Thursday, August 03, 2006

All About Mia

Benji, Heidi, Donyelle and Travis made it to the finals of So You Think You Can Dance. But not before judge Mia Michaels ripped Heidi to shreds, tore into Donyelle and pointed out Benji's limitations. On a result show. When they weren't judging.

And you thought Nigel Lythgoe was the mean judge.

The result show the week before the finale is supposed to be a celebration of the contestants' run in the show. On American Idol, the Top 3 result show is always where they show hometown footage. It's the most feel-good show of the whole season. They don't do hometown footage on SYTYCD (and it would be foolish to do so, especially since five of the six finalists are from Southern California. It would be like the sad "homecoming" footage that was Katharine McPhee's video.), so you'd think that at least the judges could talk about how great the dancers are and all that.

But no. I think it started with Nigel saying Natalie was great but that she lost some of her spark when Musa left. And Mia retaliated by throwing Heidi under an Army tank. After Nigel and Mary praised Heidi for being the most improved dancer in the competition, Mia agreed that she was the most improved but that she is shocked Heidi was still in the competition because she's not versatile. Mia went on to insinuate that she dumbed down the choreography for her and Travis' first contemporary number. In last night's show, Mia praised Heidi to the high heavens. So I don't get where these comments are coming from, especially on a night like this. And the way she said it to was so smug and evil. She had this shit-eating grin on her face while she said "I AM shocked you are still here", and if you were only watching her talk, you'd have thought she was praising her or that there was a joke coming. Heidi put on a brave face, but you could tell she was devastated. Thank goodness Cat shut the convo down or Mia would have continued to flatten Heidi.

Mia also picked on Donyelle, criticizing her for not improving in the show, saying that Donyelle started the show like a "lightning bolt" and has just stayed the same the last few weeks. Mary leaped to Donyelle's defense, bringing up Donyelle's toe injury, and Mia argued back that everyone else has been injured as well. And then they started mock cat-fighting, which led to Nigel propping an elbow up on the table and leaning on it while shaking his head in embarrassment.

When it came to Travis, there weren't enough words in the dictionary for Mia to praise him, saying it would be a priviledge for her to choreograph and work with him for the rest of his career. Apparently, they have worked together in the past, so she's not exactly impartial. Not that Travis doesn't deserve the praise, but it reeks of favoritism to me when she has nothing bad to say about him while tearing down the others. She was gushy when it came to Ivan as well, which is fine, but when you talk about Heidi, who has been one of the best dancers on this show, especially in the last couple of weeks, not being versatile and say absolutely nothing about Ivan not being versatile, that's kinda messed up.

And with Benji, she started off by saying that she was going to start with a negative, as if she felt like she had to criticize. She pointed out that Benji has limitations as a dancer and that she was disappointed in realizing that when she worked with him. But despite that, he's a star and "pretty friggin' special". I'm not down with critical comments in a non-judging portion of the show, but at least she tried to balance it with Benji. She should have done the same with everyone else. There was no balance with her comments for Heidi and Donyelle.

The winner of this show is going to get a one-year contract to dance on Celine Dion's show in Las Vegas. That's Mia's show. It's pretty damn obvious that she wants Travis to be the winner. By throwing the other three finalists under the bus like that, I think she may instead achieve the opposite effect of what she wants. But then again, I've been calling Benji for the win since early in the competition.

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Lisa said...

I am also surprised at how Mia could sit there and bash those 3 finalists to their faces...has anyone ever told her that her hairstyle makes her look like a butch?? Or that maybe she looks too heavy to be a "dancer". Nope! I think Heidi showed TOTAL versatility with her African style of dance-it was the best I had seen. I was really not impressed that she chose a results night to tell the contestants how they were falling short in the competition.

What a way to get those votes! I hate the favoritism coming from her and thought that somebody like Nigel would be tougher-but they should really kick Mia out of the judging panel if she is going to wait right until the end to start pointing out each dancers limitations.

I always thought Benji or Travis would win too-now I really want Benji to win so that Mia can work her pretty shaved head over him. I wonder if she was that tough on Celine Dion!!