Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bad Moon Rising

Dana Andrews and Ryan Star flirted with elimination a week ago. Would they be able to sing their way out of harm's way in week four of Rock Star: Supernova?

Lukas Rossi
"Bittersweet Symphony"

Liza: Great song, but I was wondering if he would ever get around to actually playing the guitar. It was worth it when he actually got to it. Great staging there. I agree with Jason about the throat issues. I've heard Lukas' recorded stuff, and I know he can sing without making those strangled cat noises. I'm just waiting for him to actually do it here!
Overall score - 8.2
Tammy: And when Lukas actually did get around to playing the guitar, he kicked it! The spotlight moment was fantastic and completely achieved the effect he was going for (which was, of course, me licking the tv screen). The boy is dripping with IT from head to toe, and I want to grab a spoon. Lukas would be wise to take Jason's advice and start showing his range, as methinks Jason isn't the type who likes to repeat himself.
Overall score - 9.7

Zayra Alvarez
"Call Me"

Liza: Interesting outfit. Is that the female equivalent to the Jacob Hoggard Space Oddity casuit? Her vocals started out relatively strong, but she faded towards the end, and it sounded like she dropped a line while she was throwing her crotch in people's faces. The thing I like about her is her unpredictability and showmanship. She's the kind of performer you tune in to see what the heck she is going to do next.
Overall score - 6.5
Tammy: I'll be sad to see Zayra go. After this performance, it wouldn't surprise me if SN punted her, as she is making absolutely no effort to fit to their mold. But that's what I love about her! Zayra did start off well, but she lost it as she started her gyrating (though I'm sure Tommy didn't mind). Also? Her body is INSANE!
Overall score - 6.6

Dana Andrews
"About A Girl"

Liza: I like Dana's look tonight. She looks more believable as a rocker with straight hair. The big Texas hair did her little favors. The ragy intensity on her face really sold the performance, and her vocals were flawless. Great job; her best this season.
Overall score - 8.3
Tammy: Dana takes the award for Most Improved this week. This was the most believable she's been with her 'rocker chick' persona, though I think that she was aided somewhat by the stool, as her awkward stage moves are usually quite distracting. But as Liza said, great vocals and surprising intensity this week. Good on ya, Dana!
Overall score - 8.8

Patrice Pike

Liza: She sounded good, but she lost me after the first two lines due to her
ultra-mellow vibe. She picked up the energy later on, but the whole thing fell flat to me. And she got totally burned by Dave during the judges' comments.
Overall score - 7.2
Tammy: Patrice doesn't look like she's 'in it to win it' so far. Her performances have been very predictable and ho-hum, though undoubtably true to the music that she makes outside of RS: SN. Problem is, that music isn't that entertaining.
Overall score - 7.5

Toby Rand
"White Wedding"

Liza: It's nice to see the old Toby back after last week's dreary performance. That was high energy, snarly presence and strong vocals towards the end.
Overall score - 8.1
Tammy: It's hard not to do a Billy Idol impersonation when singing one of his songs, and Toby looked like he was keenly aware of that fact and changed it up just enough to avoid the comparison. It was a good performance, though perhaps it doesn't say much for Toby when the highlight of this performance for me was the blonde next to the stage who looked llike she likely had his initials carved into her arm. Toby certainly can encite enthusiasm amongst the ladies.
Overall score - 8.3


Liza: I was a bit dumbfounded by the judges' comments towards Magni. It's as if they had it dead-set in their mind how the song should be performed and would not accept it any other way. "Heroes" isn't a wild and crazy song, so I thought what he did was perfectly acceptible. Personally, I liked the fact that he showed he could play the guitar and look comfortable doing so, and his vocals were terrific.
Overall score - 8.2
Tammy: Interesting. I thought that this performance proved that Magni couldn't play and sing at the same time. He just didn't bring it this week. It was a boring performance, and there seemed to be absolutely no connection to the song. He's better than this.
Overall score - 8.0

