Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Idol Rewind Starts Sept. 30

Idol fans who never saw the terrific (and unjaded) first season of American Idol will now have the opportunity to do so when Idol Rewind premieres on Sept. 30 on Tribune stations, including KTLA in Los Angeles and cable superstation WGN.

Brian Dunkleman is back as the host/voice of Idol Rewind. They never really explained why he left after season 1. I think he said it was his decision, but he was clearly the weak link of the dual hosting with Ryan Seacrest. They were supposed to be the next Ant and Dec (Pop Idol hosts), but Dunkledork was neither funny nor endearing. They obviously can't get Ryan Seacrest, aka the busiest man in show business, for the Rewind show, so it's cool that they got the other host that season to do it rather than someone like Kimberly Caldwell or Mikalah Gordon.

They had the Idol Rewind launch party last night, and several former contestants were in attendance. Judging from this picture, there were only three finalists there - Justin Guarini, Nikki McKibbin and EJay Day. Kelly Clarkson's a little busy, and Tamyra Gray just got married, but I don't know what the excuses are for has-beens like Jim Verraros, AJ Gil, Ryan Starr (who seems to sniff out photo ops), Christina Christian and RJ Helton. The others in the pic, in case you were wondering, are (from left to right): Natalie Burge, Alexis Lopez, Chris Badano, Mikalah Gordon, Christopher Aaron (who got hosed in the semifinals), Justinn Waddell, Justin Guarini, Nikki McKibbin, Tenia Taylor (I'm shocked Alexandra Bachelier is not there with her), Debra Byrd, EJay Day, Vonzell Solomon, Rodesia Eaves, someone I am really hoping is not Kelli Glover because ... damn what happened?!, George Huff and someone I do not know.

It'll be funny to see how ghetto the first season was. The stage was tiny, the band was non-existant. Paula made no sense. Oh wait ... some things didn't change after all.

Edit 10/3: Oh damn. That IS Kelli Glover. And the blonde at the end next to the Huffinator is Stephanie Sugarman. Not that she was a finalist or anything. If they were going to pick a memorable auditioner, they should have asked Tamika, Derek Stillings or Stoned Silent Night Guy. Oh, and AJ, RJ and Jim were indeed at the party. Just not in that photo. Kristin Holt was there also.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The New Lost?

NBC may have found its "Lost" with the new series "Heroes", which premiered tonight. Like "Lost", "Heroes" features an ensemble cast in mystical situations.

Here, we have everyday people in different parts of the world discovering that they have special powers. One girl can get burned, jump off bridges, stick her fingers in the garbage disposal and her body regenerates with nary a scar. An artist discovers that he is painting the future. A Japanese man can manipulate time. A man can fly.

Somehow these people are all connected, and whether or not we have another Dharma Initiative remains to be seen, but I will keep tuning in. If nothing but to see this guy, the apparently mortal professor played by the gorgeous Sendhil Ramamurthy.

The pilot will re-air tomorrow if you missed it tonight.

Yay! Finally something to watch on Mondays!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Photo Discovery

I'm not sure why I never saw these before, but the Rock Star: Supernova CBS site has a ton of photos from the season. Grabbed a few to stroll down memory lane.

Week 1:
Josh Logan became one of my early favorites when he sang "She Talks To Angels". Mr. Soul Patrol's got nothin' on this guy! Unfortunately, Josh couldn't maintain the momentum of his first performance, but he's definitely someone I'll be on the lookout for in the future.

Week 2:
Week 2 was probably the most forgettable episode. But Toby Rand established himself as king of the party rock, earning the encore with "Somebody Told Me".

Week 3:
This is where I finally "got" Zayra Alvarez. I went from "Oh my gawd, what is she DOING?!" to "Oh my GAWD!!! That was awesome!!!". Her "Everybody Hurts" was breath-takingly stunning, and she answered the critics in a big way with this beautifully-sung ballad.

Week 4:
Hehe. Poor Jill Gioia. She never lived this down: Grinding on a very uncomfortable Gilby Clarke on "Brown Sugar". That's how she'll always be remembered. Now is that better or worse than Chris Pierson being known for butchering "Roxanne"?

Week 5:
This, for me, was the performance of the season. This was Ryan Star in his element. His haunting piano arrangement of "Losing My Religion" brought him out of nowhere and earned him the first of two encores he would get in the next three weeks. And I think he would have gotten the encore the one week they didn't have one, after he did "Back of Your Car", but they didn't want to give someone Supernova was never going to pick three encores in four weeks.

Week 6:
With his family in the audience, Magni went solo on acoustic guitar with "Dolphin's Cry", showing amazing vocals and passion.

Week 7:
Another stunner from Ryan Star, who sang "In The Air Tonight". Who would have ever thought that a Phil Collins song would get the encore on Rock Star?!

Week 8:
Ryan Star sang his original song "Back of Your Car" and completely rocked the house. Best original of the whole series!!

Week 9:
Lukas Rossi sang with Supernova for the first time, singing "It's On". Apparently it was at this point where the guys knew Lukas was roit for their band.

Week 10:
Storm Large exited the competition with grace and class. She also left on a high note, playing with Dave Navarro on "Suffragette City", singing to great praise her original song "Ladylike", and making Jason Newsted cry with "Wish You Were Here".

Week 11:
Dilana may not have won, but she delivered a tremendous performance of "Roxanne", with her fellow finalists singing backup.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Due to legal issues, Supernova (Lukas Rossi, Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke) cannot be called Supernova anymore. So Tommy Lee is sending out feelers for a new name for the band.

I'm hoping this will not becoming a new series, Rock Star: Name My Band.

Posted on Tommy's website:

Help Name The Band! We are not allowed to use just Supernova so what would you call it? Has to begin with Supernova. Like.......

Supernova California
Supernova Persona
Supernova Syndicate
Supernova Circus

Sadly, those ideas are step up from what he had earlier in the day:

* Enter The Supernova * High speed Supernova * Supernova Sex etc????

