Friday, August 11, 2006

Chen-Bot's Nice Button Malfunctions

On his birthday, no less, Kaysar Ridha got evicted from the Big Brother house for the third time in a year. And it got worse. Immediately after leaving the house, during his interview with Julie Chen, he found out that his friend James Whine, I mean Rhine, stabbed him in the back on his way out.

I was shocked that CBS and BB treated the most popular player in BB history with such carelessness, kicking the man while he was down. Kaysar wasn't even the target this week; he was just the replacement for the bigger target, Janelle. There shouldn't have been a reason to get the villain goodbye. During his post-evicition interview, the Chen-bot couldn't wait to deliver the news that James was being a snake. First, she set him up with the question of whether it was hard to be up on the block with his friend and ally James. Kaysar replied that he wanted to fix things after last year's falling out and show James that they were on the same team. Kaysar didn't want to campaign against James. The Chen-bot then almost gleefully reveals to him that James was in a secret alliance with Danielle, Boogie and Will, and they were working to get out Janelle. The Chen-bot quoted James as saying Janelle was "a stupid bitch" (normally I would be giggling at news reporter Julie Chen saying these words, but to do it to Kaysar right there was just cruel) and "this Anna Nicole Smith wannabe is probably the dumbest person to every play the game."

Kaysar looked like someone kicked his puppy while punching him in the gut. The hurt was palpable. He said he was disappointed and "I played for the team, but the team didn't play for me."

Then Julie continues to pour it on, showing Kaysar the houseguests' goodbye message. Erika is crying in hers, but that shouldn't mean jack squat because she cried in Alison's, for crying out loud. Janelle states that he was 100% completely loyal to their alliance and vows to take out the float herd. Boogie does an I-told-you-so about James. Will piles it on by saying that I told you so wouldn't cut it - "I told you James was going to peel off ... and he did. With me." And then Kaysar's "friend" James goes on a delusional and extremely hypocritical rant about how Janelle screwed him (well how could she not screw him - James had a side deal with just about everyone in the house; there were maybe only 1 or 2 people she could have nominated if she wanted to avoid screwing James. Now whose fault is that, Dumbass?!) and "single-handedly destroyed our group". James also said that he "gave you guys four weeks of chances, and you stabbed me in the back every chance you got". WTF?! James himself was HoH one of those four weeks. And he was gunning for Chicken George a week after bitching about Kaysar not nominating Chill Town. And a week before bitching out Janelle for not nominating Chill Town. Who he has a secret alliance with.

James is a lunatic. And an ass.

And the Chen-bot was way too happy to stick the knives further into Kaysar's back.

And after this, more buttons began to malfunction. During the HoH competition, Howie was eliminated after failing to buzz in on a question. Except that he totally did. He was the second person to hit the buzzer. It didn't work. But he was eliminated from the competition because he was last. A couple of questions earlier, Boogie also had his buzzer malfunction, and he didn't provide an answer, but Julie didn't call him out or ask for an answer as she did with Howie. Boogie was eventually eliminated, so that controversy was averted.

But ... Howie has a legitimate beef about his elimination because he clearly hit his buzzer. And the BB producers agreed because they did a re-do. So will Erika remain the HoH? If you're trying to stay spoiler free, tune in on Sunday. If you want to know, go check out any of the BB fan sites. It's worth it. Heh.

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