Ryan Star
"I Alone"

Liza: I thought it was a bit manic, but, as Dave said, the energy and intensity suited the song. It's great to see him get down and dirty. Vocals were great, and he showed a lot of range in deftly handling both the low notes and the falsetto note at the end.
Overall score - 8.5
Tammy: Ryan is finally starting to look comfortable as he performs. The jump from the speaker looked a bit awkward, but he was so into the song that it didn't matter. I find it funny that this is the week the judges decide his intensity works for him. Whatever! For me, the vocals weren't as strong as last week, but he also wasn't running around the stage all 'manic', so all is forgiven.
Overall score - 8.9

Jill Gioia
"Brown Sugar"

Liza: Last week, when Jason Newsted played bass with Phil Ritchie, it helped elevate Phil's performance level to unbefore-seen levels. Gilby Clarke joined Jill on this song, and I can't say that she did anything more spectacular than usual other than hump Gilby.
Overall score - 7.9
Tammy: Ditto. Jill is showing very little improvement with each week she stays. The fact that Gilby seemed so unimpressed after having played with her does not bode well.
Overall score - 7.9

Phil Ritchie
"One Headlight"

Liza: Hated the outfit, but I liked his vocals on this song, for a change. Unfortunately for him, it's not the kind of sound Supernova is looking for.
Overall score - 7.5
Tammy: I liked it all, vocals, outfit, stage presence. This may not be what SN is looking for, but he does have something very unique, and the 'crazy eyes' work for him.
Overall score - 8.3

"Time After Time"

Liza: Wow. We all knew she could perform and that she could rock, but she really showed she can sing anything and still make it cool. She definitely proved her vocal chops tonight. Great harmonies with Jim too.
Overall score - 8.4
Tammy: This performance seemed a bit boring and seemed as far removed from anything that SN would record that it seemed more like a showcase for Dilana than an actual effort to show what she could bring to the band. They ate it up though, so what do I know? Dilana should also never go shopping with Zayra again. Little Bo Peep on crack!
Overall score - 8.0

Josh Logan
"No Rain"

Liza: I wonder if Josh got saddled with this song after last week's greed-fest. He definitely deserved to. Because this song? Is not going to cut it with Supernova. He should have just showed up in the bee girl's costume because he's going to land in the bottom 3 tomorrow. Josh has always had his vocals to fall back on when he had an average performance on stage, but even his vocals let him down tonight.
Overall score - 6.8
Tammy: Josh really didn't look like he was thrilled to be singing this song. I agree, Liza, he probably did get stuck with it. But that doesn't mean that because it wasn't his first choice that he shouldn't have been able to do something great with it (see Let's Spend the Night Together). Josh is giving off the same 'and this is how I spent my summer vacation!' vibe that Patrice is.
Overall score - 7.0

Storm Large
"Anything, Anything"

Liza: I can't believe none of the other contestants did not know this song. Storm truly is fearless in everything she does - picking songs, performing, stage-diving. The singing itself was a bit too staccato for my taste, but she performed it well.
Overall score - 8.0
Tammy: Storm's vocals sounded fantastic to me on this song. Some of the faces she makes continue to detract from the performance as they distract and seem too theatrical. She could be a contender if she tightens a few things up.
Overall score - 8.5

Who Should Be Bottom 3
Liza: Zayra, Patrice, Josh
Tammy: Zayra, Patrice, Josh

Who Will Be Bottom 3
Liza: Zayra, Phil, Josh
Tammy: Zayra, Jill, Josh

Who Should Be Eliminated
Liza: Zayra
Tammy: Jill

Who Will Be Eliminated
Liza: Josh
Tammy: Zayra


lisa said...

I am still not on the Storm front...she is interesting but a little too freaky without looking it! I don't get her at all.

Dilana should be the professional encore queen because any performance stacked up against hers is just average.

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