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Rock and Roll Part 2

My friend Tammy and I were supposed to do weekly reviews of Rock Star: Supernova on our friend's website. Well, after our first review, I think we broke the site, so the review is going here instead so as to not have wasted our time. Personally, I think that either Zayra's singing/warbling broke the website or scary-ass Dilana read it, decided it wasn't flattering enough and decided to break the website to serve us warning. Uh, warning duly noted.

So here is the review ...

Rock & Roll Part 2

The Rockers kicked off the second season of Rock Star with some electrifying performances and a few mystifying performances. With Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted comprising the band Supernova, rockin' performances were certainly expected. But would they all deliver the style necessary to front their band, Supernova?

"Pinball Wizard"

Performance - Storm did well, but didn't really connect to the song or the audience as much as I had expected. Her vocals probably aren't one of the strongest of the females, so she'll be relying on her charisma,
which she has in spades.
Fashion - Black head to toe. Storm, you're supposed to be the wild one of the bunch. I expected more. *sigh*
Reality show - Storm's presence in the reality episode consisted of helping out Jenny during song selection. She came off in a fairly decent light. No character assassination yet courtesy of Burnett.
Overall score - 8.5

Performance -
I think the lack of connection to the audience could probably be attributed to the song choice. As Storm put it at the taping of the show, which I attended, it was "the leper song". While it wasn't the most exciting performance of the night, or the strongest vocally, it probably didn't hurt her standing. It didn't help her all that much, but it didn't hurt her.
Fashion - I liked Storm's outfit. It showed off her, um, assets quite well. She is pretty but looks a bit too much like Ginger Spice.
Reality show - She came across as very sweet and considerate towards an ailing Jenny. One thing I did notice on the performance show, though, was her pumping her arms in the air while Dilana was singing, trying to rev the crowd up. While it the sentiment was nice and supportive, it was also silly because why would anyone be looking at her on the side while someone else was singing?
Overall score - 7.5


Performance - Wow! Iris is such a bland sort of song, that I wasn't expecting much from Ryan. He kicked so much energy and intensity into this performance that I think I preferred this version to the original. Plus, the 'easy on the eyes' factor doesn't hurt. Mrowr!
Fashion - Dark pants, tshirt. He wasn't trying too hard, but the end result was still smokin'.
Reality show - Featured as the 'loner' and schemer (though I don't really buy that his choosing not to sing for Supernova was anything but a case of nerves), Ryan had a lot of eyes on him tonight, and he definitely delivered.
Overall score - 9.2

Performance -If you're going to sing a slower song like Iris that isn't really a rock song on a rock show, that's the way to do it. As Tammy said, he brought a lot of energy and intensity into the performance. And he has an interesting voice. He bungled his second verse a bit but covered well.
Fashion - He dressed down, but he's a looker so it doesn't hurt him too much.
Reality show - The star of the reality show, episode one. He made a really bad first impression by not choosing to sing in the studio in the first rocker test (I agree that it was nerves and then false bravado on the voice-over), then he became the loner of the house as rooms were being chosen. You couldn't help but feel sorry for him.
Overall score - 8.2

"Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

Performance - Another strong performance from one of the guys! While the acoustic version did highlight his vocals, choosing to go more high energy might have made Toby a bit more memorable. Still, it was a great
performance. This boy is a contender.
Fashion - Not diggin' Toby's hair. It's very late 90's.
Reality show - Judging from his frat boy interaction with Lukas in the mansion, Toby is going to make this season very interesting.
Overall score - 8.8

Performance - We heard Knockin' On Heaven's Door twice last season, and Toby by far outperformed both Dana (obviously) and Jordis. I liked that he went acoustic right off the bat. It set him apart from the others and allowed his vocals to shine.
Fashion - Army shirt and jeans. I'll give him bonus points for not wearing a wallet chain. Heh.
Reality show - Bonding with Lukas over beer is the only thing I remember about Toby in the reality show. He's a guy's guy, and that will play well with the Supernovans.
Overall score - 8.1

"Somebody To Love"

Performance - Hot vocals from Patrice tonight. She's ready for the recording studio, but I'm not sure if she's the type of performer (yet) from whom you can't tear your eyes away.
Fashion - Pinstrip pants and bra with mesh top? Um. Ellie Mae isn't around this year, so who can we blame for this debacle? I want names!
Reality show - Another performer who was 'barely there' in the reality episode.
Overall score - 8.6

