Monday, September 18, 2006

Rock Star Links and Update

Super ... er, the band Rock Star Supernova has their two singles "It's All Love" and "Be Yourself and 5 Other Cliches" now available for purchase on Yahoo music. Or you can be like me and save your money and listen to it (once) on either their website or their MySpace. "It's All Love" is way too slowed down. I prefer Magni's version better, although Lukas does sound good on it. I don't like the tempo of the recorded track at all. I'm still trying to figure out what "Be Yourself ..." sounds like. Some 80's song, I think.

Dilana is moving to LA to record her album with Gilby. She will be releasing a single soon, presumably Supersoul. She has said that she wants to change it a little bit since she wrote it five years ago.

Toby Rand and his band Juke Kartel are going to be recording Throw It Away soon in LA and may possibly be playing a show while here. Toby and Lukas have been given the keys to Tommy Lee's house to live for awhile while Tommy's on tour with Motley Crue. And they randomly ran into Dave Navarro at Dragonfly on Sunday, says Dave on his blog.

Magni is going to be playing some guitar with SuperNotNova on tour. Good move by SN; they need some serious guitar help there. Magni >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gilby. (Can't find any official sites for Magni except one for his band, and it's all in Icelandic.)

Storm Large's original song, Ladylike, is now available on iTunes. This is the original recorded version, not the one she is going to do with Dave Navarro.

Ryan Star has the No. 1 downloaded album on MSN Music with his live collection, Dark Horse. If you don't want the RS recordings, get the new stuff. Head Like A Hole is brilliant. Enjoy the Silence is hot. We Might Fall is gorgeous. Sink or Swim rocks. His studio CD, Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant, is out in stores tomorrow. You can hear some of the tracks on his MySpace. Rumor has it he may do a mini-West Coast tour soon. Can I pray to the rock gods that it works with my schedule? Eek!

To keep up with the other rockers, here are some links:
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Lisa said...

I am surprised that Zayra already has a cd coming out-it must be with her old material PRE-rockstar. I am a bit leery of ordering it online incase I don't ever get you know if it is available in stores?