Friday, June 02, 2006

How Do You Spell Sports?

Sports. S-P-O-R-T-S. Sports.

That is about the only thing that sports should have in common with the national spelling bee - that "sports" could possibly be a word used in the competition (in the earlier rounds for dumb people, that is).

So why is the spelling bee televised on ESPN and covered by sports media? Because it's a competition? Well, so is American Idol and the Miss USA pageant, but they don't show it on SportsCenter! took bets on the spelling bee, for things as goofy as whether the final word would have the letter "e" in it (yes) or whether the winner would wear glasses (no). That particular company had $70,000 in wagers about the spelling bee.

Anyway, congrats to the 13-year old Jersey girl who won by spelling some word I had never even heard of before and wouldn't even know how to pronounce, much less spell (ursprache). I was once a spelling bee champ in grade school. I think I won the district title for my age, or something like that. I think that was the year after I spelled "alphabet" with an extra "a" at the end during our school's spelling bee. Freudian slip, I guess. I must've been hungry at the time.


tammy said...

Spelling bee champ, eh? I'm impressed!
I watched the Bee the other night. I actually thought the words were easier in the final round than in the previous rounds! Not that those 13 year olds wouldn't have wiped the floor with me, of course.
That Canadian girl was too cute. I wanted her to win, not just for patriotic reasons (though it doesn't hurt).
The girl who won was totally channeling Paris from the WB's Gilmore Girls! It was freaky!

Lisa said...

I didn't watch the Spelling Bee though I was thoroughly impressed that a fellow Albertan made it up the 2nd place!! YAY!I was always a great speller, I So should have been on Spelling Bee as I know I would have whopped butt!

Shopping. S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G. Shopping.

Ohhhhhhh yeah, I still got it! ;)

R said...

How do you spell phueisile?

Liza D. said...

BWAH! It's spelled F-U-C-Y-L-E! ;)