Here are some ideas for you, Tommy:
Champagne Supernova (oh what the hell. What's another lawsuit?!)
The Band Formerly Known As Supernova
Super! No! Nova!
Blame It On The Bossasupernova
Anna Kournisupernova

They should've gone with Toby and become SuperEvs.

But in all seriousness, can't they just call themselves The Supernovas? *shrugs*

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Simply The Best

After an entertaining and satisfying season of Rock Star: Supernova that saw many memorable performances, we have singled out the Best of the Best with the Top 15 performances of the season.

1. Headspin (acoustic) - Lukas Rossi
Lukas established his diversity and musicality as artist with this haunting, anguished rendition of his original, which obviously was heartfelt, as he himself seemed near tears after the performance.

2. Creep - Lukas Rossi
The performance that made the naysayers go '...oh'. Lukas showed to the world that he could bring the vocals, and was more than just amazing stage presence. The boy was the complete package. With 'Creep', no doubt his fellow rockers feared that he would 'run .... run .... run .... run ....' away with the competition. As he did.

3. Losing My Religion - Ryan Star
The song that made everyone sit up and take notice of the soon-to-be-monickered 'Dark Horse'. At home behind a piano, Ryan made this reworked version easily one of the most memorable performances of the season. The look of awe on Toby's face as Ryan sang says it all.

4. Back Of Your Car - Ryan Star
Ryan fought hard to be able to sing his original, and after viewing this performance, it's easy to understand why. The instantly catchy tune brought
a new comfort level for Ryan onstage, and he was fearless in his delivery, with guitars a flyin' and some fun 'dance' moves with Jim.

5. Throw It Away - Toby Rand
'Uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh'. Suddenly Toby went from an 'also ran' to a frontrunner with this performance, and had Dilana and Lukas looking nervously over their shoulders.

6. White Rabbit - Phil Ritchie
Paired with a member of Supernova, many of the Rock Star competitors cracked under the pressure. Phil, however, seemed to revel in the experience, and backed by Jason Newsted, gave his strongest performance. It's unfortunate that Phil's Dilana-esque honesty got him booted from the show, as he had so much potential.

7. Dolphin's Cry (acoustic) - Magni
Magni managed to stand out from the pack and grab himself an encore in the process as he performed with just a guitar in hand, and blew us away with vocals that left little doubt that Magni was one of the best singers in the competition.

8. Rebel Yell - Lukas Rossi
Lukas took no prisoners as he ripped into this Billy Idol classic and delivered an astonishing passion and confidence that instantly had him pegged as a potential winner. And to quote myself (heh) in week one, 'iIf he sings like this every week there will be no competition, only an inevitability.' This performance set the bar very high, perhaps at a height that only Lukas himself could reach.

9. Living On A Prayer - Lukas Rossi
Rearranging the Bon Jovi tune until it was almost unrecognizable may have hurt Lukas, as the next night he ended up in the bottom three, but the performance also highlighted his musical prowess, as he was able to turn a song that has shook stadiums worldwide into a simple, moving love song.

10. My Iron Lung - Patrice Pike
Determined not to be seen as 'boring' by viewers, Patrice stepped up the 'edgy' factor by performing in a manner that seemed...well...rather unlike her. Patrice growled the lyrics to the audience, roamed the stage and made her way into the Rock Star pod, displaying a confidence that many of her previous (and subsequent) performances lacked.

11. Karma Police - Toby Rand
Throughout the competition, Toby never really had a performance that highlighted his vocal ability...until this song. He proved that he can sing more than just 'fun' songs, but can emote with the best of them. The last thirty seconds of the song were magic.

12. Santeria - Josh Logan
During much of his stay on Rock Star, Josh seemed to be torn between trying to be the 'rocker' that the Supernovans wanted, or staying true to his roots and performing as he was most comfortable, in his folky, laid-back fashion. With 'Santeria', Josh seemed to be acknowledging that he could never contort himself to be what the band wanted, and instead embraced the unique musical flavor that he was born with.

13. Everybody Hurts - Zayra
With many of her performances being a bit 'out there', and causing viewers and Rock Star judges alike questioning why she was even there in the first place, Zayra finally brought her spaceship back down to earth with a powerful rendition of this R.E.M tune.

14. Anything, Anything - Storm Large
After a string of performances that didn't quite work for her, Storm grabbed hold of viewers by the throat as she finally brought an energy and intensity to the stage that, due to an endless run of poor song choices, we never really saw again.

15. Headspin (elimination night) - Lukas Rossi
Landing in the bottom three for the first time in the competition, Lukas brilliantly took the opportunity once again to sing his original to a worldwide audience. Lukas bit into the song more fiercely the second time around, and was less trying to 'sell' the unfamilar song to the audience, but was seemingly performing the song for his own enjoyment, and viewers were lucky enough to have cameras capture the moment.

Honorable Mention - Shine On - Supernova feat. Lukas Rossi; I'm Not An
Addict - Zayra Alvarez; Enjoy the Silence - Ryan Star; Be Yourself (finale) - Supernova; Roxanne - Dilana.

1. Losing My Religion - Ryan Star
Ryan had several outstanding performances, as you will soon see in my list, but this was the one that made everyone take notice. Accompanying himself on the piano, he delivered a passionate arrangement of this R.E.M. classic that was jaw-droppingly stunning.

2. Back Of Your Car - Ryan Star
This was the best original song performed on the show in either season. Ryan brought so much energy to the stage and showcased his songwriting chops with this catchy tune. Funny thing is that as good as this song is, he has quite a few that are even better (but just not roit for Supernova).

3. In The Air Tonight (encore) - Ryan Star
Yes, this Top 3 is Ryan-heavy. But honestly, these three were the performances that I would go back and watch again and again. The gorgeous falsetto note that Ryan added to the end was a nice added touch.

4. Fire - Magni
Magni looked like a true rock star in this bottom 3 performance, playing with the House Band as if he had been playing with them his whole life. It was an electrifying performance, and they really should have sent Magni back to the couches immediately after, it was that good.

