Monday, July 31, 2006

Idol Performances So Bad They're Good

AOL published the Vote for the Worst's Top 20 Most Awesomely Bad American Idol Performances.

The Top 20:

1. John Stevens – “Crocodile Rock”
2. Juanita Barber – “What About the Children”
3. Janay Castine – “Hit Em Up Style”
4. Bobby Bennett – “Copacabana”
5. Jasmine Trias – “It’s Raining Men”
6. Kevin Covais – “Part Time Lover”
7. Rodesia Eaves – “Daydream Believer”
8. Lisa Wilson – “Come to My Window”
9. David Radford – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
10. Kellie Pickler – “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”
11. Scott Savol – “She’s Gone”
12. Ace Young – “Drops of Jupiter”
13. Sylvia Chibiliti – “Didn’t We Almost Have It All”
14. Jon Peter Lewis – “A Little Less Conversation”
15. Carmen Rasmusen – “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”
16. Anthony Fedorov – “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”
17. Kellie Pickler – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
18. Tamyra Gray – “New Attitude”
19. Constantine Maroulis – “Hard to Handle”
20. Nikki McKibbin – “Always Something There to Remind Me”

I can't argue too much with the inclusion of any of these, except for one - Scott Savol's "She's Gone". That was my favorite Scott performance. I understand that Vote for the Worst practically owes its popularity to Scotty the Body and thus needs to include him on their list, but I don't think anything Scott did warrants inclusion on this list when Jim Verraros' dreadful "Easy", AJ Gil's "All or Nothing" with that hideous laugh, and Ryan Starr's tuneless attempt at being a rocker on "You Really Got Me" aren't even on here from season one.

And where is Jennifer Fuente's "I Want To Dance With Somebody"? Who will ever forget her actually busting out with that line "DANCE!" Or Trenyce's "I Need You", where she sang "I need you like murder, like breath, like rain"? Or Josh Gracin's white men shouldn't dance "Celebration"? No Roman brothers?

John Stevens gets the "distinction" as No. 1. Frankly, I'm surprised he doesn't have more performances in there because "Lately" and "My Girl" were both abominations. Kellie Pickler is the only one with two songs. Yet, SHE recently got signed to a recording deal while everyone in the Top 12 from season 4 except Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice remain unsigned. How exactly does that work?!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Denim Disaster

The American Idol 5 Top 10 finalists met with President George Bush today at the White House. This was the first time reality TV contestants have been invited to meet the President at the White House. And half of them chose to honor the occasion by ... wearing jeans.


On what planet are jeans acceptable clothing for meeting any higher-up in a situation such as this, much less the leader of the free world?!

Taylor Hicks dressed in a suit and tie. Katharine McPhee wore a black dress. Big props to them. Elliott Yamin, who was 40 minutes late (which is a whole other offense), wore a suit. Mandisa and Lisa Tucker are a little bit more appropriately-attired, save for the teensy-bit questionable footwear. Last year, there was a huge brouhaha over the Northwestern women's lacrosse team wearing flip-flops during their White House visit. But at least they were wearing skirts. I don't know what barn Chris Daughtry, Paris Bennett, Ace Young, Bucky Covington and Kellie Pickler were born in (insert obvious Kellie Pickler joke here), but the thought of wearing jeans to meet the President is mind-boggling.

The worst offender is Paris. Jean jacket and jeans with tennis shoes? Girl. And what is her mother, who is right there in the picture, thinking, letting her out like that.

No word yet on whether or not Daughtry's wallet chain made the cut.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shocking Last Dance

What could have been the pairing of the season will never materialize as it did in the picture here after Allison was shockingly voted out tonight on So You Think You Can Dance.

With a Top 4 female group of Allison, Donyelle, Heidi and Natalie, no matter who went home it would be a tough decision, as all four are phenomenal dancers with likeable personalities. Perhaps the judges were too busy going over the top with praise for Allison's partner Ivan that the audience forgot to vote for Allison herself.

I fully expected Natalie to be the female going home tonight. She has a bad knee injury, and it showed when she fell badly out of a turn on her lyrical dance Wednesday night. Allison had a good Tango, although I felt she was a tad bit sloppy at times, and her hip hop routine was adorably cute. Heidi was going nowhere - her Mambo was sick, especially the part where she twirled around Benji's outsretched leg, and her Broadway routine was energetic and fun. Donyelle had an off week for her, but her weeks of fantastic dancing with Benji bought her extra goodwill, and she was in the Top 2 for the girls this week.

Allison undoubtedly will have a great future ahead of her, but it won't be as the winner of this show. I had her pegged for the finals with Benji if they kept this format of eliminating one guy and one girl each week, but I think Heidi has been surpassing her and all the other females in recent weeks.

In another surprise, Travis was in the bottom 2 alongside Ryan. After Allison's boot, I started to worry for Travis, but he stayed in the game. And if someone can explain to me how Ivan outlasted Allison and outpolled Travis ...

Next week's pairings will be interesting, as Benji has danced with all three remaining ladies. I think we'll see the return of the Benjelle next week. Or they'll wait until the last possible moment to get that for higher ratings.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Message In A Bottle

Supernova sent a clear and very loud message to the remaining contestants - be committed to the band or be sent home. Despite giving what Supernova said was one of his best performances, Phil Ritchie's semantics helped seal his doom, and he became the fourth contestant eliminated from Rock Star: Supernova.

In the recap of Tuesday night's performance show, Gilby Clarke warned the rockers that after hearing Supernova's music, they had no excuses now when it came to song choice. Lukas Rossi "got the message", Toby Rand cranked it up, Dana Andrews toughened up, Ryan Star rocked, and Dilana once again "enchanted everyone." Supernova was disappointed by Phil, Josh Logan, Magni, Zayra Alvarez, Jill Gioia, and Patrice Pike before Storm Large brought it back on track with her performance.

Back to the live stage, Supernova adds comments, giving Storm an A+ for her stage dive. Dave Navarro revists Patrice's snarky comments to him, and she backpedals, telling him she's a huge fan of his and that he's consistent, which is where her comment was coming from. Gilby asks Zayra when the pop show stops, and she replies by saying that if she's that different, that might be a good thing. Phil mentions how frustrated he is when two-thirds of the songs aren't intense songs. Dave rebuts by saying that both Dana and Dilana had songs that were stripped back yet super-intense in performance and delivery. He wants more presentation and intensity on stage.

And if that wasn't enough, Brooke Burke takes the action back to the mansion for a peek at more drama after the performance show. Jill gets defensive about Gilby's comments about her grinding on him during her performance. Dana tells some of the other rockers that she is learning from them even without them telling her. Yet they proceed to tell her anyway. Ryan tells her that she isn't where she should be at 22, and Dilana says has never seen Dana look like a rocker and thinks she's hearing everyone but not listening to them. Dana thinks no one knows the real her because they're not looking.

First, Gilby address Jill's defensiveness. Jill excuses it as being Italian, and then she discusses the double-standard with men and women in rock and roll. Why can't they show sexuality if the guys do? she asks. Gilby answers that he played with Heart, and Ann Wilson never had to stoop to humping him. He goes on to say that her moves are predictable, he's seen them at the Holiday Inn and that he wants to see something original. Jill continues to argue with him and gets shot down hard-core by the band and Dave.

Dave talks to Dana about how she said she's done being a student. Does that mean she won't listen to Supernova? Not at all, she says. But she's starting to learn more from her fellow rockers when they keep their mouth shut. She feels like she's being completely attacked by everyone.

Before the bottom 3 is announced, Supernova picks Storm for the encore, and she attacks the song with a vengeance, improving upon her original performance.

Then Brooke calls out the preliminary bottom 3 - Jill, Josh and Zayra - and the other rockers who also hit the bottom 3 at some point - Phil and Patrice. The first member of the bottom 3 is Patrice, who Dave said was doing the same thing each time. This time, she chooses "My Iron Lung" by Radiohead and gives a super-intense performance that is met by a Jason Newsted standing ovation.

Next to perform in the bottom 3 is Zayra. Gilby practically licks his chops for the opportunity to cut her. She sings "I'm Not An Addict" by K's Choice. She says she is addicted to music, and this song will show how she feels. She sings it beautifully, and it's very real and honest and raw. She gets a standing ovation from Tommy and Jason. And if there's one thing I could say about Zayra is that, good or bad, she makes you feel, and that's a virtue not a lot of these contestants have.

The last member of the bottom 3 is ... NOT Josh. Good fake, Brooke. I bought it. The real final bottom 3 singer is Phil, who bobble-heads his way over to the main stage. Jason warned him yesterday that if the head-bobble is instilled, he'd be worried. And when he hears that Phil is going to do "Smoking Umbrellas" by a band named Failure, Jason notes the irony and hopes it doesn't sink him. Phil brings more of a performance like last week's successful venture, picking up the intensity from Tuesday's show.

Before Tommy Lee brings out the hatchet, Gilby applauds the group for three "killer" performances. He lauds Patrice's performance and sends her back to safety, leaving Zayra and Phil. Gilby says Zayra is original, but he they have a hard time imagining her in the band. He tells Phil that was his best performance yet, but Gilby doesn't believe he wants this. Phil slits his own throat by saying that everything he does he wants to be the best at. He doesn't outright say that he wants to be in the band, and Gilby astutely notices that. Wearing a devil-horned hoodie, Tommy axes Phil because they question his commitment to the band. As the stunned rockers look on, the audience chants Phil's name. Phil thanks the band for the chance and continues to say that he really wanted to win this without actually saying he wanted to be in the band.

Apparently, in a scene not shown on TV, Dave confronted Phil about a newspaper article in which Phil was quoted as saying unflattering things about Supernova. D'oh!