Performance - She was the first to show good interaction with the House Band, and I think she will make a fine lead singer. Just not the lead singer of this band. She has the Suzie McNeil soccer mom look. How would that fit in with Tommy Lee and company? Uh, not so well, methinks. She has a terrific voice, however.
Fashion - Probably the worst fashion crime of the season so far. I think she's been taking fashion lessons from Kelly Clarkson, who got fugged this week for her concert attire. Patrice's big tattoo on her right shoulder was heavily distracting since I thought it was part of her shirt till I realized there wasn't one on her left shoulder.
Reality show - She was in the mansion?
Overall score - 7.4


Performance - Don't let the audience sing your lyrics unless you know they're going to actually sing them back to you. Awkward silences mid-song do not a performance make. Magni's character wasn't especially endearing tonight, coming off a little arrogant, when his performance wasn't all that impressive.
Fashion - Bringing the 90's grunge look tonight. Not feelin' it.
Reality show - What I learned from Magni's presence in the reality episode this week: his roommate doesn't snore. Not good foreshadowing if this is all the attention that Mark Burnett believe Magni is worthy of
Overall score - 8.2

Performance -It felt uninspired both in person and on TV, as if he just phoned it in. I understand that the song isn't exactly the most melodic, but Magni resorted to screaming a lot of times. I didn't think he came across as arrogant, though. The Vegas comment was more jokey than anything else. A lot of stuff was cut from the judges' comments in order to fit into the time constraints, and in person, that whole exchange was like a comedy routine. It didn't come across like that after editing, though.
Fashion - His outfit of Army jacket, black tshirt and jeans was about as inspiring as his performance. He was rocking the Midnight Oil hairstyle, though!
Reality show - Nothing of importance was shown of Magni there. Maybe he'll be under the radar guy.
Overall score - 7.3

"Bring Me To Life"

Performance - Oh dear. Zayra's vocals are a cry for help, and I found my eyes drawn to her more because of trainwreck potential rather than her prowess onstage.
Fashion - I feel like I've seen that outfit before. In a Paula Abdul music video. 15 years ago.
Reality show - Zayra's performance for the band in studio will not soon be forgotten. Oof.
Overall score - 6.7

Performance - How about that House Band?! And that light show! Amazing! Oh, I'm supposed to comment about Zayra's performance? Good heavens. Wretched.
Fashion - Straight up now tell me, Tammy! Seriously! The bangs have got to go, too.
Reality show - "This is the way we rock!" Uh, not really. The look on Jason Newsted's face as she sang in the studio was priceless and oh so telling. Although he seemed to turn around on that opinion quickly, propsing marriage to her on the performance show. I still don't think she will be long for this competition, though.
Overall score - 5.5

"How You Remind Me"

Performance - Jenny just isn't convincing singing a rock song, a la Suzie McNeil. She has more of a pop vibe, and just seems too 'nice'. I can see her joining Zayra inthe B3 tomorrow night.
Fashion - Tank top paired with a jean skirt aren't offensive, but I take issue with those black boots. Knee high boots that are sans heel are just not flattering to the leg.
Reality show - Jenny had a lot of face time in the mansion this week because of her illness. Cracking under the pressure on the first day? Not a good sign.
Overall score - 8.2

Performance - That sweet-sounding voice sounds so weird on a Nickelback song, and she was a bit out of tune at times. Like Patrice, I just don't see her fronting this band. Jenny is more of a Liz Phair "Why Can't I"-era type of singer. It's just not roight for that band, Supernova.
Fashion - Hot look, save for the heel-less boots, which I didn't even notice until I saw it on TV. The skirt is really really really short, which I am sure was appreciated by the guys. I liked her belt too.
Reality show - I'm not sure why she wouldn't drag herself out of bed while song selection was taking place. It's not like they were doing the choosing outside of the house. It just showed that she, along with the rest of the group, thought that song selection wasn't that big of a deal. Silly people.
Overall score - 7.4

"She Talks To Angels"

Performance - Josh has a unique style and sound that is definitely his own. That said, I can't really see him fitting in with Supernova. There's no questioning the boy's talent, but he excels singing songs
that I don't see meshing well with the band. He should last for many more weeks, though, as he is one of the stronger competitors.
Fashion - Another guy going for the jeans and tshirt look. C'mon! Give me something to work with here!
Reality show - Er...Josh was in the reality episode, right?
Overall score - 8.9

