', and causing viewers and Rock Star judges alike questioning why she was even there in the first place, Zayra finally brought her spaceship back down to earth with a powerful rendition of this R.E.M tune.

14. Anything, Anything - Storm Large
After a string of performances that didn't quite work for her, Storm grabbed hold of viewers by the throat as she finally brought an energy and intensity to the stage that, due to an endless run of poor song choices, we never really saw again.

15. Headspin (elimination night) - Lukas Rossi
Landing in the bottom three for the first time in the competition, Lukas brilliantly took the opportunity once again to sing his original to a worldwide audience. Lukas bit into the song more fiercely the second time around, and was less trying to 'sell' the unfamilar song to the audience, but was seemingly performing the song for his own enjoyment, and viewers were lucky enough to have cameras capture the moment.

Honorable Mention - Shine On - Supernova feat. Lukas Rossi; I'm Not An
Addict - Zayra Alvarez; Enjoy the Silence - Ryan Star; Be Yourself (finale) - Supernova; Roxanne - Dilana.

1. Losing My Religion - Ryan Star
Ryan had several outstanding performances, as you will soon see in my list, but this was the one that made everyone take notice. Accompanying himself on the piano, he delivered a passionate arrangement of this R.E.M. classic that was jaw-droppingly stunning.

2. Back Of Your Car - Ryan Star
This was the best original song performed on the show in either season. Ryan brought so much energy to the stage and showcased his songwriting chops with this catchy tune. Funny thing is that as good as this song is, he has quite a few that are even better (but just not roit for Supernova).

3. In The Air Tonight (encore) - Ryan Star
Yes, this Top 3 is Ryan-heavy. But honestly, these three were the performances that I would go back and watch again and again. The gorgeous falsetto note that Ryan added to the end was a nice added touch.

4. Fire - Magni
Magni looked like a true rock star in this bottom 3 performance, playing with the House Band as if he had been playing with them his whole life. It was an electrifying performance, and they really should have sent Magni back to the couches immediately after, it was that good.

5. Headspin (acoustic) - Lukas Rossi
Lukas accompanied himself on acoustic guitar and sang his heart out on this outstanding original song. I got chills watching it.

6. Roxanne - Dilana
Dilana never sounded better than she did on this song in the finale. The arrangement was terrific, she enlisted her fellow finalists to be backup singers, and she brought back the Dilana that captivated everyone in the beginning.

7. Wish You Were Here - Storm Large
Until Storm sang this in her final bottom 3 performance, this show was rocking but lacking emotion and heart. This was one of the only truly heart-felt emotional performances of the season, and Storm made Jason Newsted, the audience, me and herself cry. There's usually no crying in Rock Star, but it's a beautiful thing when there is.

8. Dolphin's cry - Magni
Magni gave one of the best vocals of the entire season during this acoustic performance. As much as he was at home with the House Band, he was magni-ficent with just him, his acoustic guitar and that terrific voice.

9. Throw It Away (finale) - Toby Rand
Toby's original was the catchiest song of the entire season. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! He performed it well all three times, but when Magni joined him onstage to play guitar, their chemistry was off-the-charts hot!

10. Creep - Magni
The words "I don't belong here" took on new meaning as Magni had to sing them while singing for his life during this bottom 3 performance. His performance moved Dilana to tears, and I wasn't too far behind.

11. Creep - Lukas Rossi
Magni just edges Lukas here, but Lukas was terrific on his own version, nailing it with a seldom-heard voice and commanding the stage in his own Lukas way.

12. Everybody Hurts - Zayra Alvarez
Less than a minute into this song, I went from finding Zayra laughably bad to loving her. Her rendition of this song was so powerful and moving and sung beautifully.

13. I'm Not An Addict - Zayra Alvarez
See above. For all of Zayra's memorable antics and outfits, it was heart-felt music like this that made me truly appreciate her.

14. Zombie - Dilana
Dilana was enchanting and captivating with this intriguing wiccan-like performance.

15. She Talks To Angels - Josh Logan
This was my favorite performance from week one. Josh's soulful delivery of this song made him one of my early favorites even though he was so not roit for this band.

Honorable Mention - Changes - Storm Large, Clocks - Ryan Star, Time After Time - Dilana, Layla - Toby Rand, Lithium - Dilana, Rebel Yell - Lukas Rossi, 867-5309 (Jenny) - Zayra Alvarez

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