The band is certainly sending a message to the rockers. And nothing speaks louder than a surprising cut like this one.

Bad Moon Rising

Dana Andrews and Ryan Star flirted with elimination a week ago. Would they be able to sing their way out of harm's way in week four of Rock Star: Supernova?

Lukas Rossi
"Bittersweet Symphony"

Liza: Great song, but I was wondering if he would ever get around to actually playing the guitar. It was worth it when he actually got to it. Great staging there. I agree with Jason about the throat issues. I've heard Lukas' recorded stuff, and I know he can sing without making those strangled cat noises. I'm just waiting for him to actually do it here!
Overall score - 8.2
Tammy: And when Lukas actually did get around to playing the guitar, he kicked it! The spotlight moment was fantastic and completely achieved the effect he was going for (which was, of course, me licking the tv screen). The boy is dripping with IT from head to toe, and I want to grab a spoon. Lukas would be wise to take Jason's advice and start showing his range, as methinks Jason isn't the type who likes to repeat himself.
Overall score - 9.7

Zayra Alvarez
"Call Me"

Liza: Interesting outfit. Is that the female equivalent to the Jacob Hoggard Space Oddity casuit? Her vocals started out relatively strong, but she faded towards the end, and it sounded like she dropped a line while she was throwing her crotch in people's faces. The thing I like about her is her unpredictability and showmanship. She's the kind of performer you tune in to see what the heck she is going to do next.
Overall score - 6.5
Tammy: I'll be sad to see Zayra go. After this performance, it wouldn't surprise me if SN punted her, as she is making absolutely no effort to fit to their mold. But that's what I love about her! Zayra did start off well, but she lost it as she started her gyrating (though I'm sure Tommy didn't mind). Also? Her body is INSANE!
Overall score - 6.6

Dana Andrews
"About A Girl"

Liza: I like Dana's look tonight. She looks more believable as a rocker with straight hair. The big Texas hair did her little favors. The ragy intensity on her face really sold the performance, and her vocals were flawless. Great job; her best this season.
Overall score - 8.3
Tammy: Dana takes the award for Most Improved this week. This was the most believable she's been with her 'rocker chick' persona, though I think that she was aided somewhat by the stool, as her awkward stage moves are usually quite distracting. But as Liza said, great vocals and surprising intensity this week. Good on ya, Dana!
Overall score - 8.8

Patrice Pike

Liza: She sounded good, but she lost me after the first two lines due to her
ultra-mellow vibe. She picked up the energy later on, but the whole thing fell flat to me. And she got totally burned by Dave during the judges' comments.
Overall score - 7.2
Tammy: Patrice doesn't look like she's 'in it to win it' so far. Her performances have been very predictable and ho-hum, though undoubtably true to the music that she makes outside of RS: SN. Problem is, that music isn't that entertaining.
Overall score - 7.5

Toby Rand
"White Wedding"

Liza: It's nice to see the old Toby back after last week's dreary performance. That was high energy, snarly presence and strong vocals towards the end.
Overall score - 8.1
Tammy: It's hard not to do a Billy Idol impersonation when singing one of his songs, and Toby looked like he was keenly aware of that fact and changed it up just enough to avoid the comparison. It was a good performance, though perhaps it doesn't say much for Toby when the highlight of this performance for me was the blonde next to the stage who looked llike she likely had his initials carved into her arm. Toby certainly can encite enthusiasm amongst the ladies.
Overall score - 8.3


Liza: I was a bit dumbfounded by the judges' comments towards Magni. It's as if they had it dead-set in their mind how the song should be performed and would not accept it any other way. "Heroes" isn't a wild and crazy song, so I thought what he did was perfectly acceptible. Personally, I liked the fact that he showed he could play the guitar and look comfortable doing so, and his vocals were terrific.
Overall score - 8.2
Tammy: Interesting. I thought that this performance proved that Magni couldn't play and sing at the same time. He just didn't bring it this week. It was a boring performance, and there seemed to be absolutely no connection to the song. He's better than this.
Overall score - 8.0

Ryan Star
"I Alone"

Liza: I thought it was a bit manic, but, as Dave said, the energy and intensity suited the song. It's great to see him get down and dirty. Vocals were great, and he showed a lot of range in deftly handling both the low notes and the falsetto note at the end.
Overall score - 8.5
Tammy: Ryan is finally starting to look comfortable as he performs. The jump from the speaker looked a bit awkward, but he was so into the song that it didn't matter. I find it funny that this is the week the judges decide his intensity works for him. Whatever! For me, the vocals weren't as strong as last week, but he also wasn't running around the stage all 'manic', so all is forgiven.
Overall score - 8.9

Jill Gioia
"Brown Sugar"

Liza: Last week, when Jason Newsted played bass with Phil Ritchie, it helped elevate Phil's performance level to unbefore-seen levels. Gilby Clarke joined Jill on this song, and I can't say that she did anything more spectacular than usual other than hump Gilby.
Overall score - 7.9
Tammy: Ditto. Jill is showing very little improvement with each week she stays. The fact that Gilby seemed so unimpressed after having played with her does not bode well.
Overall score - 7.9

Phil Ritchie
"One Headlight"

Liza: Hated the outfit, but I liked his vocals on this song, for a change. Unfortunately for him, it's not the kind of sound Supernova is looking for.
Overall score - 7.5
Tammy: I liked it all, vocals, outfit, stage presence. This may not be what SN is looking for, but he does have something very unique, and the 'crazy eyes' work for him.
Overall score - 8.3

"Time After Time"

Liza: Wow. We all knew she could perform and that she could rock, but she really showed she can sing anything and still make it cool. She definitely proved her vocal chops tonight. Great harmonies with Jim too.
Overall score - 8.4
Tammy: This performance seemed a bit boring and seemed as far removed from anything that SN would record that it seemed more like a showcase for Dilana than an actual effort to show what she could bring to the band. They ate it up though, so what do I know? Dilana should also never go shopping with Zayra again. Little Bo Peep on crack!
Overall score - 8.0

Josh Logan
"No Rain"

Liza: I wonder if Josh got saddled with this song after last week's greed-fest. He definitely deserved to. Because this song? Is not going to cut it with Supernova. He should have just showed up in the bee girl's costume because he's going to land in the bottom 3 tomorrow. Josh has always had his vocals to fall back on when he had an average performance on stage, but even his vocals let him down tonight.
Overall score - 6.8
Tammy: Josh really didn't look like he was thrilled to be singing this song. I agree, Liza, he probably did get stuck with it. But that doesn't mean that because it wasn't his first choice that he shouldn't have been able to do something great with it (see Let's Spend the Night Together). Josh is giving off the same 'and this is how I spent my summer vacation!' vibe that Patrice is.
Overall score - 7.0

Storm Large
"Anything, Anything"

Liza: I can't believe none of the other contestants did not know this song. Storm truly is fearless in everything she does - picking songs, performing, stage-diving. The singing itself was a bit too staccato for my taste, but she performed it well.
Overall score - 8.0
Tammy: Storm's vocals sounded fantastic to me on this song. Some of the faces she makes continue to detract from the performance as they distract and seem too theatrical. She could be a contender if she tightens a few things up.
Overall score - 8.5

Who Should Be Bottom 3
Liza: Zayra, Patrice, Josh
Tammy: Zayra, Patrice, Josh

Who Will Be Bottom 3
Liza: Zayra, Phil, Josh
Tammy: Zayra, Jill, Josh

Who Should Be Eliminated
Liza: Zayra
Tammy: Jill

Who Will Be Eliminated
Liza: Josh
Tammy: Zayra

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who Is Right For Their Band Supernova?

They are down to 12 competitors on Rock Star: Supernova. Who's the best fit for the band? Who should have held out for Rock Star: Hootie and the Blowfish?

Here's a breakdown of the remaining competitors, in order of what I think their standing is on the show, from best to worst:

Overview - Deep, haunting voice and a captivating stage presence
On-stage highlight - Projecting an intense magnetism while standing still singing "Lithium" in week one
Off-stage high/lowlight - Helping Dana be more of an authentic rocker
Should be on - This show. She is a great fit for this band

Lukas Rossi
Overview - Electrifying performer who has turned every song he has sung into his own
On-stage highlight - Lighting the crowd on fire while closing the show with "Rebel Yell" in week one
Off-stage high/lowlight - Calling out Chris, Dana and Zayra in the first elimination show, saying they should be in the bottom 3 and that the latter two are clueless about it
Should be on - This show. He is another great fit for this band.

Toby Rand
Overview - Even-keeled Aussie and the heartthrob of the group who gets most of the female shrieks during the show
On-stage highlight - Earning the encore for his performance of "Somebody Told Me" in week two
Off-stage high/lowlight - Being calm in the presence of chaos and bitterness
Should be on - Rock Star: INXS. Not that I think JD was not the right choice for our band, INXS. He was the perfect choice. But it would have been interesting to see what Toby could have done on that show instead of milk and cookies MiG.