Performance -Loved it. The fact that he took a mellower song and seriously got the crowd and the other rockers moving and grooving is really impressive. This dude has soul oozing out of him (and he doesn't have to hug himself and shout out "Soul Patrol" for us to sense it), and he radiates when he's on stage. I'm not sure how it relates to Supernova, but unlike, say, Jenny sounding like a sweet popster on a hard rock song, at least Josh's particular song called for soul, which he appropriately brought. If he sings a hard rock song in a more soulful manner, then we'll talk.
Fashion - He had a sweater on over that tshirt, so at least it's a step towards the dressier department.
Reality show - I think I spotted him once.
Overall score - 9.3


Performance - least Matt has a nice job in real estate to fall back on. Matt's voice is too 'pretty' and soft on this song. If he's going to prove that he's here to rock, he needs to bring choose a better song. Another week like this and Matt can buy his plane ticket home.
Fashion - Matt looked pretty good this week, even if the jeans/graphic tee/blazer look is a bit overdone. If only his performance was on par with his ensemble.
Reality show - Matt aided Chris as he attempted to work some magic with 'Roxanne'. Can we blame Matt for the disaster that was to come, then?
Overall score - 7.8
Performance - I liked this performance. It's a great song, and I thought he sang it well. I can't really fault him for singing too pretty and soft because that's what the song calls for. See similar comments above about Josh. I do suspect, though, that Matt's voice is more suited towards the Coldplay/Keane type of songs. I'll reserve judgment, though, till I hear him do
Fashion - Appropriate for the song choice.
Reality show - Matt was shown playing his guitar and helping Chris out with a tough situation. He came across well (and normal) in the reality episode.
Overall score - 8.9


Performance - Dilana is bringing the crazy eyes tonight! I'm a bit scared. While the band ate it up, I wasn't as impressed. Her flailing about midway through the song I imagine was supposed to wow as a sharp contrast to the earlier stillness and intensity, but it looked like she missed a dose of Ritalin to me. Dilana's voice is freakishly powerful, however. It will be interesting to see how she changes it up next week (like there's any
doubt that she'll be around). I'm not sure if the crazy will be as effective every week.
Fashion - The hoodie pulled low over her forehead emphasized her eyes, but the combat boots and cargo pants are just 'no'.
Reality show - Dilana shot down Ryan when he wanted to discuss the 'bed' situation. Booo! Hiss!
Overall score - 8.5

Performance - Hold me, I'm scared! Seriously, that was just insanity. Dave said that she was more intense when she was just standing there still. I totally agree with that assessment because when she started moving, she looked like a lunatic. Her movements were incredibly manic and crazy in a different way. I don't think that was the intent she was going for. She also stopped actually singing when she moved and resorted to screaming. But she is one I can seriously see fronting this band.
Fashion - I am not a fan of her hair. It looks greasy to me. The hoodie fit perfectly with what she was trying to do, though, and I really liked her eye makeup.
Reality show - She looked like she wanted no part of the drama in regards to the bed situation. I kinda liked that. Heh.
Overall score - 8.3

"I'm The Only One"

Performance - Dana can sing her face off, but I don't think she has the personality to front this band. She seems like this season's Jessica, a pretty face and a nice body, but probably won't progress very far in
the competition.
Fashion - Black pants and a tank. A nice ensemble, but not exactly playing up the sex appeal. Work what ya got!
Reality show - Dana seems to be the sweet southern belle. Oh yes. She can front Tommy Lee. Note: sarcasm.
Overall score - 8.4

Performance - This performance would have kicked all kinds of butt on American Idol. Or as Dave Navarro called it "that other singing competition" (that line made it to the cutting room floor for obvious reasons). Her voice is SO powerful. When she hit the chorus, I had the same exact reaction Jason Newsted did. WHOAH! But she's another one who has no business fronting this band.
Fashion - Pretty pageant girl. She's got really long legs, and she should show them off more (and stop wearing those damn wallet chains).
Reality show - She proclaimed herself as a redneck. That's about all I remember.
Overall score - 8.0

"Cult Of Personality"

Performance - Yikes. Phil's vocals weren't all that hot tonight. He was kinda all over the place and wandering around the stage. If that's the best he can bring, his days are numbered. This version paled in comparison to the Ty Taylor version of last season.
Fashion - Phil looked slick in (popular tonight) head to toe black. Hair looked a bit on the greasy side. Tone down the product, stylists!
Reality show - Phil got props for his mumbling lyrics in the studio with the band. It doesn't take much to impress Supernova, apparently.
Overall score - 7.6