5. Headspin (acoustic) - Lukas Rossi
Lukas accompanied himself on acoustic guitar and sang his heart out on this outstanding original song. I got chills watching it.

6. Roxanne - Dilana
Dilana never sounded better than she did on this song in the finale. The arrangement was terrific, she enlisted her fellow finalists to be backup singers, and she brought back the Dilana that captivated everyone in the beginning.

7. Wish You Were Here - Storm Large
Until Storm sang this in her final bottom 3 performance, this show was rocking but lacking emotion and heart. This was one of the only truly heart-felt emotional performances of the season, and Storm made Jason Newsted, the audience, me and herself cry. There's usually no crying in Rock Star, but it's a beautiful thing when there is.

8. Dolphin's cry - Magni
Magni gave one of the best vocals of the entire season during this acoustic performance. As much as he was at home with the House Band, he was magni-ficent with just him, his acoustic guitar and that terrific voice.

9. Throw It Away (finale) - Toby Rand
Toby's original was the catchiest song of the entire season. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! He performed it well all three times, but when Magni joined him onstage to play guitar, their chemistry was off-the-charts hot!

10. Creep - Magni
The words "I don't belong here" took on new meaning as Magni had to sing them while singing for his life during this bottom 3 performance. His performance moved Dilana to tears, and I wasn't too far behind.

11. Creep - Lukas Rossi
Magni just edges Lukas here, but Lukas was terrific on his own version, nailing it with a seldom-heard voice and commanding the stage in his own Lukas way.

12. Everybody Hurts - Zayra Alvarez
Less than a minute into this song, I went from finding Zayra laughably bad to loving her. Her rendition of this song was so powerful and moving and sung beautifully.

13. I'm Not An Addict - Zayra Alvarez
See above. For all of Zayra's memorable antics and outfits, it was heart-felt music like this that made me truly appreciate her.

14. Zombie - Dilana
Dilana was enchanting and captivating with this intriguing wiccan-like performance.

15. She Talks To Angels - Josh Logan
This was my favorite performance from week one. Josh's soulful delivery of this song made him one of my early favorites even though he was so not roit for this band.

Honorable Mention - Changes - Storm Large, Clocks - Ryan Star, Time After Time - Dilana, Layla - Toby Rand, Lithium - Dilana, Rebel Yell - Lukas Rossi, 867-5309 (Jenny) - Zayra Alvarez

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tongue-Lashings And Tongue-Baths

On last night's episode of Dancing With The Stars, the judges doled out their share of warranted tongue-lashings and unwarranted tongue-baths.

The most deserved tongue-bath undoubtedly went to Joey Lawrence, who delivered the best quickstep I have ever seen by an amateur. I hate that they make people dance the quickstep on this show and on So You Think You Can Dance, but Joey danced it like a pro, showing amazing posture and throwing in some tap while he was at it, and he earned a pair of 10s and a 9 for his effort (perhaps the point deduction came from his Keebler Elf outfit).

Monique Coleman also performed very well on her Mambo. Emmitt Smith was not as good with the quickstep as he was with the cha cha cha last week, but he was still good and remains the most charming and root-able (is that a word?) of the celebrities. Jerry Springer was also charming with his self-depricating humor and performed much better than I ever would have anticipated, especially in light of his partner's injury.

Undeserving tongue-baths went to several people - Shanna Moalker, who did the slowest and most boring Mambo set to, of all things, Jump by Kriss-Kross. Seriously? Kriss-Kross??!! Who the hell picks these songs! Harry Hamlin also got way more praise than I would have given him. His quickstep made me uncomfortable. I also didn't get the lavish praise heaped on Willa Ford, who looked like a ho and danced like one too. It was more hip-hop than Latin to me.

And speaking of not actually dancing your dance, Mario Lopez got ripped by the judges for his lack of quickstep. His routine was very entertaining, but the judges rightfully called him on not doing the quickstep (although they didn't call Emmitt on his lack of cha cha cha last week). While facing the judges, Mario looked like he knew he was about to get beat with his daddy's belt.

I predict elimination for Shanna Moalker or Willa Ford. They seem to not have any kind of fanbase. Shanna has no spark whatsoever, and while Sara Evans may be the more bland dancer, Sara has a lot of fans that will keep her in it for a little while anyway. The fact that Willa made Top 3 by the judges last week but was bottom 2 after the fan vote shows that no one is voting for her. She's not exactly a warm and fuzzy person either. Her judges' marks will probably save her again this week, but she's on thin ice.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ryan Star Tours West Coast

Gotta give the guy credit. He talked the talk, but he's also walking the walk. I don't think I've ever seen a reality show contestant get out there so quickly with music and tour dates. Ryan Star has two albums out this week - Dark Horse available on MSN downloads and Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant out in stores - and has just announced a bunch of tour dates on the West Coast.

(And can I get a hells yeah?! I am not working the evening of the Anaheim and LA dates! Wooo!)

Here are the dates:

Mon 10/2 - Phoenix, AZ - Celebrity Theatre
Wed 10/4 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
Sat 10/7 - Sacramento, CA - Boardwalk
Sun 10/8 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
Tue 10/10 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
Wed 10/11 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
Fri 10/13 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
Mon 10/16 - Seattle, WA - Showbox
Tue 10/17 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theatre

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rock Star Links and Update

Super ... er, the band Rock Star Supernova has their two singles "It's All Love" and "Be Yourself and 5 Other Cliches" now available for purchase on Yahoo music. Or you can be like me and save your money and listen to it (once) on either their website or their MySpace. "It's All Love" is way too slowed down. I prefer Magni's version better, although Lukas does sound good on it. I don't like the tempo of the recorded track at all. I'm still trying to figure out what "Be Yourself ..." sounds like. Some 80's song, I think.

Dilana is moving to LA to record her album with Gilby. She will be releasing a single soon, presumably Supersoul. She has said that she wants to change it a little bit since she wrote it five years ago.

