Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wild Horses

A dark horse in the Rock Star: Supernova competition stampeded out the gate last week with the intent of catching up to the front-runners. Would Ryan Star be able to maintain his dark horse status with an original song this week?

Patrice Pike
"Beautiful Thing"

Liza: Unfortunately for Patrice, Gilby's dog looked more interested in the song than Gilby did himself. It was interesting enough, I suppose, and she looked like she had a blast performing it, but I thought the song was a bit too poppy for this band. It had elements that reminded me of "Perfect Day" by Hoku, which can't be a good thing for Supernova.
Score: 7.5
Tammy: Patrice did seem pleased after her performance, but I suspect that's more because she knew that she'd at least be going off this show having showed her songwriting chops. As far as songs go, it wasn't bad. The trouble is, she still isn't particularly fun to watch, and her voice has a quality about it that grates on me somehow. I think I would have enjoyed the song more if someone else had been singing it.
Score: 7.8

"Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Liza: First of all, big props to the House Band; they truly are amazing. And Magni sounded really great during some key moments in the song, especially the growling part in the chorus. He did struggle, a bit, with breath control, but overall, he fully captured the spirit of the song.
Score: 8.5
Tammy: Magni really did sound amazing during the chorus of this song. But I have to agree, there were some moments that really didn't work. It definitely was one of his stronger performances, however, and the crowd seemed to love it. I wanted to be jumping around next to them!
Score: 9.0

Ryan Star
"Back Of Your Car"

Liza: Whoah. Ryan on FI-YAH tonight! That might have been the most energized anyone has ever been on that stage. He was so pumped up singing that song he croaked a few times, but I'd pretty much give him a pass on that because this ain't American Idol, and rock and roll like that, well, it ain't pretty (Ha). I'll admit to being a bit biased because I have heard this song before, and I already loved it, but honestly, I think this is one of the best original songs, if not the best original song, I've heard on this series.
Score: 9.6
Tammy: What she said. Ryan raced about that stage like a man possessed, and absolutely tore it up. Each week he seems to be topping prior performances, and at this rate, if I were one of his competitors, I'd be very nervous. The boy is on an upswing. 'Back Of Your Car' was a great, catchy rock song, and it looked like OB: House had a ball playing it. Loved the 'dance' move with Jim. Heh.
Score: 9.7

Storm Large

Liza: She's right; she CAN sing anything. What I liked about this performance is that she brought not only the vocal prowess but the stage moves and moxie as well. She's got the total package, but Gilby's right; she needs to go a step beyond and just blow it out of the water next time. She's more than capable of doing so.
Score: 8.8
Tammy: Storm seems to have been just getting by on the strength of her fanbase in the last few weeks, and not delivering the performances that she can. But that's nothing that a trip to the bottom three wouldn't fix. That would be enough to put a bit of 'fight' in anyone. Seems to have worked for Ryan. 'Cryin' was one of Storm's better performances of the competition, but didn't have the 'wow' factor of 'Anything, Anything'. With a close competition like this, she needs more than good, she needs to make it impossible to deny that she could front this band. At this point I'm not convinced. Convince me, Storm.
Score: 8.8

"Every Breath You Take"

Liza: What you may see here may be the result of reality show backlash, but I'm mega-critical of Dilana right now because 1. She screwed her fellow rockers over during the press junket, and 2. SOMEONE has to be critical of her; Supernova and Dave never are! So here we go. I really didn't like the heavy breathing part in the beginning, and the eyelashes did her a disservice because her eyes are usually so expressive, and those ridiculous things shielded her eyes most of the time. Some of her stage mannerisms were reminding me of Jill, though, and that is not a good thing for me. On a positive note, her voice sounded really good on this song.
Score: 8.2
Tammy: Her voice did sound less harsh than usual, but for me the result was that she sounded more bland. Isn't there a happy medium? There really wasn't a lot that I liked about this performance. Or anything, to be exact. I've never been a fan, but this Dilana seems like a complete 180 from the scary 'Lithium' Dilana. Has she just ran out of tricks? She also was upstaged by her eyelashes. I agree, instead of making her eyes look bigger, you could barely see them beneath those things! And the repeating of 'Dilana, Dilana, Dilana' toward the end of the performance...what on earth was that? Sending a (not so) subliminal message to Supernova (hire meeee...hire meeeee...)? Ugh.
Score: 7.2

Toby Rand

Liza: I liked his arrangement, and he really showed a nice combo of vocals and stage presence tonight. I think this was my favorite Toby performance this season. I just wish he would stop with the gimmicks, this time going shirtless with EVS written on his chest. However, I LOVED when he went over to the rocker pod and got the crowd involved. That part was awesome!
Score: 9.2
Tammy: The song really picked up when Toby went over to the rocker pod. Without that, I'm not sure how well I would have liked the performance. Toby's vocals have never really impressed me...he seems rather limited. Like Liza, I would like to see a gimmick-free performance, and just rely on whatever talents he possesses. But...overall, it was a pretty good, high energy performance.
Score: 8.8

Lukas Rossi
"All These Things That I've Done"

Liza: Lukas was so inconsistent in this performance. At times, his vocals sounded awesome (like in the beginning), at other times, the mushmouth came back. One minute he engages the audience, including the ones in the balcony, then the next he's shutting them out by turning his back to them. I guess he's continuing his love affair with Nate the drummer, or perhaps with himself with the looking at his reflection in Rafael's guitar.
Score: 8.2
Tammy: The moments when he turned his back from the audience didn't really detract for me, because they were filled with entertaining little bits, like the quick 'hair check' in Raf's guitar, or a few twirls in front of the drumkit, which were all for the audience at home. It works for me! What didn't work for me tonight were his vocals. I agree, he sounded fantastic at the beginning, but didn't sound especially strong after that, almost like the key was too low for him or something. His impressive ability to work the stage helped to downplay the problems with the vocals, but not enough.
Score: 8.4

Who Should Be The Bottom Three
Liza: Patrice, Dilana, Lukas
Tammy: Patrice, Dilana, Lukas (as much as it pains me to admit it)

Who Will Be The Bottom Three
Liza: Patrice, Toby, Magni
Tammy: Patrice, Toby, Magni

Who Should Be Eliminated
Liza: Patrice
Tammy: Patrice

Who Will Be Eliminated
Liza: Patrice
Tammy: Patrice

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Lisa said...

I do agree with you gals about Dilana finally-lol the eyelashes though were distracting but DIFFERENT so that may be a plus. The song is nothing I would have run naked around the pool for though. I hope she goes back to her crazy days of Lithium too or else she will just be hanging around cause she is good but not wild and crazy!