Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Idol Rewind Starts Sept. 30

Idol fans who never saw the terrific (and unjaded) first season of American Idol will now have the opportunity to do so when Idol Rewind premieres on Sept. 30 on Tribune stations, including KTLA in Los Angeles and cable superstation WGN.

Brian Dunkleman is back as the host/voice of Idol Rewind. They never really explained why he left after season 1. I think he said it was his decision, but he was clearly the weak link of the dual hosting with Ryan Seacrest. They were supposed to be the next Ant and Dec (Pop Idol hosts), but Dunkledork was neither funny nor endearing. They obviously can't get Ryan Seacrest, aka the busiest man in show business, for the Rewind show, so it's cool that they got the other host that season to do it rather than someone like Kimberly Caldwell or Mikalah Gordon.

They had the Idol Rewind launch party last night, and several former contestants were in attendance. Judging from this picture, there were only three finalists there - Justin Guarini, Nikki McKibbin and EJay Day. Kelly Clarkson's a little busy, and Tamyra Gray just got married, but I don't know what the excuses are for has-beens like Jim Verraros, AJ Gil, Ryan Starr (who seems to sniff out photo ops), Christina Christian and RJ Helton. The others in the pic, in case you were wondering, are (from left to right): Natalie Burge, Alexis Lopez, Chris Badano, Mikalah Gordon, Christopher Aaron (who got hosed in the semifinals), Justinn Waddell, Justin Guarini, Nikki McKibbin, Tenia Taylor (I'm shocked Alexandra Bachelier is not there with her), Debra Byrd, EJay Day, Vonzell Solomon, Rodesia Eaves, someone I am really hoping is not Kelli Glover because ... damn what happened?!, George Huff and someone I do not know.

It'll be funny to see how ghetto the first season was. The stage was tiny, the band was non-existant. Paula made no sense. Oh wait ... some things didn't change after all.

Edit 10/3: Oh damn. That IS Kelli Glover. And the blonde at the end next to the Huffinator is Stephanie Sugarman. Not that she was a finalist or anything. If they were going to pick a memorable auditioner, they should have asked Tamika, Derek Stillings or Stoned Silent Night Guy. Oh, and AJ, RJ and Jim were indeed at the party. Just not in that photo. Kristin Holt was there also.


Lisa said...

I can totally spot Justin and Nikki a mile away-poor them...most of them are all a bunch of has beens now who you don't ever hear from. I still love the first season as it spawned this HUGE enterprise. It is still funny to see how only a small handful of Idols ever really MADE it on the big scene...I wish I could have caught this Idol rewind-I did notice that on our Reality Tv channel that Fox is now repeating the last season right from the auditions.

It is nice to watch and see how many GOOD singers there were before we got stuck with some crappy ones in our final top 12!

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