Toby Rand and his band Juke Kartel are going to be recording Throw It Away soon in LA and may possibly be playing a show while here. Toby and Lukas have been given the keys to Tommy Lee's house to live for awhile while Tommy's on tour with Motley Crue. And they randomly ran into Dave Navarro at Dragonfly on Sunday, says Dave on his blog.

Magni is going to be playing some guitar with SuperNotNova on tour. Good move by SN; they need some serious guitar help there. Magni >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gilby. (Can't find any official sites for Magni except one for his band, and it's all in Icelandic.)

Storm Large's original song, Ladylike, is now available on iTunes. This is the original recorded version, not the one she is going to do with Dave Navarro.

Ryan Star has the No. 1 downloaded album on MSN Music with his live collection, Dark Horse. If you don't want the RS recordings, get the new stuff. Head Like A Hole is brilliant. Enjoy the Silence is hot. We Might Fall is gorgeous. Sink or Swim rocks. His studio CD, Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant, is out in stores tomorrow. You can hear some of the tracks on his MySpace. Rumor has it he may do a mini-West Coast tour soon. Can I pray to the rock gods that it works with my schedule? Eek!

To keep up with the other rockers, here are some links:
Patrice Pike - Official Website ... MySpace
Zayra Alvarez - Official Website ... MySpace
Josh Logan - Official Website ... MySpace
Jill Gioia - Official Website ... MySpace
Dana Andrews - MySpace
Phil Ritchie - Lennex Official Website ... Lennex MySpace
Jenny Galt - MySpace
Chris Pierson - MySpace
Matt Hoffer - Official Website ... MySpace

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rock Star Updates

The day after the finale and Lukas Rossi's coronation, and the news still keeps pouring in. The biggest news is that Supernova can't call themselves Supernova anymore after a judge ruled that they must find a new name pending the outcome of a lawsuit from the original Supernova band. The real Supernova had a moderate hit called "Chewbacca" in the late 90's. It was made popular in Kevin Smith's movie Clerks. Tommy Lee may as well have called his band Chumbawumba. A spokesperson for the group has stated that they will be going by Rock Star: Supernova now. LAME! They should go for SuperNotNova. Or TBFKASN. Or SuperWhatever. Too bad they didn't pick Toby; they could've been SuperEVS.

On the gossip front, TMZ has video of Lukas' girlfriend unsuccessfully trying to get in the after-party and Lukas pretty much blowing her off. Who knows what context the video is, but the article says, "Before leaving, an agitated Francesca told photographers outside the club she wasn't allowed in because Rossi wasn't supposed to be seen with a girlfriend." My theory? Tommy wanted Lukas all to himself.

Ryan Star's live CD is out now. Sort of. Individual tracks are available on MSN, but you can't buy the whole album just yet, and one song isn't available. Half of the songs are directly from the Rock Star: Supernova show, which is a bit disappointing, but six are brand new, including Ryan star originals Sink Or Swim, We Might Fall, O and Perfect. Here is the track listing:

1. Back Of Your Car

2. Clocks
3. In The Air Tonight
4. Sink Or Swim (new)
5. We Might Fall (new)
6. O (new)
7. Iris
8. Losing My Religion
9. Perfect (new)
10. Enjoy The Silence (new)
11. Head Like A Hole (new)

And in Rock Star: INXS news, Our Band had to cancel its European tour because Tim Farris injured a knee ligament and has to have surgery. He said in an Australian paper that he is "gutted" because they have to cancel. Aww. (Can't he just sit on a stool and play?)

New Sensation

In the place where the beginning is, there the end will be. And in the end, it was the two front-runners from the very first episode who stood in the final two - Lukas Rossi and Dilana. After what appeared to be a tough decision, Supernova crowned Lukas their new lead singer.

The group weeded out two other singers before arriving at its decision. First, last night's bottom 2 sang for their survival. Only one rocker did not hit the bottom 2 at any point, and that was a surprised Dilana. With all three boys at risk, Magni is the first to be called down to the bottom 2, and he sang "Fire" once again. While he could have won a gig with the House Band, his lack of vocals and his blending in with the boys hurt his cause with Supernova. The last member of the bottom 2 was Toby, who sang "White Wedding" and got the crowd so involved in the song.

Gilby Clarke had the task of doing the Tommy-hawking, and he told Magni that when he performs and plays, he isn't so much fronting the band but being part of the band, and so he is the next to go. In his goodbye speech, Magni thanks everyone and says that he doesn't want to front the House Band but just wants to be in it. I hope he gets the chance to do both.

With the Top 3 in place, they play a clip package of each contender and give them a chance to say their peace, Big Brother style. Lukas takes his opportunity to inform everyone that the Supernova guys are amazing guys and not egocentric and that he would be "honored to lead them on a world tour." Dilana says "Lukas is amazing, Toby is incredible, but I'm the one." Nice to see her confidence hasn't wavered despite all that has happened to her. Ahem. After Dave applauds his growth, Toby thanks Supernova for their advice and says he feels like he's ready now. He promises even more energy on the stage after they've put back a few beers backstage, and his final words to state his case: "I'm tallest." Heh.

And during this commercial break, I find out who wins. Thanks a lot, CBS, for airing that Survivor commercial set to Lukas' "Headspin". ARGH! Way to take away the suspense. PFFFFFT!

The three finalists perform their favorite song from this summer to showcase their stuff one last time. Lukas is first and chooses "Bittersweet Symphony". He sings this song through his eyebrows but has the crowd in the palm of his hands. Dilana sings "Zombie" but doesn't reach her past upper-stratosphere levels on this song, throwing in too many yodels and "Psycho Killer" sounds. Toby closes with "Somebody Told Me" and again gets the crowd super-involved.

