Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No Mystery With Live and Chris

A studio recording of Live's new single "Mystery" with Chris Daughtry has surfaced. It can be heard and downloaded on Live's MySpace or on Friends of Live.

I must say, it sounds really good. And it is a lot better to hear it rather than see it. The whole Dr. Evil/Mini-Me thing was throwing me for a loop. Anyway, the original is already starting to get a good amount of airplay, especially on Star 98.7. I've already heard it two or three times today. If they released this version, it would totally blow up. Although I don't know what it would do for Live's "cred". But they've already shown up on Idol, so if that was an issue, this wouldn't make it worse. Besides, it's not as if they're recording with Clay Aiken.

If Chris can get the right material, he could really be big. If he gets saddled with 19E/RCA's usual crap, though, those 15 minutes will be ticking sooner than he thinks.

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