Overview - Lead singer for the number one band in Iceland
On-stage highlight - Earning the encore with a well-performed performance of "Plush" in week three
Off-stage high/lowlight - Honoring his roommate Matt by playing "Planet Earth" in his vacated room after Matt was eliminated
Should be on - Rock Star: Midnight Oil

Storm Large
Overview - Sexy performer and always "on" even if the cameras are not
On-stage highlight - Kicking off the season on a good note with "Pinball Wizard"
Off-stage high/lowlight - Taking a sick Jenny the list of songs in week one so that she wouldn't be stuck with something bad and then taking a hit herself by taking the last song no one wanted
Should be on - Rock Star: Garbage

Phil Ritchie
Overview - Tommy Lee's boy who has improved quite a bit since his week one performance landed him in the bottom 3
On-stage highlight - Rocking hard with Jason Newsted on "White Rabbit"
Off-stage high/lowlight - In the first reality show of the season, the rockers were given the opportunity to lay down vocals to a song Supernova wrote. Even though he had no words, Phil got up there and hummed a melody
Should be on - Rock Star: Dishwalla

Jill Gioia
Overview - Huge, booming voice coming out of a tiny package. Tommy Lee has gone on record as saying she is one of his favorite females.
On-stage highlight - Saving herself from elimination in a huge way with a great performance of "Bring Me To Life" in the second week's result show
Off-stage high/lowlight - Catfight with Patrice over "Helter Skelter" in week three
Should be on - Rock Star: Evanescence

Patrice Pike
Overview - Strong vocalist who projects a Suzie McNeil vibe
On-stage highlight - Rocking out on "Helter Skelter" after fighting tooth and nail for the song
Off-stage high/lowlight - Catfight with Jill over "Helter Skelter" in week three
Should be on - Rock Star: The Pretenders

Ryan Star
Overview - Great singer who is seen as devoid of personality (you say devoid, I say brooding) on stage and a jerk off stage
On-stage highlight - Going into the crowd and showing a spark of personality and liveliness during "Jumping Jack Flash"
Off-stage high/lowlight - Being the only one not to lay down vocals to the Supernova track in the first reality episode and saying that Dana being on the show was an embarrassment
Should be on - Survivor

Josh Logan
Overview - Soulful, mellow singer
On-stage highlight - Week one performance of "She Talks To Angels"
Off-stage high/lowlight - Being, as Ryan called it, "a dick", or as he himself called it "greedy" and taking "Come As You Are" off the board without any discussion even though others wanted it
Should be on - Rock Star: Hootie and the Blowfish

Dana Andrews
Overview - The baby of the bunch with a huge voice who is more suited to American Idol than Rock Star
On-stage highlight - Saving herself from certain elimination in the week three result show with a rocking performance of "High Road Easy"
Off-stage high/lowlight - Complaining about the "pop star" criticism, saying, "I'm arm-pumping, I'm stomping, I'm in people's faces!"
Should be on - American Idol

Zayra Alvarez
Overview - Avant-garde performer
On-stage highlight - A beautifully sung and emotional performance of "Everybody Hurts"
Off-stage high/lowlight - Telling Supernova that she "was in diapers' when they last had music out
Should be on - Rock Star: Bjork

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The One: Making A Music Farce

ABC's answer to American Idol, America's Got Talent and Rock Star debuted tonight. The show - The One: Making A Music Star - was billed as the one show that takes you where no other televised singing competition has taken you before ... behind the scenes and into the house where the contestants live.

First of all, been there, done that. The rockers live together on Rock Star both this season and last season.

Second of all, on Idol and Rock Star, you can viably see the contestants becoming future stars. In the half-hour that I saw of The One, all I saw were a bunch of amateurs who wouldn't even make it to the judges round on American Idol. The song choices I saw made the ones on Idol seem cutting edge. "Let's Get It On", "Addicted To Love" (played with a fiddle to open), "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" and "Born To Be Wild". I did not see one single star amongst this group. And the production values leave little to be desired. The reality portion did not capture my attention either.

So even after all that, if you must insist on watching this show (for train-wreck purposes, I can only presume), take this tip - don't watch Rock Star: Supernova first. After seeing a kick-ass show that featured songs like "Zombie", "Everybody Hurts" and "Plush", seeing the crap I saw on The One just makes it worse.

Things Can Only Get Better

After a trip to the bottom 3 last week and with the judging panel telling her they made a mistake by sending Chris Pierson home, presumably instead of her, could things get much worse for avant garde rocker Zayra Alvarez? And what could she and the other rockers do to improve their stock with Supernova?

Patrice Pike
"Helter Skelter"

Tammy: Patrice fought tooth and nail for this song, so the pressure was on to absolutely nail it. Vocally, Patrice did the job. She still seems a bit hindered by her lack of inhibition on stage, however.
Overall score - 8.3
Liza: Patrice is one of the strongest female singers in the competition, and she showed it once again on this song. I agree with Tammy in that she needs to let loose a bit more. But overall, it was a strong performance and a good way to kick off the show.
Overall score - 8.0

Josh Logan
"Come As You Are"

Tammy: Josh believed this song was key to him finally getting noticed by Supernova. The low key, acoustic version of this song sounded strong, but there was a tendency to whine some of the lyrics, while the odd smile as he sings remains. If he's around next week, Josh will have to bring a greater intensity to the stage.
Overall score - 8.2
Liza: For all of Josh's posturing over being sick of playing Mr. Nice Guy all the time, he sang this song like ... he was a nice guy. It's obvious that Supernova wants to see edginess, but Josh just hasn't been able to show it at all. The inappropriate smile, the soulful voice, mellow vibe ... none of it equates with Supernova.
Overall score - 7.2

Storm Large
"Just What I Needed"

Tammy: Storm did about as much with this song as she could, though she sounded fairly 'safe' and a wee bit boring until she started to tear it up at the end. If only she had started the song that way.
Overall score - 8.0
Liza: Storm's song choices have been very underwhelming so far, and this was another odd choice. I'd like to hear how she sounds on a more modern track. I would also like to see her vamp it up a bit more, and I don't mean turning the mic stand into a phallic symbol. Her outfit was kind of a mess because she was wearing old-school black tennis shoes. Wear some heels, woman! Embrace your height!
Overall score - 7.8

Lukas Rossi
"Let's Spend The Night Together"

Tammy: Lukas continues his winning ways as his rearrangement brings more edge to the Stones tune. Strutting and spinning, his confidence onstage is unrivalled, though at the beginning it was difficult to hear him over the band.
Overall score - 8.8
Liza: I admire how this guy can seemingly sing anything and put his own spin on it without bastardizing the song. He certainly never fails to bring the energy to the stage no matter what he sings. I can't help but note, though, his faces and the preening/strutting. It reminds me of Chris Kattan's Peepers character on Saturday Night Live. But, hey, if it worked for Jagger ...
Overall score - 8.5

Jill Gioia
"All Right Now"

Tammy: How many times is the kicking the mic stand going to be used as a crutch to make it look like a performer is hardcore? Enough, please. The strength of Jill's voice remains unquestioned as she bounces back from the nightmare that was last week. She still doesn't come across as a believable 'rocker', however.
Overall score - 8.3
Liza: Yeah, Jill can blow, that's for sure. This high-energy performance was her best to date. Kind of makes her catfight with Patrice moot.
Overall score - 8.2

Ryan Star
"Fortunate Son"

Tammy: Whoa. Ryan's intensity during 'Fortunate Son' is enough to knock you over. He should be giving Josh lessons! Though Supernova knocked him for not using the stage enough, on the small screen his performance translated much better, and his roaring vocals should be enough to cement another week.
Overall score - 9.0
Liza: Actually, Tammy, I think you're right about the small screen vs. in person. I was at the taping, and as he was singing, I was thinking the same thing as Supernova - move your feet and stop brooding! However, when watching it back on TV, the intensity is definitely there, and the lyrics call for the brooding, not so much for the smiling. His vocals were outstanding both live and on TV.
Overall score - 8.8

Phil Ritchie
"White Rabbit"

Tammy: Phil picked the perfect song for voice this week, as he climbed into the psychadellic song like a second skin. Joined by Jason onstage, he didn't falter for a moment, and had his personal best performance on the Rock Star stage. Noodle boy, begone!
Overall score - 9.4
Liza: I think the thrill of having Jason Newsted play bass with him pushed Phil to a whole new level. His vocals sounded kind of a mess at times, but his performance skills were totally intense and fantastic.
Overall score - 8.7

Dana Andrews
"It's My Life"

Tammy: Well...she tried hard. Watching Dana perform, you get the feeling 'it's only a matter of time'. While others in the competition are bringing rock, Dana produces a pebble.
Overall score - 7.4
Liza: Bwah! Poor Dana. She gets bam-bam'ed by the judges - she got the dreaded Celine Dion comparison from Tommy (amongst others that hit the cutting room floor, such as Dave bringing out the dreaded Vegas word and Gilby calling her Matt to snark on her song choice) - and now by Tammy. Dana herself said she was a bit pitchy, and she was in the choruses. I think she equates loud singing with rocking hard. Unfortunately for her, high decibel levels don't give her any extra edge.
Overall score - 6.8

Toby Rand
"Runaway Train"

Tammy: Toby tried to 'show emotion' as he performed, but never really connected with the song, though as he neared the end he improved. A step down from last week, methinks it will be the last time Toby tries to venture into such territory.
Overall score - 7.8
Liza: I was a bit disappointed by this performance for two reasons. First, he was more like Toby Bland compared to last week. Second, for someone who was trying to show more emotion, he sped this song up too much. If he had kept it at its original tempo, it could have been so much better. The way Toby sang it just wasn't that melodic, and the glory notes he tried to throw in there at the end didn't fit.
Overall score - 7.2


Tammy: While Magni performed the song adequately, his voice didn't seem to have enough grit, and sounded a bit average. Magni is yet to show what exactly it is that he would bring as the frontman for Supernova, as his personality hasn't yet come across onstage.
Overall score - 8.4
Liza: Ooh, I totally disagree. I thought Magni sounded fantastic on this song. I appreciated the fact that he brought out the melody of the song with his singing rather than try to make it all grit. I thought he struck a good balance.
Overall score - 9.1

Zayra Alvarez
"Everybody Hurts"