The decision is forthcoming. Jason Newsted starts with Toby, telling him that his vocal ability has never been in question and that his voice always cuts through no matter how loud the guitars get and that each performance has gotten better and better. And then they pull a Ryan Star on him and axe him as the crowd loudly boos and Lukas and Dilana look on in shock. Toby is class all the way, hushing the crowd and then praising the other two finalists. He says that it took him a while to get great, but they've always been great.

So it comes down to Dilana and Lukas, and Dave Navarro says they look like they're about to perform a goth wedding. Over Dilana's dead body, I'm sure. Brooke Burke calls for the guys' decision, and Gilby asks for a few more minutes. Jason looks a bit tortured, putting his head down in his arms. When they come back from the break, Tommy Lee delivers the news. He tells Lukas that his look, energy and vocals have been amazing and tells Dilana that she has been enchanting and her vocals have been unbelievable. Tommy ridiculously asks the crowd to help them out and asks who is it going to be and says that any good band would listen to their fans and that this person had the highest amount of votes last night. "Lukas, you're our boy. Welcome," Tommy says.

Lukas graciously takes a backseat to runner-up Dilana as she gets her well-deserved kudos. Dave asks her to come on tour and play with the House Band (even though they've already said the Top 4 were going on tour). Gilby offers to write and produce on her record (that's a gift?!), and Dave and Tommy also would like to play on the record as well. Dilana promises a record that will kick ass and then tells Lukas to "kick ass, bitch!". Supernova goes on stage to greet their new bandmember, and Tommy practically licks Lukas in glee. They sing "Be Yourself", aka the Hey Hey Hey, Ho Ho Ho song and then "It's All Love", with Magni joining in on acoustic guitar.

And for the second consecutive year, a formerly homeless Canadian male wins Rock Star. Future contestants, start planning your move-out now so you can roam the streets around the time Rock Star comes to Toronto to audition singers next year.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dancing With The C-List Stars

The results are in on the East Coast by now, but since I'm in LA and trying to stay away from anything that could possibly mention the results of Rock Star: Supernova, I still have some time to weigh in on last night's Dancing With The Stars.

Stars is putting it mildly since a) they mostly aren't really stars, with the exception of Emmitt Smith and (kind of) Vivica Fox, and b) some of them just aren't very good dancers and probably never will be.

First up was Joey Lawrence, who looks more like Dr. Evil with huge guns. Like WHOAH (in Joey voice) where did those come from? He was paired up with Edyta, who had previously partnered with the clunkering Evander Holyfield and the schticky and old George Hamilton. Joey and Edyta were a much better pair, showing some sex appeal and a good amount of chemistry. Joey was pretty good doing the cha cha cha, but the judges thought he needed to move his hips more. He got low-balled in the scoring, presumably because he was first.

Country star Sara Evans was next, pairing with the ever-arrogant Tony Davolani, who was Stacy Kiebler's partner last year. Sara had some major extension issues and didn't flow very well in the foxtrot. Tony looked none too happy receiving low scores, but no big shock there since he looked pissy when he and Stacy didn't get all 10s last year.

MSNBC anchor Tucker Carlson got the dumbed down choreography of the week, spending most of the opening of his dance number seated in a chair while his partner danced around him and on top of him. Tucker was, to quote the quotable Bruno Tonioli, "an awful mess", but you got to give him credit for at least trying, which is more than Master P did most of last year.

High School Musical's Monique Coleman was next, paired up with Louis Van Emstel, Lisa Rinna's former partner. I thought Monique showed good potential and had a few really nice moves. The judges rightly criticized her facial expressions, but unfairly panned their lack of chemistry. To which I said, "Eww! She's 16!" ... until I found out she's really 26. Ha!

Retired Dallas Cowboy running back Emmitt Smith hit the jackpot by getting last year's co-champion, Cheryl Burke. And Cheryl didn't get a bad deal herself, finding another celebrity partner with a Drew Lachey-like charm. Emmitt just lit up the dance floor and made you smile and squeal with delight. He was just this big ol' teddy bear out there with that great smile and light feet. It was so unexpected and terrific. Granted, there was not much cha cha cha-ing going on, but it was so delightful that you just didn't care.

Pop music "bad girl" Willa Ford (She's a one-hit wonder who had a song called "I Wanna Be Bad", so that makes her a bad girl? Eh?) teamed with Maxsim, Tia Carrere's partner from last year. Willa had good technique, but her facial expressions bugged, and she put way too much sexpot into that foxtrot. She's stick around for a little while, though, since she's one of the best females in the competition, and I hear Maxsim's a bit popular w/ the ladies at home.

Mario Lopez, aka A.C. Slater, annoyed his partner in their intro clip, but that was a total red herring since he showed he was the front runner in this competition. His cha cha cha looked almost professional, and he moved his hips and shook his butt so well that Bruno asked him if he had extra batteries in his pants. Whoah now, Bruno!

Shanna Moakler wore an ugly dress but had a really cute partner. I don't recall too much about her foxtrot, but I hate the foxtrot anyway. It's right up there with the quickstep. I guess she was decent.

Harry Hamlin came in with big expectations since he has the advantage of being married to a Top 4 finalist from last year (Lisa Rinna), but even with the bubbly Ashly Del Grosso as a partner, Harry danced like he had a stick up his ass. He needs to loosen up and have fun! The best part of it was when the judges made references to The Cracken. Heh. I love a good Clash of the Titans reference.

Vivica Fox showed good technique but little personal appeal. There's just something about her that doesn't make you want to root for her. She's just a little too tough, maybe. But she's a good dancer and had the best showing of the women, in my opinion.

Jerry Springer closed the show with a better-than-expected showing. He's not very good, but he's at least better than Tucker Carlson. He's more along the lines of a George Hamilton with the gimmicks and props. I hope he goes soon, though, because I don't want to hear Jerry chants all season. Again.
Predictions: Tucker Carlson or Sara Evans get the boot. I'm hoping for the former.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Final Countdown

The Final Four put together their last set in their quest to front Supernova, singing one cover and reprising their original song from last week. Who would show he or she is most right for Supernova?

