Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dancing In Heaven

The performance finale of So You Think You Can Dance put me in quite a conundrum. I have been rooting for Benji Schwimmer to win since the first week of partnering. The guy is such an entertainer - terrific dancer, great personality. He is a showboat. He will never have Tommy Lee telling him, "Show me some boat, bitch!" (Heh. I love that line.)

On tonight's show, however, Benji got out performed by Travis Wall, who received raves for all the dances he performed. Benji was praised for his samba with his cousin Heidi, which was not only lively but highly entertaining, but he got ripped for his Viennese Waltz with Donyelle. The criticism was not unwarranted. I'm no dancer, but even I could see the technique was lacking, although I was in awe by the velocity of the partner spin at the end. I enjoyed Benji's high energy solo a lot, especially with the stage dive.

Travis danced a contemporary with Donyelle, which was lovely, and his disco with Heidi had a ton of tricks (she impressed me more than he did in that dance, although I do recognize that doing those lifts are more him than her). But the deal-breaker for me tonight was Travis' solo. It was breathtaking with his spins from his knees and the backhandsprings. In my eyes, Travis won this night.

But if you look at the season as a whole body of work, I have to give it to Benji for drawing me in the way he did. He owned the competition up until the final two weeks when Travis (with help from Heidi) closed in.

Earlier in the week, my fiend David asked me to vote for Travis, but I didn't really want to; I wanted Benji to win. And then I saw the performances tonight and decided to vote for ... NOBODY. David, it's my compromise, mmkay? And believe me, I wanted to vote for Benji after hearing the judges pimping Travis by saying he stood out in the group number at the end. He did when he walked out looking like a superstar, but he was the first to walk out, of course he'd stand out! I didn't think any of them stood out more than the other in the actual dancing. I just didn't like that last bit of pimpage at the end. Reminded me too much of American Idol and seeing the judges throw the non-Chosen Ones under the bus on finale night.

So who should win next week? Should the winner be based on one night or on the whole season? I don't know. I'll be cool with any of them winning; these were my favorite four.

Can't we just have a tie and let Travis have the Celine show and Benji the cash? :)


Lisa said...

Travis has always been a flawless performer and has that IT factor for sure. Benji is more of the guy you would want to hang out with and get to know-all round family fun guy. Either of the two are fabulous so whomever wins is fine by me!!

Sarah said...

How about we just have benji win the whole thing! He can dance, he has a wonderful personality, and he is hot! Doesn't anyone think Travis is gay? I do. I mean he's a good dancer, but why does everyone love him so much?

GO BENJI! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!