Tammy: Anticipating disaster at a 'Zaryra-ized' version of 'Everybody Hurts', I was pleasantly surprised. Her haunting vocals and delivery were stunning, and tonight she earned her place amongst her competitors.
Overall score - 9.0
Liza: My reaction when they said she was singing this song? "Oh no she di-int!" My reaction when she was done? "Oh yes she did!" I have disliked everything she has done so far and have thought she should go every week, but after this beautiful, emotional performance, I totally get why she is still in this competition, and she should be in the Top 3 this week rather than the bottom 3.
Overall score - 9.3

Jenny Galt

Tammy: This was just no. Jenny, like Dana, just does not belong. She'll have to dig deep to be able to produce a performance that is convincing that she can believably sing rock music, because while her folky vocals would work on that other music show, Jenny just doesn't
seem roit for our band.
Overall score - 7.3
Liza: As Gilby said, that was more Lillith Fair when they wanted Ozz-fest. I'm not sure if this happened on everyone else's TV, but in the middle of the song, the sound got adjusted so you could hear her better. Unfortunately for her, it didn't make her sound any harder. And can we talk about that outfit? Girl! The skin-tight jeans with those fugly no-heel boots? I'm almost more "just no" about that than her singing.
Overall score - 7.0


Tammy: Dilana continues to bring what has been working for her so far, though her slightly crazed, mysterious stage presence seems almost the polar opposite of her personality offstage. Weilding a tambourine, Dilana greatly impressed the judges and the audience, though I'm not so sure she was quite so deserving of the tonguebath. Appears to be one of those 'guess you had to be there' moments.
Overall score - 8.8
Liza: Hmm, maybe, but I enjoyed it both times. I thought Dilana nailed it both visually and vocally. This was the best she has looked - loved the dress! - and she left a lot of the "Lithium" serial killer moves at home. She is very captivating to watch - she has this beguiling, wiccan or gypsy-like presence. The tambourine was a nice touch.
Overall score - 9.5

Who Should Be Bottom 3
Tammy: Dana, Jenny, Josh
Liza: Dana, Jenny, Josh

Who Will Be Bottom 3
Tammy: Dana, Jenny, Josh
Liza: Dana, Jenny, Josh

Who Should Be Eliminated
Tammy: Dana
Liza: Dana

Who Will Be Eliminated
Tammy: Dana
Liza: Dana

(Oooh, we agree. What a shock. Only not. We share the same brain sometimes!)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Results Are In

On Rock Star: Supernova yesterday, Chris Pierson got his payback for that slaughter of Roxanne two weeks ago, becoming the second person to be eliminated. Not that he necessarily deserved it. For some inexplicable reason, Zayra Alvarez remains in the competition despite an utter lack of rock sensibility, insulting the members of the band and then once again singing the song that landed her in the bottom 3 to begin with. Chris sang a good acoustic version of If You Could Only See, but I think his Roxanne butchering plus his second consecutive trip to the bottom 3 got him the boot instead of wacky Zayra. Jill Gioia was also in the bottom 3 but absolutely saved herself with a very strong performance of Bring Me To Life.

I'm going to the taping of next week's episode. Should be a good one with Rock Star: INXS winner JD Fortune there as a guest judge. I'm really curious to see his reaction to Zayra.

The first evictee from Big Brother: All-Stars is Alison, the runner-up from season 4. Alison, to put it mildly, is a scheming, nasty bitch, and while she may have made fine tv due to whatever conflicts she might have stirred, she needed to go because she was targeting the fiercest BB player in history, the fabulous Miss Janelle. The Chen-bot even confrontedAlison with some of the nasty things Alison said about Janelle, and it was quite amusing to hear Julie Chen, of all people, saying words like "fat-ass" and "bitch". Julie also brought up Alison's early elimination from TAR. Hee! Sometimes I love the Chen-bot. And then a few minutes later she malfunctions, incorrectly announcing Nakomis as the winner of HoH when King Kaysar was the one who actually won. So the Season 6 crew remains safe at least another week, and all is good in BB land so far. Hopefully Kaysar won't muck these nominations up. Reign in that ego and think smart, Kay!

And in the last week of the couples format on So You Think You Can Dance, the Top 10 was formed after the elimination of Musa and Ashlee, leaving Ivan as the lone hip-hop (ish) dancer. In a bit of a surprise, Travis and Martha and Natalie and Musa hit the bottom 3 for the first time. It wasn't a bad thing, though, because we finally got to see Travis do lyrical and do those fabulous spins that he is brilliant at. Musa did an awesome hip-hop routine, but you know the judges were just waiting to cut him as soon as he landed in the bottom 3 because of his lack of polish in any other dance but hip-hop. So starting next week, everyone gets a new partner - picked out of a hat - and America votes on the solo dancers, not on couples anymore. Ryan and Martha are in serious trouble unless Ryan manages to get Allison as a partner and Martha draws Benji. But then again, Martha would probably get backlash from the Benjelle fans, so I think she's screwed either way.

Holy cow, the easiest tiebreaker in the history of tiebreakers just popped up on World Series of Pop Culture - name the 8 winners and runners-up in the first four seasons of American Idol. Jeez - unchallenging much? Needless to say, the two contestants sped through that category with ease, even going in the order of the seasons. They should have asked the name of the Idol singles instead. That would have been more challenging. Hee! And they also had a question about From Justin To Kelly. You best know your AI on this show!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stepping Out

Since I like the back-and-forth of dual reviews and would rather not rewrite my thoughts on last night's Rock Star: Supernova episode, here's what was written by me and Tammy. You can also read it at It's And yes, we are a bit insane reviewing two shows on the same day. You can sense the insanity of it all when you get down to my review of the last performer on Rock Star. To say I ran out of steam is an understatement. Heh.

Fourteen rockers remain in the race to be the new lead singer for Supernova. This early in the competition, will the contestants stick to what they know and what they are comfortable with, or will they step out of their box and into potentially big risks?

"My Generation"

Liza: Yikes, I had a Chris Daughtry flashback with the chrome dome and sunglasses and the toting of the microphone. But, with all due respect to Chris, Magni took it a step further and rocked it out with serious authenticity and no stomping. To be fair, though, I'm sure the awesome House Band helps make Magni's performance, an asset Chris did not have. Magni also has some goodwill stored up for me for paying homage to his fallen roommate Matt Hoffer with some "Planet Earth" singing.
Overall score - 8.4
Tammy: did have the benefit of a kick-a** band behind him, but I wouldn't give them all the credit for this performance. Magni improved dramatically from last week, showing an increased level of comfort on the stage and with his choice of song. His experience performing in front of a crowd showed, and he showed more personality than I would have thought he was capable of. Definitely one to watch.
Overall score - 8.8

Jenny Galt
"Tainted Love"

Liza: Did she not learn from last week's harsh lesson? The beginning of the song was, in the context of the show, a death-march. She finally kicked it up on the chorus, but I'm still not sure she showed that she can rock with these guys. Her tummy-baring outfits continue to make an impression with Supernova, though, so at least she's got something right. I'm still feeling her as the front-runner for Rock Star: The Cardigans, though!
Overall score - 7.0
Tammy: Jenny tried to take a page from Dilana this week as she went for the 'contrast' of slow/fast(er). She just isn't that exciting a performer, however, and it's plainly obvious that whatever Supernova ends up doing won't be her genre of music. Jenny needs some help in the hair department as well. The hair is as flat, flat flat. Hot rollers, stat!
Overall score - 7.5

Jill Gioia

Liza: I am so glad that Dave Navarro called her out not only on her Courtney Love imitation on this song but on her denial of it. I am not all that familiar with the song, but I know that Courtney looked exactly like that on the album cover and on some videos. And by dolling up as she did, Jill turned it into a karaoke performance. And not a particularly good one at that. As Gilby Clarke said, her vocals were pretty non-existent in this song, as she just screamed the whole thing.
Overall score - 6.0
Tammy: This was just embarrassing and cringeworthy. Atrocious. It's right up there with Dana Robbin's horrifying 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' of Season 1. The whole thing seemed so unnatural and forced, and the flailing about the stage did nothing for her vocals (or screaming, as it was). I don't think it's possible to recover from something like this, considering that her performance last week wasn't all that memorable either. But perhaps it's better to be forgettable than notorious?
Overall score - 3.0

Zayra Alvarez
"You Really Got Me"

Liza: She gave up "Violet" to Jill and got "You Really Got Me" in return. After Jill's scream-fest, I shudder to think what Zayra would have done with it. Zayra struggled mightily with "You Really Got Me" in rehearsal and improved greatly on the show, but that still doesn't say much. And to make matters worse, she goes and insults the judges by saying she was in diapers when they had albums out. The same judges who ultimately decide her fate. Luckily for her, I think her comments bought her more votes than lost her any, so I don't think the band will be sealing her fate this week. But eventually, her catwoman outfits and crazy moves are going to prove to be way too avant-garde for this band. Or any band that doesn't want to be made fun of. Overall score - 5.0
Tammy: I can't argue with any of your points...and yet...I kinda liked this? Aside from the strange shouting and other weird moments, I liked the punk spin that she put on the song. She has more stage presence than many of the other female competitors, and isn't afraid to speak her mind (if not ill advisedly). Sure, she might not be showing a lot of respect for the band, but this band hasn't exactly achieved a gold star in that department either. Telling someone they 'suck' (while may be true) is really quite pointless criticism, and has to be disheartening to the rockers to hear. In addition to her sass, Zayra is quite watchable, and I'm hoping that she sticks around for another week to see what she manages (and after the Jill horror show, I could see her showing up next week), even if it is for the 'trainwreck' factor.
Overall score - 8.0

Chris Pierson
"Take Me Out"