Toby Rand
"Karma Police"
Tammy: Dipping into Lukas' closet this week, Toby sports aviator sunglasses, a glove on one hand and some heavily applied guyliner. Not sure how much that look works for him. Toby does quite well on his first song tonight and brings some surprisingly good vocals to the song. There are a few moments where he's a bit off, but overall, very good. Have I said 'good' enough times?
Overall score - 9.0
Liza: Toby's voice sounded really good on this song, but I think I preferred his acoustic version that they showed on the reality episode. This version was very good also, but I really liked how it sounded with just Toby and his guitar.
Overall score - 8.7
"Throw It Away"
Tammy: This song is still fun, high energy, and will probably be running through my head for days to come. The addition of Magni on guitar was fantastic, as they played off each other and brought great chemistry to the stage.
Overall score - 9.7
Liza: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Toby and Magni's chemistry was explosive. I think I squealed when Magni held up the guitar for Toby to play. Can you say super-hot?! I think Toby is making a case for a dual victory with Magni here. Or for a Toby/Magni/House Band supergroup.
Overall score - 9.6

Lukas Rossi
"Fix You"
Tammy: Lukas needs to trim the fauxhawk. It's starting to get a little mulletesque. Tonight he rearranged this Coldplay song and focused on the rock element, which I'm not he completely pulled off, as the softer version of the song is so powerful. He really sold the song in the last few bars, however, and brought a believability to the performance which brought chills.
Overall score - 8.8
Liza: I agree. The soft parts in the opening and in the ending were just beautiful, and the harder rock part was a little iffy for me. I don't understand why Lukas has been hiding that great voice all season. He sounded terrific in the beginning and end.
Overall score - 9.0
Tammy: Performing his original acoustic, Lukas mixes up the arrangement of the song yet again, and the end result is stunning and poignant, and perhaps even more powerful than the rocked out version we saw last week. He is unfailingly interesting to watch on the stage, even with a lone guitar in hand.
Overall score - 9.8
Liza: I got chills from this one. I love the song acoustic like this, and props to Lukas to changing things up the third time he sang the song. Bravo. Obligatory Lukas snark - he looked like a little boy holding daddy's guitar. That thing was huge!
Overall score - 9.7

Tammy: Dilana's voice sounded beautiful on this song, and outfitted in a dangerously short black dress, is looking the best she ever has. Having the boys come out and join her at the end was a cute addition, though part of me also thought it was a brilliant PR move...'Look! They like me! So it's okay to vote for me again!'.
Overall score - 9.3
Liza: Oh, so this is how 'Roxanne' is supposed to sound, CHRIS! (sorry! couldn't help it!). Dilana just killed this song. This was the best she has ever sounded, and I liked her arrangement. I loved her bringing up the boys to sing backup, and I thought Lukas put some flair into his part. I take issue with Dave's comment that it was smart to have her competitors sing backup. It was just two weeks ago when they panned Storm for having Toby sing backup. Make up your minds, people!
Overall score - 9.6
Tammy: Perhaps this song is easier to sell when you're not hopping around on one foot, but I enjoyed this song more the second time around. It's still nowhere as good as the originals brought forth by her competitors, but she did as well as she could with this song. Her between song banter was somewhat humorous, though, as she appears desperate to prove that she's really not 'Angry Dilana'.
Overall score - 8.2
Liza: Agreed on all counts, although I do call shenanigans on her injury. She was stomping around on that leg of hers way too much and moving around too easily for me to think she was really that hurt. Or she's heavily medicated. Heh. But back to her song ... I still think the lyrics are pretty pedestrian, but I do like the melody, and she performed it well.
Overall score - 8.5

Tammy: During the commercial break prior to Magni's performance, I wondered how the show was going to fill the last fifteen minutes. Then I remembered Magni still hadn't performed. Oops. Sorry, Magni. I guess that does say something about how memorable the guy is. Magni's Deep Purple cover didn't impress me much, vocally. His musicianship is unrivalled, but after this performance, I didn't really see 'next lead singer for Supernova' written in the stars.
Overall score - 8.4
Liza: Crown him right now - the winner of Rock Star: House Band! The chemistry Magni has with these guys is palpable. He and Rafael sound awesome together.
Overall score - 8.9
"When The Time Comes"
Tammy: I like this song, a lot. I was going to argue Tommy Lee's point that the song was forgettable, then thought to myself that perhaps Tommy Lee isn't so far off in his analysis, as the part that I like about the song is the cool guitar riff. I'd be hard-pressed to recite a lyric, except for something about bridges being burned? But I still like this song!
Overall score - 9.3
Liza: I like this song too, and I love Magni. The dude can SING and is talented as hell. Tommy seems to hate him for whatever reason. For him to say that he doesn't remember anything about his song is laughable because the only thing I remember about Supernova's songs is that they suck! (Although Magni did not help his cause when he couldn't remember the name of his own song ... translation issue, definitely). It's not instantly memorable like the first three originals we heard tonight from the delicious Ryan Star, Toby and Lukas, but it was catchy enough for me to be singing along in the chorus, and that's more than I can say for Supernova's hey hey hey ho ho ho song (which is all I can remember from their most memorable track).
Overall score - 9.1

Who Should Win
Tammy: Hmm. Based on tonight's performances, Toby brought the most energy and excitement to the stage. Overall this season, however, Lukas has been more consistent and showed more versatility. Both were strong in their performances with Supernova, but I'd give the edge to Lukas.
Liza: Toby is the best fit for this band musically and personality-wise. Lukas is certainly talented and original, but I think his thing is distinctly different (coughbettercough) than Supernova's thing.

Who Will Win
Tammy: For his writing talents, stage presence, and general uniqueness, I'd say Lukas has it in the bag.
Liza: If the rumors are correct, it's been Lukas all along. If that's a red herring, then I say Toby wins.

