Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Things Can Only Get Better

After a trip to the bottom 3 last week and with the judging panel telling her they made a mistake by sending Chris Pierson home, presumably instead of her, could things get much worse for avant garde rocker Zayra Alvarez? And what could she and the other rockers do to improve their stock with Supernova?

Patrice Pike
"Helter Skelter"

Tammy: Patrice fought tooth and nail for this song, so the pressure was on to absolutely nail it. Vocally, Patrice did the job. She still seems a bit hindered by her lack of inhibition on stage, however.
Overall score - 8.3
Liza: Patrice is one of the strongest female singers in the competition, and she showed it once again on this song. I agree with Tammy in that she needs to let loose a bit more. But overall, it was a strong performance and a good way to kick off the show.
Overall score - 8.0

Josh Logan
"Come As You Are"

Tammy: Josh believed this song was key to him finally getting noticed by Supernova. The low key, acoustic version of this song sounded strong, but there was a tendency to whine some of the lyrics, while the odd smile as he sings remains. If he's around next week, Josh will have to bring a greater intensity to the stage.
Overall score - 8.2
Liza: For all of Josh's posturing over being sick of playing Mr. Nice Guy all the time, he sang this song like ... he was a nice guy. It's obvious that Supernova wants to see edginess, but Josh just hasn't been able to show it at all. The inappropriate smile, the soulful voice, mellow vibe ... none of it equates with Supernova.
Overall score - 7.2

Storm Large
"Just What I Needed"

Tammy: Storm did about as much with this song as she could, though she sounded fairly 'safe' and a wee bit boring until she started to tear it up at the end. If only she had started the song that way.
Overall score - 8.0
Liza: Storm's song choices have been very underwhelming so far, and this was another odd choice. I'd like to hear how she sounds on a more modern track. I would also like to see her vamp it up a bit more, and I don't mean turning the mic stand into a phallic symbol. Her outfit was kind of a mess because she was wearing old-school black tennis shoes. Wear some heels, woman! Embrace your height!
Overall score - 7.8

Lukas Rossi
"Let's Spend The Night Together"

Tammy: Lukas continues his winning ways as his rearrangement brings more edge to the Stones tune. Strutting and spinning, his confidence onstage is unrivalled, though at the beginning it was difficult to hear him over the band.
Overall score - 8.8
Liza: I admire how this guy can seemingly sing anything and put his own spin on it without bastardizing the song. He certainly never fails to bring the energy to the stage no matter what he sings. I can't help but note, though, his faces and the preening/strutting. It reminds me of Chris Kattan's Peepers character on Saturday Night Live. But, hey, if it worked for Jagger ...
Overall score - 8.5

Jill Gioia
"All Right Now"

Tammy: How many times is the kicking the mic stand going to be used as a crutch to make it look like a performer is hardcore? Enough, please. The strength of Jill's voice remains unquestioned as she bounces back from the nightmare that was last week. She still doesn't come across as a believable 'rocker', however.
Overall score - 8.3
Liza: Yeah, Jill can blow, that's for sure. This high-energy performance was her best to date. Kind of makes her catfight with Patrice moot.
Overall score - 8.2

Ryan Star
"Fortunate Son"

Tammy: Whoa. Ryan's intensity during 'Fortunate Son' is enough to knock you over. He should be giving Josh lessons! Though Supernova knocked him for not using the stage enough, on the small screen his performance translated much better, and his roaring vocals should be enough to cement another week.
Overall score - 9.0
Liza: Actually, Tammy, I think you're right about the small screen vs. in person. I was at the taping, and as he was singing, I was thinking the same thing as Supernova - move your feet and stop brooding! However, when watching it back on TV, the intensity is definitely there, and the lyrics call for the brooding, not so much for the smiling. His vocals were outstanding both live and on TV.
Overall score - 8.8

Phil Ritchie
"White Rabbit"

Tammy: Phil picked the perfect song for voice this week, as he climbed into the psychadellic song like a second skin. Joined by Jason onstage, he didn't falter for a moment, and had his personal best performance on the Rock Star stage. Noodle boy, begone!
Overall score - 9.4
Liza: I think the thrill of having Jason Newsted play bass with him pushed Phil to a whole new level. His vocals sounded kind of a mess at times, but his performance skills were totally intense and fantastic.
Overall score - 8.7

Dana Andrews
"It's My Life"