Performance - Not much personality shown on "Cult of Personality". Not much vocal prowess shown either. This performance was pretty forgettable. And yes, it very much paled in comparison to Ty's.
Fashion - He's a bit too skinny to be showing off the arms like that and to be wearing balck from head to toe.
Reality show - Kudos to Phil for humming/mumbling in the studio. Even though it wasn't anything to write home about, he at least gave it a shot, unlike Ryan.
Overall score - 6.8

"Piece Of My Heart"

Performance - It's never good when Tommy Lee would rather mug at the camera than pay attention to your performance. Jill is another one of the females who can kick all sorts of ass vocally, but is lacking that
certain something that can't be taught.
Fashion - Normally I'm not a fan of the whole pierced bellybutton look, but lordy. If I had abs like that I'd be drawing attention to them too. Also? The hair needs to be toned down. You're not in Jersey anymore.
Reality show - Jill proved that big voices can come in small packages. If she just had the personality to match.
Overall score - 8.6
Performance -Powerful pipes, but the twirling was a bit too hippy and girlie.
Fashion - Gypsy-inspired top and belt with big Jersey hair. Her lack of height was very obvious.
Reality show - She really shined in the studio and was the best at getting a feel of the melody. Her musical instincts are good.
Overall score - 8.2


Performance - Oh Chris. Roxanne has been reworked so much that the original melody is almost unrecognizable. The more he continued, the worse it became. Supernova was not impressed. Methinks he'll be singing for his supper tomorrow night.
Fashion - Did Chris find one of Marty Casey's old outfits backstage?
Reality show - Foreshadowing, foreshadowing, foreshadowing.
Overall score - 7.0

Performance - I liked the idea of rearranging it, but Chris is no J.D. Fortune, who can turn California Dreaming, of all songs, into a punk masterpiece. Chris' three-note singing showed zero range and little melody.
Fashion - There's something about his look that I really dig. I think it's the low-rise pants and the hair. He kind of looks like a edgier James Vanderbeek. I'm sure Chris would love to hear that. Only not.
Reality show - I don't understand what happened with Roxanne melodically because in the opening studio scene, Chris showed that he does have a grasp of melody. But he seriously struggled with Roxanne once he got it and on stage. If he does make the bottom 3, he should get some leeway from Supernova for stepping up and volunteering to sing first in the studio.
Overall score - 5.5

"Rebel Yell"

Performance - Holy crap now here is a rocker! If he sings like this every week there will be no competition, only an inevitability. Lukas ripped into that song and changed it up enough so as to avoid any Billy Idol
comparisons. This one has a definite presence onstage, and a fire in his eyes. The only thing Lukas may need to work on is to enunciate a bit more, as there was a bit of mumbling throughout.
Fashion - In a night of black, black, black, Lukas stood out from the crowd with a fitted white jacket. Smart move. This performance was well thought out from every angle. Good boy!
Reality show - 'I'm here to win'. Yes you are.
Overall score - 9.7

Performance - Good thing I know how this tune goes because I couldn't understand a word Lukas said. He has serious mushmouth. But as far as performance goes, he electrified the crowd. The House Band helped too, as Sasha sprayed out water like a sprinkler from his mouth. The effect wasn't as clear on TV, but from the pit, it looked awesome.
Fashion - A standout for sure with the white and black ensemble.
Reality show - He served notice right away that he is a serious player.
Overall score - 9.0

Who Should Be Bottom 3
Tammy: Zayra, Jenny, Chris
Liza: Zayra, Chris, Phil

Who Will Be Bottom 3
Tammy: Zayra, Magni, Chris
Liza: Zayra, Chris, Patrice

Who Should Be Eliminated
Tammy: Zayra
Liza: Zayra

Who Will Be Eliminated
Tammy: Zayra
Liza: Zayra


RaYs5150 said...

l concur l think Zayra is probably the most likely female to go but on the mens side l think that Chris
is in trouble and equally at risk.

Lisa said...

I LOVED Zayra's fashion sense-I thought the bangs were perfect with the Asian inspired outfit. It was amazingly awesome to me! And the one thing you all failed to mention was how SCARY Luke's forehead really is...he has this huge ass forehead and these small eyes-he looks like an alien...and that makeup didn't help.

But he is the man who will win it because he fits in perfectly with the he is Italian (woot) AND he is Canadian (yeeeeeeehaw), so GO LUKAS! lol

Anonymous said...

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