Chill Town Wins Another

Another member of Chill Town won Big Brother when Mike Boogie slaughtered Erika in the jury voting on Big Brother: All-Stars tonight, winning 6-1 (Marcellas was the only vote for Erika). Erika suffered a humiliating loss (and got left in the dust by Boogie as soon as the deciding vote was announced) and also had the indignity of having her arch-enemy Alison tell her that she got played by Boogie all season long. The Chen-Bot delivered another humiliating blow when she played Erika clips of Boogie saying in the diary room that he was playing her, that it's a ho-mance, etc. Howie also dealt a blow when he said to Erika just before casting his vote that "Unfortunately, I think America hates you."

Not as much as we hated Maggie and Ivette, but pretty much no one was happy about Erika being in the finals (although I did call it early in the game). And the way she kept taking credit for everything in the game was laughable, especially when she said she got Boogie to put up the Puppet-Master himself. Bitch, please. There was no on else to put up! Chill-Town ruled that game, and Erika basically lucked out. Yes, she convinced Janelle to take Will out, but Janelle was the one who actually pulled the trigger. I would have been more impressed if Erika had convinced Janelle to evict Will if Erika was in Boogie's position - not nominated herself.

Janelle won the America's Choice prize of $25k. That was no shock whatsoever. She is the best competitor in Big Brother history. I'm glad she got some prize out of it other than a tiara!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

All-Stars Flame Out

So one of the two show-mances made it to the finals of Big Brother All-Stars, and it's not the bad-ass couple pictured on the left. Sadly, two of the best players in BB history - Will and Janelle - have exited. And we are saddled with the worst Final 2 in the history of reality show competitions - Booger and Anorexika.

For all of Erika's talk about getting even with Boogie for playing her, she was all up in his kool-aid again the second he evicted Janelle. And she made some comment about how she's still attracted to him, all while he was wearing his hair like a white Coolio.

This would be an appropriate time to bring up one of Marcellas' earlier quotes:

"How do you choose between gonorrhea or the clap? What do you do?"

And with all the macking those two have been doing in the BB house, that's not an inappropriate analogy.

Storm Subsides

In yet another Rock Star: Supernova stumper, Storm Large was let go just shy of the finale despite delivering a bottom 3 performance that moved Jason Newsted to tears and a performance show double-dipper that had Dave Navarro gushing.

Storm went out in style, singing an emotional "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. The cameras caught Jason wiping a tear away in the middle of her song, and after she finished, Storm was crying herself and said the song was for her presumably deceased mother.

Also in the bottom 3 was Dilana, who dumped her crutches and hopped around on one leg to sing the "punk" song "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick. I'm not sure on what planet Cheap Trick is punk, but Dilana does live in her own little world. She, of course, dedicated it to her fans. I suppose it's better than the F-you songwriting clinic song she dedicated to the voters. Dilana tried to channel Zayra Alvarez in her song and failed miserably in my eyes. Her tempo and timing were off, and I thought for sure she was gone, but Supernova gave her a standing O. She seems to have built up enough credit to buy a multi-million-dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills because SN kept her safe. Again.

Lukas Rossi reprised his original from the night before, "Headspin", which he also dedicated to his mother, but without the same meaning as Storm's dedication. I do like the song, but I back down a bit in my comments about the performance show when I said Ryan Star or Lukas had the best original song. Ryan wins.

So the finale will come down to Magni, Toby Rand, Lukas and Dilana, but you can pretty much see this as being a two-horse race between Toby, who won a new Honda and the encore for the second-straight week, and Lukas. Dilana is too mental for this gig, and Magni played with Supernova last night, and there was zero chemistry there. Although I think Gilby Clarke would have the same amount of chemistry with a chunk of wood. The man is as dull as can be. Magni tried to engage him during the song, but Gilby could barely be bothered from looking down at his guitar and moving as far away from the rest of the band as possible. Supergroup my ass.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Original Sin

The Top 5 rockers on Rock Star: Supernova had the opportunity to showcase a mini-set with one cover and an original song. After their song-writing clinic earlier in the week, big things were expected from Toby, and nothing much was expected from Dilana after she more or less control+alt+deleted her way out of the running. Would they bring more of the same to the stage on performance night?

"Behind Blue Eyes"
Liza: Performing with a torn calf muscle, Dilana demonstrated that the show must go on. She did a good job of getting into the performance despite being confined to a stool. Vocally, I don't find her upper register to be as interesting as her growly lower register, so I enjoyed the chorus much more than the verses, and I loved when House Band guitarist Jim McGorman joined in to sing with her.
Overall score - 8.2
Tammy: Dilana began the song with a lovely, softer tone. However, she lost me as the song continued. It became a bit uncomfortable to watch, as she looks like she has completely given up. The fire is gone from her eyes. Her between song banter was a bit sad. She knows she's done, whether she caused her own downfall or not.
Overall score - 8.5
Liza: I was expecting much worse from her. The melody was somewhat interesting, but her lyrics are horrible. It's very elementary and cliched, and Dilana's attempts to garner sympathy for her "situation" the last couple of weeks just reek of desperation. She wants to move on, yet she keeps bringing it up! Props to her for going out there and jumping around with her injury, though.
Overall score - 6.5
Tammy: You know how there are those who belong to the 'eyebrow' school of acting? Dilana does the same thing with her hair when she sings. Every time she needs to go all 'wild and crazy', that mane gets tossed about. It bugs. I didn't think the lyrics were as bad as her 'thong song' or 'ctrl-alt-delete', but Dilana was definitely the weakest of the bunch on her original song. The desperate hopping about on one leg made me cringe. So awkward!
Overall score - 6.8

"Back In The U.S.S.R."
Liza: I think Magni just proved to me that he's a great cover singer. He threw in yet another different voice, and I'm not quite sure just who Magni is as a musician. Hopefully the original will show us.
Overall score - 7.6
Tammy: Boring and forgettable. Magni is much better than this.
Overall score - 7.0
"When The Time Comes"
Liza: I don't know what Supernova was watching or listening to because I didn't think those two performances were the same. At all. This was Magni being Magni in his true voice. I love Magni's voice, and the song is quite catchy. I really like the chorus.
Overall score - 8.4
Tammy: Magni sounded really good on this song. I agree, quite catchy,
and Magni looked completely comfortable performing. He didn't really seem to
involve the crowd however, which seems to be a theme with him, and I'm sure
it hasn't escaped Supernova's attention.
Overall score - 8.9

