Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Sensation

In the place where the beginning is, there the end will be. And in the end, it was the two front-runners from the very first episode who stood in the final two - Lukas Rossi and Dilana. After what appeared to be a tough decision, Supernova crowned Lukas their new lead singer.

The group weeded out two other singers before arriving at its decision. First, last night's bottom 2 sang for their survival. Only one rocker did not hit the bottom 2 at any point, and that was a surprised Dilana. With all three boys at risk, Magni is the first to be called down to the bottom 2, and he sang "Fire" once again. While he could have won a gig with the House Band, his lack of vocals and his blending in with the boys hurt his cause with Supernova. The last member of the bottom 2 was Toby, who sang "White Wedding" and got the crowd so involved in the song.

Gilby Clarke had the task of doing the Tommy-hawking, and he told Magni that when he performs and plays, he isn't so much fronting the band but being part of the band, and so he is the next to go. In his goodbye speech, Magni thanks everyone and says that he doesn't want to front the House Band but just wants to be in it. I hope he gets the chance to do both.

With the Top 3 in place, they play a clip package of each contender and give them a chance to say their peace, Big Brother style. Lukas takes his opportunity to inform everyone that the Supernova guys are amazing guys and not egocentric and that he would be "honored to lead them on a world tour." Dilana says "Lukas is amazing, Toby is incredible, but I'm the one." Nice to see her confidence hasn't wavered despite all that has happened to her. Ahem. After Dave applauds his growth, Toby thanks Supernova for their advice and says he feels like he's ready now. He promises even more energy on the stage after they've put back a few beers backstage, and his final words to state his case: "I'm tallest." Heh.

And during this commercial break, I find out who wins. Thanks a lot, CBS, for airing that Survivor commercial set to Lukas' "Headspin". ARGH! Way to take away the suspense. PFFFFFT!

The three finalists perform their favorite song from this summer to showcase their stuff one last time. Lukas is first and chooses "Bittersweet Symphony". He sings this song through his eyebrows but has the crowd in the palm of his hands. Dilana sings "Zombie" but doesn't reach her past upper-stratosphere levels on this song, throwing in too many yodels and "Psycho Killer" sounds. Toby closes with "Somebody Told Me" and again gets the crowd super-involved.

The decision is forthcoming. Jason Newsted starts with Toby, telling him that his vocal ability has never been in question and that his voice always cuts through no matter how loud the guitars get and that each performance has gotten better and better. And then they pull a Ryan Star on him and axe him as the crowd loudly boos and Lukas and Dilana look on in shock. Toby is class all the way, hushing the crowd and then praising the other two finalists. He says that it took him a while to get great, but they've always been great.

So it comes down to Dilana and Lukas, and Dave Navarro says they look like they're about to perform a goth wedding. Over Dilana's dead body, I'm sure. Brooke Burke calls for the guys' decision, and Gilby asks for a few more minutes. Jason looks a bit tortured, putting his head down in his arms. When they come back from the break, Tommy Lee delivers the news. He tells Lukas that his look, energy and vocals have been amazing and tells Dilana that she has been enchanting and her vocals have been unbelievable. Tommy ridiculously asks the crowd to help them out and asks who is it going to be and says that any good band would listen to their fans and that this person had the highest amount of votes last night. "Lukas, you're our boy. Welcome," Tommy says.

Lukas graciously takes a backseat to runner-up Dilana as she gets her well-deserved kudos. Dave asks her to come on tour and play with the House Band (even though they've already said the Top 4 were going on tour). Gilby offers to write and produce on her record (that's a gift?!), and Dave and Tommy also would like to play on the record as well. Dilana promises a record that will kick ass and then tells Lukas to "kick ass, bitch!". Supernova goes on stage to greet their new bandmember, and Tommy practically licks Lukas in glee. They sing "Be Yourself", aka the Hey Hey Hey, Ho Ho Ho song and then "It's All Love", with Magni joining in on acoustic guitar.

And for the second consecutive year, a formerly homeless Canadian male wins Rock Star. Future contestants, start planning your move-out now so you can roam the streets around the time Rock Star comes to Toronto to audition singers next year.

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lisa said...

I got nothing against Lukas personally except that I don't like how inconsistant he is with his voice, but he IS different and totally avant garde with his style and his look. I am just pissed that it came down to a man fronting the band over a woman. Even if Toby or Magni would have won, a MAN won it because the band is full of men...then again, if Dilana would have won, she would have had to share a place with Tommy Lee and eventually his

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Tommy Lee LOVED Lukas...he has always had a thing for Canadians who wear makeup! lol Luckily Lukas doesn't have the same boobs as Pammie Anderson or ELSE that would be a total given! lol

I must say, and just to be nice, that I was impressed with how sweet Lukas was toward Dilana even though you KNOW how much they both hate eachother-but it must have been a love hate thing...and he was even sweet to hold her hand and escort her to the stage. So at least it gave him reverence over the fact that he always learned to keep his mouth shut and focus on the music.

So you SEE? Lukas isn't all THAT bad...I just thought Dilana was better! lol

I guess you could say that in the end it was ALWAYS going to be Dilana and Lukas at the top of their game. After all, when you look at it this way, Dilana wins as the best female and Lukas wins as the best male. For Dilana, right now it is a matter of what she DOES with that new fame-hey, even if Gilby helps her write songs, at leat she doesn't have to do her own lyrics which is a blessing! lol