Monday, June 12, 2006

National Firestorm Over National Anthem

Well not really, but it's insanity out there in cyberspace with talk about Elliott Yamin's rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at the NBA Finals on Sunday. (Watch here)

The die-hard Yaminions think it was the best anthem that ever anthemed. The non-fans are nearly putting it in the same category as Rosanne Barr. As a casual fan who did not have a horse in the AI5 race and, in fact, likes Elliott, along with many of the contestants this year, I have no ulterior motive, just an honest opinion. It was dreadful. He was fine until he got to the dreaded "And the rockets red glare/The bombs bursting in air" part. The song's incredibly rangy, and he goofed by starting in a key too high, a mistake I have seen so many people make on this song. So he turned it into a white hot melismastic mess, using runs to get to notes he could hit. I was horrified for him.

So after the performance, message boards were set ablaze with people talking about it. People who didn't like it got chastised by Elliott fans eager to defend their boy. The mods at TWoP are oh-so-close to locking the thread because people can't stop talking about the boards on the boards. There's so much "I can't believe you thought it was bad" ... "All the haters are coming on board to criticize at the first chance they could" ... "Taylor or Katharine couldn't have sung this song as well" ... "8 pages of posts for a song a lot of people say they think was horrible is getting a little out there" ridiculousness out there, you'd have thought that people were suggesting that Elliott burned the flag while he was singing.

Get a grip, people! Seriously! In some people's opinions, it just wasn't good.

So in the interest of equal-opportunity hating, and to show that it's ok to not like something your favorites do, here are some performances I found to be dreadful from from Idols that I like (and seriously, I like Elliott. I think he's one of the most genuine guys who have ever been on the show and a great singer too):

Kelly Clarkson - "It's Raining Men", countless TV performances of "Miss Independent" and "Since U Been Gone" (good lord, she cannot sing that song live!)
Justin Guarini - "Someday We'll All Be Free", "PYT"
Tamyra Gray - "New Attitude"
Bo Bice - countless TV performances of "The Real Thing" when he was sick, that country song he did that was so blah that I can't even remember what it's called or how it goes
Anwar Robinson - "I Believe I Can Fly", his dancing in "September"
Katharine McPhee - "The Voice Within", "Against All Odds", "I Believe I Can Fly", "My Destiny"
Elliott - "Open Arms"
Paris Bennett - "Wind Beneath My Wings", "Conga"

So basically what I'm saying is I hate when people dismiss honest opinions as being laced with hatorade. :P


Lisa said...

Yikes! Poor Elliot! The guy is soulful but should have said HELL NO to the anthem! I feel for him. Hopefully nobody boo'd him. Trust me, it could have been worse-he could have been like that Canadian girl who went to sing the anthem at the Hockey game, messed up the lyrics and fell on her ass as she left the ice. Now THAT was embarrassing!!

You also forgot to mention some of Chris's performances when he was starting so darn high that he really massacred the songs. Remember that one where he was screaming SO much his voice almost popped out of his throat? That was a definite oopsie for him too!!

I just hope our dear boy Elliot gets a great record contract soon.

Oh and you were right about Bo making a mess of The Real Thing when he would sing it live-I always felt so bad for him because he could barely make it. I guess it all depends on that material given and whether or not the song is actually customized to the entertainer!

Liza D. said...

Actually, Elliott got a huge ovation before and after. He's lucky he wasn't in Philly or at a Oakland Raiders game doing that. Those fans can be pretty brutal! Or maybe they were just cheering that it was over. J/K

I remember seeing that poor Canadian girl! It was bad enough she messed up, but when she fell? Talk about piling it on!!

I didn't mention any of Chris' performances because I'm not really a fan, so it wouldn't prove anything. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I remember this one time last NBA season at the beginning of a Portland Trailblazers game where the young girl who was singing the National Anthem went completely blank but then the Trailblazers coach, I cant remember his name, walked over and sung the entire song with her to help her recover. Classy move!

Btw, theres no Elliot in this clip, but heres a funny American Idol cartoon spoof for all the fans out there. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Bo's got The Real Thing down now that his voice is back.

Check out this amazing acoustic version (just his pianist for accompaniment). He did this on his current tour at a stop with James Blunt and KT Tunstall.

Liza D. said...

Thanks for those two links. Bo does sound great. I'm so glad he's better now, especially right before the second single comes out. I think (Yo)U Make Me Better is going to blow up this summer!