Liza: Chris is another one who was butchering the song in the rehearsal but improving greatly come show time. He found the melody, but his energy level was strangely lacking. Marty Casey made his presence known with this performance last year. Chris ... well, not so much.
Overall score - 6.8
Tammy: Did he improve from rehearsals? I thought it was the same level of 'meh'. While it wasn't terrible, Chris didn't really prove with this performance that he deserves to be there next week.
Overall score - 7.0

"Ring Of Fire"

Liza: Dilana has such a unique voice. I don't think I've ever heard a woman sing that low. I enjoyed how she reworked this song into a wiccan-like mesmerizing tune. It was completely different from what she did last week - and a whole lot less crazy! The Ann-Margret bouffant hair was throwing me off a bit. But I suppose looking like a 60's sex symbol beats looking like a crazy lunatic like last week.
Overall score - 8.5
Tammy: Dilana was kinda working a Stevie Nicks vibe this week. While I liked it, and it was interesting, the whole thing didn't really scream 'The new lead singer of Supernova!' to me. Still, Dilana is a riveting performer and easily smoked most of her competition tonight. I wonder what kind of a breakdown she'll have this week if she's rewarded the encore again?
Overall score - 8.3

Josh Logan
"With Arms Wide Open"

Liza: I'm not sure how a slow Creed song is supposed to show more of a rock side. And I'm especially not sure how singing it like you're on American Idol with all those embellishments is going to help either.
Overall score - 7.3
Tammy: Egads, I thought this was bad. Josh didn't connect with the song at all, and his constant smiling inappropriately throughout the song bugged. I think this boils down more to a misguided song choice than anything else.
Overall score - 6.4

Phil Ritchie
"If You Could Only See"

Liza: If I'm being honest, he starts out sounding quite awful. He does improve, but the scary faces he makes while he sings don't help his cause much. Phil has not really done much to impress me the three times I have heard him sing. Three strikes and you're out? We'll see.
Overall score - 6.4
Tammy: If Matt Hoffer had made it to this week, I am certain that whatever he would have done would have been better than what Phil dished up for us this week. Phil is the same every time he sings, same garbled mumbling, same stance, same 'I forgot to take my meds' shaking. If this is all he has to offer, I'm about done.
Overall score - 6.5

Storm Large

Liza: The pigtails make Storm look like Lindsay Lohan. Not a good thing. Her voice, luckily, was more rocking than her look, and I thought she handled that with the right amount of power and finesse. The comments about her having character and not BEING a character were dead on.
Overall score - 8.0
Tammy: I thought this song highlighted Storm's vocal weaknesses. Storm's stage presence is her main selling point, which didn't seem especially overwhelming this week either (aside from her 'character' antics). I keep waiting for Storm to bring it, and she just...hasn't?
Overall score - 7.5

Patrice Pike
"Heart-Shaped Box"

Liza: Jordis Unga nailed this song last year, and Patrice could barely be heard. And when she could be heard, she sounded kind of like Suzie McNeil. She looked less soccer mom this week, but the guitar in the beginning seemed more like a prop than anything else. Her personality both on the reality show and on stage seem fairly subdued, and she's going to need to show a bit more if she wants to remain in the competition long. I do give her serious credit for song choice so far. She has been choosing wisely.
Overall score - 7.5
Tammy: Patrice was definitely channeling some Suzie McNeil tonight, especially in the final bars of the song. It was a bit eerie. The guitar appeared to be her security blanket which she could hide behind. The song was probably one of the better choices tonight, but I didn't feel like she really did it justice (suffering due to the Jordis Unga comparison, I'll admit). So far Patrice has been the show's wallflower. The girl needs to pick a fight or something to get some camera time. With a house full of type A personalities, it shouldn't be hard.
Overall score - 7.4

Lukas Rossi
"Don't Panic"

Liza: So with all this hubbub about song choices, it's interesting and probably clever that he chooses Coldplay. He and Dilana are probably the only two who could have picked this song and not get slammed heavily for it since they went such high energy last week. And what sets Lukas apart from everyone else is that he takes a song like "Don't Panic" and infuses his own style into the song that makes it sound not like a Coldplay song but like a Lukas song. That's impressive.
Overall score - 8.7
Tammy: At this point I'm interested in seeing what Lukas can't sing, because I have a feeling that list isn't very long. Lukas scaled it back for this performance, and still managed to sell it with just a cool rocker stance and some well chosen eyeshadow. He owns the stage as he performs, and his confidence and 'IT' factor just radiate off him.
Overall score - 8.9

Ryan Star
"Jumping Jack Flash"

Liza: He got a bit too screamy there at the end, but I otherwise enjoyed that performance. His brooding intensity is quite mesmerizing, although a bit out of place with the song. I'd like to see him loosen up a bit and have some fun!
Overall score - 7.9
Tammy: Agreeance. After running out into the crowd Dave may have thought Ryan sounded better but I thought it got worse. His vocals sounded a bit ragged. It was a decent performance, but I have the feeling that we still haven't seen the best of Ryan Star. If he coasts through the next few weeks on the 'pretty' factor I'll have no problem with that.
Overall score - 7.8

Dana Andrews
"Born To Be Wild"

Liza: Did Dana get punched in the face or do the makeup artists hate her? No doubt this girl can really sing, but her getting on stage like that in that outfit reminds me of Shania Twain trying to sing rock music. Born to be mild, indeed.
Overall score - 7.3
Tammy: You don't dig the tranny look, Liza? Heh. Okay, well the performance was good vocally, but who are we kidding? It's just a matter of time. Her 'but I wore leopard and headbanged!' was pretty funny though. I mean, where do you even BEGIN with that?
Overall score - 7.5

Toby Rand
"Somebody Told Me"

Liza: Not much to say except - good on ya' mate! I can seriously see Toby fronting this band.
Overall score - 8.5
Tammy: Toby was good, though I'm yet to see him mesmerize the audience the way Lukas and Dilana have. He was the skills to do it though. It was a great, high energy performance and should have the two frontrunners looking over their shoulder.
Overall score - 8.7

Who Should Be Bottom 3
Liza: Zayra, Jill, Phil
Tammy: Chris, Jill, Phil

Who Will Be Bottom 3
Liza: Jill, Phil, Chris
Tammy: Zayra, Jill, Phil

Who Should Be Eliminated
Liza: Zayra
Tammy: Jill

Who Will Be Eliminated
Liza: Chris
Tammy: Phil

My Destiny

No, not that wretched song the American Idol producers forced onto poor Katharine McPhee. I'm referring to the new VH1 game show World Series Of Pop Culture. This is exactly the kind of game show I would kick ass on and have fun doing.

I've done a game show before - even won the thing (it was an ESPN sports show years ago, and I won a trip to Maui that I didn't take because the trip was theoretically supposed to be with the stranger I won it with). I also tried out for Rock & Roll Jeopardy and made it past the written test but kind of gagged during the "personality" portion of the screen test. So I'm sure I'm totally not wacky enough to get on World Series of Pop Culture. It seems like you need some kind of schtick to make it on.

Case in point, the contestants on the first episode. One team consisted of late 30-somethings from LA. The woman was wearing a cowboy hat, short athletic shorts and tube socks, I believe. One of the men was wearing a robe. I think the other one wore a snooty yacht hat. Another team was made up of three guys who looked like computer nerds. You gotta have a gimmick. Anyway, cowboy hat girl ended up being the only person on her team left against a full team of 3 Asian guys from Portland, and she was either so stressed out by the situation that she was crying or she was faking it to make interesting TV. At any rate, she looked so miserable that I wanted to throw her off the stage and take her place. I knew more of the answers than she did, anyway!

It's the perfect show for me, queen of useless trivia. Amongst the categories:
Old school rap
TV kids
TV theme songs

Amongst the questions (answers at the end) that weren't answered correctly (and this drove me nuts that they didn't know this):
Q1: Which Brady kid had a doll named Kitty Caryall?
Q2: Which rap album was the biggest-selling rap album of 1986 and spent six weeks at No. 1?
Q3: Which Sex and the City character had a baby named Brady?

Not that I didn't miss anything. There were some toughies, like:
Q4: Which band sued De La Soul in 1988 (not sure of the year) for improper use of their song? (paraphrased)
Q5: What song did Kate Capshaw sing in Chinese at the opening of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

I found an article on the show, and they did their own pop culture trivia exam:

1. Relief pitcher-turned-bartender Sam Malone on the sitcom "Cheers" was known by what nickname when he took the mound for the Red Sox?
2. In a 1996 video for their song "Big Me," the Foo Fighters parodied television commercials for what popular candy?
3. In the 1987 movie "Can't Buy Me Love," high school nerd Ronald Miller plots to become one of the in-crowd by renting a popular cheerleader with money he had saved to buy what?
4. What is the name of the local watering hole where Jack, Janet and Chrissy hang out on the classic sitcom "Three's Company"?
5. On the HBO series "Entourage," Kevin Dillon plays Johnny "Drama" Chase, an often out-of-work actor best known for his role on what fictitious sci-fi series?
6. What 1994 R.E.M. song was inspired by a bizarre story about anchorman Dan Rather being attacked by a mysterious assailant on a New York City street?
7. On the cartoon series "Scooby-Doo," Scooby and his teenage sleuth friends drive around in a multicolored van known as the what?
8. In the 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," Ferris gets a table at a fancy restaurant by claiming to be Abe Froman, a man who holds what unofficial title in the Windy City?
9. The lyric "I miss the earth so much, I miss my wife. — It's lonely out in space" is from what well-known Elton John song?
10. In the 1993 movie "Groundhog Day," Bill Murray's character Phil Connors is awakened every morning by what song playing on his alarm clock?
11. Who shot J.R.? We need the character name and actor or actress who played the role?
12. What "legendary" sax player is idolized by Lisa Simpson?
13. Finish the Third Eye Blind lyric: "I want something else to get me through this...
14. Pre-Gwyneth, pre-Jen, pre-Angelina, Brad Pitt dated which Oscar-nominated celebrity?
15. What's the name of Matthew Broderick's character in the 1998 film remake of "Godzilla"? Hint: The character is named after the creature man who designed the revamped Japanese monster.
16. From which TV show did the phrase "jump the shark" originate?
17. What actor bid Indiana Jones "Adios, senor" shortly before meeting his demise in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"?
18. How many minutes make up a day in the life of a year in the song "Seasons of Love" from Jonathan Larson's musical and film "Rent"?
19. When she came out of the closet on April 30, 1997, what device did TV's Ellen Morgan accidentally use to declare her sexuality? And to whose character was Ellen speaking?
20. Which two-time Oscar-nominated actress had her only scene — as investigator Hal Slocumb's wife — cut out of the final version of "Thelma & Louise"?
21. The shooting death of what actress is said to have inspired Brad Silberling's film "Moonlight Mile"?
22. Which film saw the unlikely pairing of director Robert Altman and a story by John Grisham?
23. What composer wrote the song "Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)" sung by Madonna in the film "Dick Tracy"?
24. Which two half-Jewish celebrities — if "put together" — would make a "fine looking Jew," according to Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song"?
25. What future Central Perk frequenter, known only by the nickname "4B," failed to heed good advice from Detective John Kelly on the first season of "NYPD Blue"?
26. What "Dirty Dancing" and "Flashdance" actress left show business shortly after marrying pop singer Richard Marx?
27. After collecting her fifth Emmy (out of seven total nominations) for best actress in a comedy series in 1995, Candice Bergen withdrew her name from future consideration, paving the way for which actress to win that award in 1996?
28. Ohmigod! How many of rocker Frank Zappa's four children can you name?
29. Who became the youngest recipient of the American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award in 2002?
30. What do the J.K. in "Harry Potter" scribe J.K. Rowling's initials stand for?
31. How much did Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) pay to secure the services of Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) in "Pretty Woman"?
32. What is the actual gender of Miranda Richardson's character, Jude, in 1992's "The Crying Game"?
33. True or false: Former cast member and nine-time host Chevy Chase has been banned from ever hosting "Saturday Night Live" again.
34. How does George Costanza's fiancee Susan Biddle Ross meet her death?

Answers to these questions here (on the right-hand side). And I got slapped with a cold hard dose of reality. I didn't do so hot on this one. Ha!

Answers to the questions from the VH1 show that I listed earlier:
Q1: Which Brady kid had a doll named Kitty Caryall? Cindy
Q2: Which rap album was the biggest-selling rap album of 1986 and spent six weeks at No. 1? (License to Ill by the Beastie Boys)
Q3: Which Sex and the City character had a baby named Brady? (Miranda)
Q4: Which band sued De La Soul in 1988 (not sure of the year) for improper use of their song? (paraphrased) (The Turtles)
Q5: What song did Kate Capshaw sing in Chinese at the opening of Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom? (Anything Goes)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mellow Yellow

Chicago real estate broker Matt Hoffer was the first rocker eliminated from Rock Star: Supernova on Thursday. Matt, who sang "Yellow" by Coldplay in the performance show, showed good vocals on the soft rock song, but the band was concerned about the song choice and told him to bring something rockin' the next time.

The next time came a bit earlier than most thought, as Matt was one of the three members of the viewer-voted bottom three. Also in the bottom three were Chris Pierson, who unsuccessfully re-arranged "Roxanne" by the Police, and Phil Ritchie, who showed little personality on Living Colour's "Cult of Personality".

This season, the bottom three vote-getters choose their own song to save themselves, a departure from last season, where they had to sing an INXS song. So this was their chance to show the band what they are all about.

Chris, who voiced over earlier in the show that he was there because he's one of the best singers in the world, was the first to sing, and he chose "LA Woman" by the Doors. While his boastful statement did not exactly ring true (none of these people can really say they are one of the best SINGERS in the world), he definitely sang better than he did the other night, although that does not say much. And he at least showed a harder edge that is more along the lines of what Supernova seems to be about. The spraying of the water from his mouth into the crowd, though? First of all, don't copy Sasha. Second of all, Sasha didn't spray his germs directly into the crowd!

Phil was next up, singing "Stars" by Switchfoot, who Tommy Lee says he loves, quite gushingly. Huh. Go figure. Tommy seems to love Phil's performance as well, although Phil doesn't do anything all that impressive to me. I think Tommy just likes the song.

Matt is a surprise choice to be in the bottom 3, but what was even more surprising was his song-for-survival choice. In light of the band's request to rock harder the next time, he chose ... Duran Duran? Now, I love me some Duran Duran, but Matt obviously didn't read this article in the Calgary Sun in which Dave Navarro says, "What they chose and how they perform it will say more to Supernova than if they had to do one of their songs because if someone picks a Duran Duran song, I am simply going to say, 'You want to join Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke and that’s the song you choose?'". I knew Matt was sunk immediately. His take on "Planet Earth" was too pretty and so not roit for their band Supernova. It's a shame to lose talent like Matt so early. He has a great voice, but this wasn't the band for him.

After the band deliberates, Phil is the first to return to the rockers' pod, which is no surprise after seeing Tommy rock out during the song. The band reaffirms the importance of song choice and cuts Matt, who takes it well. Matt's partings words were sweet and classy, and he tells the band that their posters were up on his walls when he was a teen and that he doesn't mind losing to the other rockers because they deserve to be there. Tommy, who genuinely looked upset at having to cut people loose, tells Matt that he didn't lose, that it just wasn't the right time.

The result show wasn't all about the elimination. Early drama has popped up within the rockers, and we're only one week in. Early front-runner Lukas stirred the pot in the mansion after the performance show, asking some of his fellow contestants who they thought should be in the bottom three. Dana refused to answer, and Matt got in his face and told him to answer his own question. Lukas finally said something about how he has talent and how a lot of the others sucked. Then he went one step further on the stage by naming names after Dave asked who he thinks should be in the bottom three. He said one knows it (Chris) and the other two are clueless (Dana and Jenny).

Wow. One good performance in and Lukas is already bringing out the asshat, massive ego and gamesmanship? Even JD waited till he got at least two awesome performances before playing the game that hard. Monday's reality episode (aka the fallout) will be VERY interesting.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rock and Roll Part 2

My friend Tammy and I were supposed to do weekly reviews of Rock Star: Supernova on our friend's website. Well, after our first review, I think we broke the site, so the review is going here instead so as to not have wasted our time. Personally, I think that either Zayra's singing/warbling broke the website or scary-ass Dilana read it, decided it wasn't flattering enough and decided to break the website to serve us warning. Uh, warning duly noted.

So here is the review ...

Rock & Roll Part 2

The Rockers kicked off the second season of Rock Star with some electrifying performances and a few mystifying performances. With Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted comprising the band Supernova, rockin' performances were certainly expected. But would they all deliver the style necessary to front their band, Supernova?

"Pinball Wizard"

Performance - Storm did well, but didn't really connect to the song or the audience as much as I had expected. Her vocals probably aren't one of the strongest of the females, so she'll be relying on her charisma,
which she has in spades.
Fashion - Black head to toe. Storm, you're supposed to be the wild one of the bunch. I expected more. *sigh*
Reality show - Storm's presence in the reality episode consisted of helping out Jenny during song selection. She came off in a fairly decent light. No character assassination yet courtesy of Burnett.
Overall score - 8.5

Performance -
I think the lack of connection to the audience could probably be attributed to the song choice. As Storm put it at the taping of the show, which I attended, it was "the leper song". While it wasn't the most exciting performance of the night, or the strongest vocally, it probably didn't hurt her standing. It didn't help her all that much, but it didn't hurt her.
Fashion - I liked Storm's outfit. It showed off her, um, assets quite well. She is pretty but looks a bit too much like Ginger Spice.
Reality show - She came across as very sweet and considerate towards an ailing Jenny. One thing I did notice on the performance show, though, was her pumping her arms in the air while Dilana was singing, trying to rev the crowd up. While it the sentiment was nice and supportive, it was also silly because why would anyone be looking at her on the side while someone else was singing?
Overall score - 7.5


Performance - Wow! Iris is such a bland sort of song, that I wasn't expecting much from Ryan. He kicked so much energy and intensity into this performance that I think I preferred this version to the original. Plus, the 'easy on the eyes' factor doesn't hurt. Mrowr!
Fashion - Dark pants, tshirt. He wasn't trying too hard, but the end result was still smokin'.
Reality show - Featured as the 'loner' and schemer (though I don't really buy that his choosing not to sing for Supernova was anything but a case of nerves), Ryan had a lot of eyes on him tonight, and he definitely delivered.
Overall score - 9.2

Performance -If you're going to sing a slower song like Iris that isn't really a rock song on a rock show, that's the way to do it. As Tammy said, he brought a lot of energy and intensity into the performance. And he has an interesting voice. He bungled his second verse a bit but covered well.
Fashion - He dressed down, but he's a looker so it doesn't hurt him too much.
Reality show - The star of the reality show, episode one. He made a really bad first impression by not choosing to sing in the studio in the first rocker test (I agree that it was nerves and then false bravado on the voice-over), then he became the loner of the house as rooms were being chosen. You couldn't help but feel sorry for him.
Overall score - 8.2

"Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

Performance - Another strong performance from one of the guys! While the acoustic version did highlight his vocals, choosing to go more high energy might have made Toby a bit more memorable. Still, it was a great
performance. This boy is a contender.
Fashion - Not diggin' Toby's hair. It's very late 90's.
Reality show - Judging from his frat boy interaction with Lukas in the mansion, Toby is going to make this season very interesting.
Overall score - 8.8

Performance - We heard Knockin' On Heaven's Door twice last season, and Toby by far outperformed both Dana (obviously) and Jordis. I liked that he went acoustic right off the bat. It set him apart from the others and allowed his vocals to shine.
Fashion - Army shirt and jeans. I'll give him bonus points for not wearing a wallet chain. Heh.
Reality show - Bonding with Lukas over beer is the only thing I remember about Toby in the reality show. He's a guy's guy, and that will play well with the Supernovans.
Overall score - 8.1

"Somebody To Love"

Performance - Hot vocals from Patrice tonight. She's ready for the recording studio, but I'm not sure if she's the type of performer (yet) from whom you can't tear your eyes away.
Fashion - Pinstrip pants and bra with mesh top? Um. Ellie Mae isn't around this year, so who can we blame for this debacle? I want names!
Reality show - Another performer who was 'barely there' in the reality episode.
Overall score - 8.6

Performance - She was the first to show good interaction with the House Band, and I think she will make a fine lead singer. Just not the lead singer of this band. She has the Suzie McNeil soccer mom look. How would that fit in with Tommy Lee and company? Uh, not so well, methinks. She has a terrific voice, however.
Fashion - Probably the worst fashion crime of the season so far. I think she's been taking fashion lessons from Kelly Clarkson, who got fugged this week for her concert attire. Patrice's big tattoo on her right shoulder was heavily distracting since I thought it was part of her shirt till I realized there wasn't one on her left shoulder.
Reality show - She was in the mansion?
Overall score - 7.4


Performance - Don't let the audience sing your lyrics unless you know they're going to actually sing them back to you. Awkward silences mid-song do not a performance make. Magni's character wasn't especially endearing tonight, coming off a little arrogant, when his performance wasn't all that impressive.
Fashion - Bringing the 90's grunge look tonight. Not feelin' it.
Reality show - What I learned from Magni's presence in the reality episode this week: his roommate doesn't snore. Not good foreshadowing if this is all the attention that Mark Burnett believe Magni is worthy of
Overall score - 8.2

Performance -It felt uninspired both in person and on TV, as if he just phoned it in. I understand that the song isn't exactly the most melodic, but Magni resorted to screaming a lot of times. I didn't think he came across as arrogant, though. The Vegas comment was more jokey than anything else. A lot of stuff was cut from the judges' comments in order to fit into the time constraints, and in person, that whole exchange was like a comedy routine. It didn't come across like that after editing, though.
Fashion - His outfit of Army jacket, black tshirt and jeans was about as inspiring as his performance. He was rocking the Midnight Oil hairstyle, though!
Reality show - Nothing of importance was shown of Magni there. Maybe he'll be under the radar guy.
Overall score - 7.3

"Bring Me To Life"

Performance - Oh dear. Zayra's vocals are a cry for help, and I found my eyes drawn to her more because of trainwreck potential rather than her prowess onstage.
Fashion - I feel like I've seen that outfit before. In a Paula Abdul music video. 15 years ago.
Reality show - Zayra's performance for the band in studio will not soon be forgotten. Oof.
Overall score - 6.7

Performance - How about that House Band?! And that light show! Amazing! Oh, I'm supposed to comment about Zayra's performance? Good heavens. Wretched.
Fashion - Straight up now tell me, Tammy! Seriously! The bangs have got to go, too.
Reality show - "This is the way we rock!" Uh, not really. The look on Jason Newsted's face as she sang in the studio was priceless and oh so telling. Although he seemed to turn around on that opinion quickly, propsing marriage to her on the performance show. I still don't think she will be long for this competition, though.
Overall score - 5.5

"How You Remind Me"

Performance - Jenny just isn't convincing singing a rock song, a la Suzie McNeil. She has more of a pop vibe, and just seems too 'nice'. I can see her joining Zayra inthe B3 tomorrow night.
Fashion - Tank top paired with a jean skirt aren't offensive, but I take issue with those black boots. Knee high boots that are sans heel are just not flattering to the leg.
Reality show - Jenny had a lot of face time in the mansion this week because of her illness. Cracking under the pressure on the first day? Not a good sign.
Overall score - 8.2

Performance - That sweet-sounding voice sounds so weird on a Nickelback song, and she was a bit out of tune at times. Like Patrice, I just don't see her fronting this band. Jenny is more of a Liz Phair "Why Can't I"-era type of singer. It's just not roight for that band, Supernova.
Fashion - Hot look, save for the heel-less boots, which I didn't even notice until I saw it on TV. The skirt is really really really short, which I am sure was appreciated by the guys. I liked her belt too.
Reality show - I'm not sure why she wouldn't drag herself out of bed while song selection was taking place. It's not like they were doing the choosing outside of the house. It just showed that she, along with the rest of the group, thought that song selection wasn't that big of a deal. Silly people.
Overall score - 7.4

"She Talks To Angels"

Performance - Josh has a unique style and sound that is definitely his own. That said, I can't really see him fitting in with Supernova. There's no questioning the boy's talent, but he excels singing songs
that I don't see meshing well with the band. He should last for many more weeks, though, as he is one of the stronger competitors.
Fashion - Another guy going for the jeans and tshirt look. C'mon! Give me something to work with here!
Reality show - Er...Josh was in the reality episode, right?
Overall score - 8.9

Performance -Loved it. The fact that he took a mellower song and seriously got the crowd and the other rockers moving and grooving is really impressive. This dude has soul oozing out of him (and he doesn't have to hug himself and shout out "Soul Patrol" for us to sense it), and he radiates when he's on stage. I'm not sure how it relates to Supernova, but unlike, say, Jenny sounding like a sweet popster on a hard rock song, at least Josh's particular song called for soul, which he appropriately brought. If he sings a hard rock song in a more soulful manner, then we'll talk.
Fashion - He had a sweater on over that tshirt, so at least it's a step towards the dressier department.
Reality show - I think I spotted him once.
Overall score - 9.3


Performance - least Matt has a nice job in real estate to fall back on. Matt's voice is too 'pretty' and soft on this song. If he's going to prove that he's here to rock, he needs to bring choose a better song. Another week like this and Matt can buy his plane ticket home.
Fashion - Matt looked pretty good this week, even if the jeans/graphic tee/blazer look is a bit overdone. If only his performance was on par with his ensemble.
Reality show - Matt aided Chris as he attempted to work some magic with 'Roxanne'. Can we blame Matt for the disaster that was to come, then?
Overall score - 7.8
Performance - I liked this performance. It's a great song, and I thought he sang it well. I can't really fault him for singing too pretty and soft because that's what the song calls for. See similar comments above about Josh. I do suspect, though, that Matt's voice is more suited towards the Coldplay/Keane type of songs. I'll reserve judgment, though, till I hear him do
Fashion - Appropriate for the song choice.
Reality show - Matt was shown playing his guitar and helping Chris out with a tough situation. He came across well (and normal) in the reality episode.
Overall score - 8.9


Performance - Dilana is bringing the crazy eyes tonight! I'm a bit scared. While the band ate it up, I wasn't as impressed. Her flailing about midway through the song I imagine was supposed to wow as a sharp contrast to the earlier stillness and intensity, but it looked like she missed a dose of Ritalin to me. Dilana's voice is freakishly powerful, however. It will be interesting to see how she changes it up next week (like there's any
doubt that she'll be around). I'm not sure if the crazy will be as effective every week.
Fashion - The hoodie pulled low over her forehead emphasized her eyes, but the combat boots and cargo pants are just 'no'.
Reality show - Dilana shot down Ryan when he wanted to discuss the 'bed' situation. Booo! Hiss!
Overall score - 8.5

Performance - Hold me, I'm scared! Seriously, that was just insanity. Dave said that she was more intense when she was just standing there still. I totally agree with that assessment because when she started moving, she looked like a lunatic. Her movements were incredibly manic and crazy in a different way. I don't think that was the intent she was going for. She also stopped actually singing when she moved and resorted to screaming. But she is one I can seriously see fronting this band.
Fashion - I am not a fan of her hair. It looks greasy to me. The hoodie fit perfectly with what she was trying to do, though, and I really liked her eye makeup.
Reality show - She looked like she wanted no part of the drama in regards to the bed situation. I kinda liked that. Heh.
Overall score - 8.3

"I'm The Only One"

Performance - Dana can sing her face off, but I don't think she has the personality to front this band. She seems like this season's Jessica, a pretty face and a nice body, but probably won't progress very far in
the competition.
Fashion - Black pants and a tank. A nice ensemble, but not exactly playing up the sex appeal. Work what ya got!
Reality show - Dana seems to be the sweet southern belle. Oh yes. She can front Tommy Lee. Note: sarcasm.
Overall score - 8.4

Performance - This performance would have kicked all kinds of butt on American Idol. Or as Dave Navarro called it "that other singing competition" (that line made it to the cutting room floor for obvious reasons). Her voice is SO powerful. When she hit the chorus, I had the same exact reaction Jason Newsted did. WHOAH! But she's another one who has no business fronting this band.
Fashion - Pretty pageant girl. She's got really long legs, and she should show them off more (and stop wearing those damn wallet chains).
Reality show - She proclaimed herself as a redneck. That's about all I remember.
Overall score - 8.0

"Cult Of Personality"

