Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hotter Than Hell At Angels Stadium

Headed out to Angel Stadium to catch the final game of the Freeway Series this afternoon. The Angels beat the Dodgers, 4-0, in blazing heat and temperatures reaching 100 degrees. In other words, it was hotter than hell.

I went with one of my close friends from college who I haven't seen in a while, and she got us better seats than we originally had. I had bought tickets in the right field bleachers, near the foul pole in the second row. But her friend had extra tickets she wasn't using, and they were by first base, 22 rows up from the field (the picture there gives you an idea of what our view was like). Unfortunately, they were also two rows too close to the field. Two rows further back and we would have been in the shade. It was 100 degrees out there. Ridiculous! I had to go to the Team Store to buy one of those battery-operated mist fans. Best $15 I ever spent. We spent an inning in the outfield to check those seats out, and they weren't bad, but you couldn't see the action in center field due to a wall. Sure enough, Garret Anderson hit a double to center, and I didn't see the outfielder try to make the diving catch. Of course, Vlad Guerrero hit a homer to that area later on after we went back to our first base seats.

I got to see Orlando Cabrera steal home with nary a throw to the plate by the Dodger pitcher who totally fell asleep on the mound. You don't see that often!

Angels' pitcher John Lackey had 10 strikeouts in less than 7 innings. When Scioscia took him out after he walked his first batter, Lackey was pretty pissed. But dude, it was 100 degrees out there. If I were Lackey, I'd have been running for the dugout simply because it's in the shade. I don't know how people can watch afternoon baseball games in Arizona. Sheesh, when did I turn into such a wimp? I grew up in Victorville, for heavens' sake!

So that was my third event in as many days this weekend. Friday I went to the taping of Rock Star: Supernova. Saturday I went to the Sparks/Mystics game. Sunday to the Angels/Dodgers game. I'm going to the Dodgers/Giants game on Friday. I almost signed up for tickets to So You Think You Can Dance on Monday, but I waffled for too long, and now the show is full. Rats. I think this is how my summer is going to go ... I think I'm just going to go to things around LA rather than going out of town. Hopefully eBay will be kind to me again and get me cheap tickets. :P

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