Storm Large
"Suffragette City"

Liza: Not diggin' the Charlie chaplin look from Storm, but Storm really rocked the house with Dave Navarro. Her vocals weren't her best, but she more than held her own up there.
Overall score - 8.2
Tammy: That outfit was all sorts of atrocious. Burn it! Storm didn't really wow me with this performance. The song did nothing for her, although her interaction with Dave was entertaining.
Overall score - 7.0
Liza: Great tune, and Storm's voice never sounded better. I do take a bit of issue with Dave Navarro here, though. He has been throwing out superlatives like there's no tomorrow this season. Two weeks ago, Dilana's "Mother Mother" was the best performance ever on the show. This week, he says Storm's original is the best he's heard in two seasons. It was good, yes, but the best? I'd probably reserve that honor for Ryan Star or Lukas or JD Fortune.
Overall score - 9.0
Tammy: WORD, Liza! The tonguebath Storm received for this song is a
bit perplexing. I found the song a bit forgettable and lounge-singeresque, and she seemed out of breath and like she was straining as she neared the end of the song. I think I like watching Storm more than I like hearing her sing.
Overall score - 7.8

Lukas Rossi
"Living On A Prayer"

Liza: Wow, that was quite an original rendition of that song. It really didn't sound like Bon Jovi's song at all, but somehow Lukas made it work. I thought I would hate it, but I actually kind of liked it!
Overall score - 8.0
Tammy: It really couldn't have sounded less like a Bon Jovi song, which I loved. This is probably my favorite rearrangement that Lukas has done. It was beautiful. Somehow he turned a big anthemic song into a ballad, and made me a bit weepy in the process. Gaaah!
Overall score - 9.8
Liza: If Tommy and Gilby get on Magni for singing the two songs the same way, why not do the same for Lukas because he sang the songs fairly similarly, especially the opening of this song and all of the first song. However, I've got to say that "Headspin" is a really good song, and if I were to pull a Navarro, I'd say this was the best original of the night.
Overall score - 9.5
Tammy: Lukas obviously didn't want me to recover. Another song that
makes me want to break out the antidepressants! Dedicated to his mother,
Lukas delivered lyrics like 'I'm not perfect...I'm not perfect' with a surprising vulnerability, and yet managed to rock his glam-goth-punk self out at the same time. Impressive. He's the pick of the litter...but is he right for Supernova? This song only emphasized for me how completely divergent their styles seem.
Overall score - 9.7

Toby Rand
"Mr. Brightside"
Liza: The tone of Toby's voice is so unappealing and grating in the chorus, and he lost the pitch quite a few times. I cringed throughout the entire song. That was one of his worst vocal performances yet.
Overall score - 5.0
Tammy: I didn't have a problem with Toby's vocals, but maybe that's because I kept drifting off as he sang. Toby really doesn't inject much of himself when he sings covers, and the result is a bit karaoke.
Overall score - 7.0
"Throw It Away"
Liza: And with that, Toby pretty much erased the memory of that lousy first song. That was probably the most concert-worthy performance of the originals. Good song and very, very catchy. I have no doubts that Toby can front this band, or any band, for that matter. He is for sure a crowd-pleaser.
Overall score - 9.5
Tammy: Whoo! Looks like we have a competition! Toby is definitely stepping up and giving Lukas a run for his money. A fun, energetic performance. Toby brought the show AND the boat this week. Great job! I still have that 'uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh' part in my head.
Overall score - 9.6

Who Should Be Bottom 3
Liza: Dilana, Magni, Storm
Tammy: Dilana, Magni, Storm

Who Will Be Bottom 3
Liza: Dilana, Magni, Storm
Tammy: Dilana, Magni, Storm

Who Should Be Eliminated
Liza: Dilana
Tammy: Dilana

Who Will Be Eliminated
Liza: Dilana
Tammy: Dilana. Just how much credit could she possibly have left with Supernova?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Best BB Boot Evah!

This picture pretty much says it all. Ass-kickin' buxom blonde Janie-Doll is BACK and she made the boldest move in the Big Brother game since Kaysar sealed Maggie's partner's fate last season. After being played and manipulated by him all season, Janelle finally got a clue and booted Evil Dr. Will out of the BB house and into sequester.

Janelle, who was nominated for eviction along with Erika, not surprisingly won the Power of Veto (her 10th competition win this season. Holy hell!) and thus had the power to not only save herself but choose who would be evicted. With Will being put up in her place, Janelle dropped the hammer on their show-mance, telling Will, "I really feel like this summer I've made a lot of mistakes in the house, and after tonight, I'm done making mistakes. And for Marcellas and Howie, I vote to evict you, Will."

Will took it pretty well, but Booger? BWAHHHHHHHH. I thought he was going to cry. So awesome.

Go Janelle! And I can't believe I'm saying this too, but Go Erika! Bye-bye, Chill Town!

Pimp City

Pimping out for votes right now for two of my favorites ...

If you have a Verizon phone, please consider voting for Ryan Star for the encore performance in the Rock Star: Supernova finale. The only way to vote is through Verizon text-messaging, which I do not have (Dammit!). Text the word "CRAVE" to 8917 and reply to the next message with "RYAN". The dude got screwed last week! And we got screwed out of another great original song from him this week. Bah.

If you live in Canada (or want to pretend you do), please vote for Shane Wiebe of Chilliwack/Abbotsford, BC in the Bootlegger Generation B contest. If he wins, he gets $10,000, part of which he wants to use to get back in the studio to record more music. If you vote you get $10 off your next $40 purchase at Bootlegger. It's a win-win situation!