Performance - Yikes. Phil's vocals weren't all that hot tonight. He was kinda all over the place and wandering around the stage. If that's the best he can bring, his days are numbered. This version paled in comparison to the Ty Taylor version of last season.
Fashion - Phil looked slick in (popular tonight) head to toe black. Hair looked a bit on the greasy side. Tone down the product, stylists!
Reality show - Phil got props for his mumbling lyrics in the studio with the band. It doesn't take much to impress Supernova, apparently.
Overall score - 7.6

Performance - Not much personality shown on "Cult of Personality". Not much vocal prowess shown either. This performance was pretty forgettable. And yes, it very much paled in comparison to Ty's.
Fashion - He's a bit too skinny to be showing off the arms like that and to be wearing balck from head to toe.
Reality show - Kudos to Phil for humming/mumbling in the studio. Even though it wasn't anything to write home about, he at least gave it a shot, unlike Ryan.
Overall score - 6.8

"Piece Of My Heart"

Performance - It's never good when Tommy Lee would rather mug at the camera than pay attention to your performance. Jill is another one of the females who can kick all sorts of ass vocally, but is lacking that
certain something that can't be taught.
Fashion - Normally I'm not a fan of the whole pierced bellybutton look, but lordy. If I had abs like that I'd be drawing attention to them too. Also? The hair needs to be toned down. You're not in Jersey anymore.
Reality show - Jill proved that big voices can come in small packages. If she just had the personality to match.
Overall score - 8.6
Performance -Powerful pipes, but the twirling was a bit too hippy and girlie.
Fashion - Gypsy-inspired top and belt with big Jersey hair. Her lack of height was very obvious.
Reality show - She really shined in the studio and was the best at getting a feel of the melody. Her musical instincts are good.
Overall score - 8.2


Performance - Oh Chris. Roxanne has been reworked so much that the original melody is almost unrecognizable. The more he continued, the worse it became. Supernova was not impressed. Methinks he'll be singing for his supper tomorrow night.
Fashion - Did Chris find one of Marty Casey's old outfits backstage?
Reality show - Foreshadowing, foreshadowing, foreshadowing.
Overall score - 7.0

Performance - I liked the idea of rearranging it, but Chris is no J.D. Fortune, who can turn California Dreaming, of all songs, into a punk masterpiece. Chris' three-note singing showed zero range and little melody.
Fashion - There's something about his look that I really dig. I think it's the low-rise pants and the hair. He kind of looks like a edgier James Vanderbeek. I'm sure Chris would love to hear that. Only not.
Reality show - I don't understand what happened with Roxanne melodically because in the opening studio scene, Chris showed that he does have a grasp of melody. But he seriously struggled with Roxanne once he got it and on stage. If he does make the bottom 3, he should get some leeway from Supernova for stepping up and volunteering to sing first in the studio.
Overall score - 5.5

"Rebel Yell"

Performance - Holy crap now here is a rocker! If he sings like this every week there will be no competition, only an inevitability. Lukas ripped into that song and changed it up enough so as to avoid any Billy Idol
comparisons. This one has a definite presence onstage, and a fire in his eyes. The only thing Lukas may need to work on is to enunciate a bit more, as there was a bit of mumbling throughout.
Fashion - In a night of black, black, black, Lukas stood out from the crowd with a fitted white jacket. Smart move. This performance was well thought out from every angle. Good boy!
Reality show - 'I'm here to win'. Yes you are.
Overall score - 9.7

Performance - Good thing I know how this tune goes because I couldn't understand a word Lukas said. He has serious mushmouth. But as far as performance goes, he electrified the crowd. The House Band helped too, as Sasha sprayed out water like a sprinkler from his mouth. The effect wasn't as clear on TV, but from the pit, it looked awesome.
Fashion - A standout for sure with the white and black ensemble.
Reality show - He served notice right away that he is a serious player.
Overall score - 9.0

Who Should Be Bottom 3
Tammy: Zayra, Jenny, Chris
Liza: Zayra, Chris, Phil

Who Will Be Bottom 3
Tammy: Zayra, Magni, Chris
Liza: Zayra, Chris, Patrice

Who Should Be Eliminated
Tammy: Zayra
Liza: Zayra

Who Will Be Eliminated
Tammy: Zayra
Liza: Zayra

Emmy Surprises

Emmy Award nominations were announced today, and there were some major surprises, particularly in the omissions. Last year's Outstanding Drama winner - Lost - and last year's darling - Desperate Housewives - were both shut out in their resepctive categories. Neither received any major acting nominees either, except for Alfre Woodard for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Although Desperate Housewives is enterered as a comedy series, I would never associate the words comedienne with Alfre Woodard. The good news, though ... at least Eva Longoria won't have to be the only Housewife shut out of the awards. Less catfights next season!

Here are the nominees for the major categories and my predictions for each:

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series
Curb Your Enthusiasm • Larry David as Himself
The King Of Queens • Kevin James as Doug Heffernan
Monk • Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk
The Office • Steve Carell as Michael Scott
Two And A Half Men • Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper
Who should win: Steve Carell. Dude is funny as hell
Who will win: Tony Shaloub

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Christopher Meloni as Detective Elliot Stabler
Rescue Me • Denis Leary as Tommy Gavin
Six Feet Under • Peter Krause as Nate Fisher
24 • Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer
The West Wing • Martin Sheen as President Josiah Bartlet
Who should win: I don't really watch these shows, so I'm just going to go with what I have seen ... Kiefer Sutherland (I would've also put McDreamy on here, but that might just be my eyes talking)
Who will win: Denis Leary

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series
The Comeback • Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Cherish
Malcolm In The Middle • Jane Kaczmarek as Lois
The New Adventures Of Old Christine • Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Christine Campbell
Out Of Practice • Stockard Channing as Lydia Barnes
Will & Grace • Debra Messing as Grace
Who should win: Debra Messing (really shocked that Felicity Huffman isn't on here. I thought she was great this season, as usual)
Who will win: Debra Messing

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series
The Closer • Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson
Commander In Chief • Geena Davis as Mackenzie Allen
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Mariska Hargitay as Detective Olivia Benson
Six Feet Under • Frances Conroy as Ruth Fisher
The West Wing • Allison Janney as C.J. Cregg
Who should win: Kyra Sedgwick
Who will win: Allison Janney (for old time's sake)

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series
Arrested Development • Will Arnett as Gob Bluth
Entourage • Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold
Malcolm In The Middle • Bryan Cranston as Hal
Two And A Half Men • Jon Cryer as Alan Harper
Will & Grace • Sean Hayes as Jack
Who should win: Jeremy Piven
Who will win: Jeremy Piven

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Boston Legal • William Shatner as Denny Crane
Huff • Oliver Platt as Russell Tupper
The Sopranos • Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti
24 • Gregory Itzin as President Charles Logan
The West Wing • Alan Alda as Arnold Vinick
Who should win: I haven't seen enough to make this call. So to my untrained eye, I'd say Alan Alda
Who will win: Oliver Platt?

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series
Curb Your Enthusiasm • Cheryl Hines as Cheryl David
Desperate Housewives • Alfre Woodard as Betty Applewhite
My Name Is Earl • Jaime Pressly as Joy
Weeds • Elizabeth Perkins as Celia Hodes
Will & Grace • Megan Mullally as Karen
Who should win: Megan Mullaly (and who would have ever thought Jaime Pressly, whose early line of work included Poison Ivy: The New Seduction, would get nominated for an acting award?)
Who will win: Cheryl Hines

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
Boston Legal • Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt
Grey’s Anatomy • Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang
Grey’s Anatomy • Chandra Wilson as Dr. Bailey
Huff • Blythe Danner as Izzy Huffstodt
24 • Jean Smart as First Lady Martha Logan
Who should win: Chandra Wilson or Sandra Oh
Who will win: Sandra Oh

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series
Extras • Patrick Stewart as Himself
Extras • Ben Stiller as Himself
Two And A Half Men • Martin Sheen as Harvey
Will & Grace • Alec Baldwin as Malcolm
Will & Grace • Leslie Jordan as Beverley Leslie
Who should win: I'm a little partial to Leslie Jordan for some inexplicable reason
Who will win: Alec Baldwin

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series
Boston Legal • Michael J. Fox as Daniel Post
Boston Legal • Christian Clemenson as Jerry “Hands” Espenson
ER • James Woods as Dr. Nate Lennox
Grey’s Anatomy • Kyle Chandler as Dylan Young
Lost • Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond
Who should win: Michael J. Fox (and the guy who plays Henry Gale on Lost should have been nominated over the guy who plays Desmond)
Who will win: James Woods

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series
Desperate Housewives • Shirley Knight as Phyllis Van de Kamp
Extras • Kate Winslet as Herself
Malcolm In The Middle • Cloris Leachman as Ida
Monk • Laurie Metcalf as Cora
Will & Grace • Blythe Danner as Marilyn Truman
Who should win: Blythe Danner
Who will win: Blythe Danner

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series
Grey’s Anatomy • Kate Burton as Ellis Grey
Grey’s Anatomy • Christina Ricci as Hannah
Huff • Swoosie Kurtz as Madeline Sullivan
Six Feet Under • Patricia Clarkson as Aunt Sarah
Six Feet Under • Joanna Cassidy as Margaret Chenowith
Who should win: Christina Ricci
Who will win: Swoosie Kurtz

Outstanding Comedy Series
Arrested Development
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
Two And A Half Men
Who should win: The Office
Who will win: Arrested Development

Outstanding Drama Series
Grey’s Anatomy
The Sopranos
The West Wing
Who should win: Grey's Anatomy
Who will win: The West Wing (typically)

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
The Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing With The Stars
Project Runway
Who should win: I was not happy with the last two Amazing Races, so I'm going with Dancing With The Stars
Who will win: Amazing Race