Friday, August 25, 2006

Bo Knows Rock

Bo Bice and Kimberley Locke performed at a Saturn corporate event last night in Hollywood. I've never been to one of these things before, but KIIS was offering up these tickets to its KIIS VIPs, so I traded in some points for them. Turns out that the other Clear Channel stations here were doing that as well (KIIS, KOST, KBIG, Star), which is very interesting and quite ironic considering they don't even play Bo here. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come?

So the tickets say the thing starts at 7. Kimberley didn't even get up on stage till 9 or so. She sang just 4 songs - three from her new album and Eighth World Wonder. I like her new stuff - her first two songs were a bit disco light - but I'm not sure that it's something that is going to get a lot of radio airplay. "Supawoman" might though; it kind of sounds like Rihanna's new song, which I HAAAAAAAAATE but all the radio stations apparently love because they play it all the damn time. Anyway, Kimberley sounded great and looked really cute. She had the audience sing the chorus of Eighth World Wonder near the end, and partly due to the small size of the audience (and possibly due to some people not knowing the song), you could barely hear anyone. But since this isn't exactly an easy song to sing (I have seen Kimberley struggle with it herself ... on American Idol a few years ago) and it's rather high-pitched, it's probably a good thing. Heh.

After a break, Bo finally came on (after 10, I think!), and he opened with "The Real Thing". He introduced it by thanking the fans for making it No. 1 on TRL. Now where is that second video, RCA?! Anyway, this may have been the best I've ever heard Bo sing this song. It seemed like every time he sang it on TV, he was sick or something, but last night his voice sounded so strong. After that, he sang his current single (that I have never heard on radio) "U Make Me Better". I've always thought this was the song on his album that would be the big hit. It's catchy as hell and has a great hook, but sadly, it hasn't been. But who knows ... maybe it will blow up all of a sudden. He needs another video and airplay in New York and LA. I totally wanted to say something snarky at Barry Manilow look-alike Gary Spears (the KBIG DJ who introduced Kimberley and Bo onstage) about it, but I'm not the type to get all Claymate-y about things.

Anyway ... back to the show. Here's something cool that happened. After he sang U Make Me Better, Bo got on the mic and proceeded to thank just about everyone in the building. Literally. He thanked the audience, Saturn, the security, the caterers, the servers, the set-up crew. I don't think he thanked the person who owned the building the event was in, though. What an ass. Just kidding! Bo is such a gracious guy. Some singers don't even thank the band or their crew, but Bo does this and thanks everyone else involved in even the smallest way. That's awesome.

Next song up was one of his originals (and I only know this because I know this, not because he said it or anything!), "Whiskey, Women & Time". I spent most of the song trying to figure out what other song it sounded like, and near the end I think I finally figured it out. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure someone will!), but I think parts of it sound like "Like A Rock" by Bob Seger.

After that, Bo does guitar change #3, and it's "Sweet Home Alabama" time. WTF?! Already?! Jeebus. Short concert, eh? But I think the Sweet Home Alabama/Freebird hybrid was pretty much the length of about 4 songs, so I guess it wasn't as short as a five song set could have been. So Bo is singing the Skynyrd, and he's just beaming. And then he's just wailing on the guitar, and he and his bandmates are going nuts with the headbanging and hair flying all over the place and just setting the guitars on fire. It was quite a sight! Bo started to look a bit like Captain Caveman. Heh. But it was awesome.

Gawd, could I sound any more like Chris Farley right now?!
Chris Farley: "Do you remember that time when you were with the Beatles?"
Paul McCartney: "Yeah."
Chris Farley: "That was awesome."

I need a new word.

So all in all, it was a good show from both. Kimberley has a great voice. Too bad she had to sing to backing tracks because the difference in performance between her and Bo was night and day due to the live band. Not that she wasn't engaging herself. Bo is a kick-ass (there's my new word) performer - so engaging and likeable. The singing was kick-ass, the guitar-playing was kick-ass. The length of the show was not kick-ass. I think I may have to go to that concert in October in Anaheim so I can see a full set. They were promoting that concert in the venue, by the way. They had postcards set out at the tables (with logos from the aforementioned local radio stations on there ... hmmm ...). Interestingly, there was nothing from Kimberley's people, even though she has an album due out in October. Who's doing her PR? 19Evil?!

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Kim said...

Great review of the show! Huge Bo & Sugar Money fan here. Your pictures are awesome. Anymore you can share with us? LOL