Tammy: Well...she tried hard. Watching Dana perform, you get the feeling 'it's only a matter of time'. While others in the competition are bringing rock, Dana produces a pebble.
Overall score - 7.4
Liza: Bwah! Poor Dana. She gets bam-bam'ed by the judges - she got the dreaded Celine Dion comparison from Tommy (amongst others that hit the cutting room floor, such as Dave bringing out the dreaded Vegas word and Gilby calling her Matt to snark on her song choice) - and now by Tammy. Dana herself said she was a bit pitchy, and she was in the choruses. I think she equates loud singing with rocking hard. Unfortunately for her, high decibel levels don't give her any extra edge.
Overall score - 6.8

Toby Rand
"Runaway Train"

Tammy: Toby tried to 'show emotion' as he performed, but never really connected with the song, though as he neared the end he improved. A step down from last week, methinks it will be the last time Toby tries to venture into such territory.
Overall score - 7.8
Liza: I was a bit disappointed by this performance for two reasons. First, he was more like Toby Bland compared to last week. Second, for someone who was trying to show more emotion, he sped this song up too much. If he had kept it at its original tempo, it could have been so much better. The way Toby sang it just wasn't that melodic, and the glory notes he tried to throw in there at the end didn't fit.
Overall score - 7.2


Tammy: While Magni performed the song adequately, his voice didn't seem to have enough grit, and sounded a bit average. Magni is yet to show what exactly it is that he would bring as the frontman for Supernova, as his personality hasn't yet come across onstage.
Overall score - 8.4
Liza: Ooh, I totally disagree. I thought Magni sounded fantastic on this song. I appreciated the fact that he brought out the melody of the song with his singing rather than try to make it all grit. I thought he struck a good balance.
Overall score - 9.1

Zayra Alvarez
"Everybody Hurts"

Tammy: Anticipating disaster at a 'Zaryra-ized' version of 'Everybody Hurts', I was pleasantly surprised. Her haunting vocals and delivery were stunning, and tonight she earned her place amongst her competitors.
Overall score - 9.0
Liza: My reaction when they said she was singing this song? "Oh no she di-int!" My reaction when she was done? "Oh yes she did!" I have disliked everything she has done so far and have thought she should go every week, but after this beautiful, emotional performance, I totally get why she is still in this competition, and she should be in the Top 3 this week rather than the bottom 3.
Overall score - 9.3

Jenny Galt

Tammy: This was just no. Jenny, like Dana, just does not belong. She'll have to dig deep to be able to produce a performance that is convincing that she can believably sing rock music, because while her folky vocals would work on that other music show, Jenny just doesn't
seem roit for our band.
Overall score - 7.3
Liza: As Gilby said, that was more Lillith Fair when they wanted Ozz-fest. I'm not sure if this happened on everyone else's TV, but in the middle of the song, the sound got adjusted so you could hear her better. Unfortunately for her, it didn't make her sound any harder. And can we talk about that outfit? Girl! The skin-tight jeans with those fugly no-heel boots? I'm almost more "just no" about that than her singing.
Overall score - 7.0


Tammy: Dilana continues to bring what has been working for her so far, though her slightly crazed, mysterious stage presence seems almost the polar opposite of her personality offstage. Weilding a tambourine, Dilana greatly impressed the judges and the audience, though I'm not so sure she was quite so deserving of the tonguebath. Appears to be one of those 'guess you had to be there' moments.
Overall score - 8.8
Liza: Hmm, maybe, but I enjoyed it both times. I thought Dilana nailed it both visually and vocally. This was the best she has looked - loved the dress! - and she left a lot of the "Lithium" serial killer moves at home. She is very captivating to watch - she has this beguiling, wiccan or gypsy-like presence. The tambourine was a nice touch.
Overall score - 9.5

Who Should Be Bottom 3
Tammy: Dana, Jenny, Josh
Liza: Dana, Jenny, Josh

Who Will Be Bottom 3
Tammy: Dana, Jenny, Josh
Liza: Dana, Jenny, Josh

Who Should Be Eliminated
Tammy: Dana
Liza: Dana

Who Will Be Eliminated
Tammy: Dana
Liza: Dana

(Oooh, we agree. What a shock. Only not. We share the same brain sometimes!)


Lisa said...

I am surprised that none of you are commenting on Lukas's serious case of Mush Mouth!! Maybe he is better in person? I dunno, I can't seem to understand anything he sings so for me, the visuals are better than the vocals right now. Dilana is absolutely a superstar-maybe even too good for the band, but if there has to be a female winner, let it be her. I am crazy about this lady!!

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