Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gray Is The New Hot?

Gray-haired Jay Leno look-alike Taylor Hicks has been named People Magazine's Hottest Bachelor. Over former People's Sexiest Man Alive winners Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney. Over Wentworth Miller, Nick Lachey, Josh Lucas, Paul Walker, and Jake Gyllenhaal, amongst others.

Um, yeah. Taylor's hotter than those guys? Taylor's not even hotter than Ryan Seacrest!

I guess hot is in the eye of the beholder, but I just don't see it. Talented? Sure. Hot? Umm ... No.

Anyway, Taylor doesn't seem to want to stay a bachelor for very long. According to this story, he exchanged glances with some mystery woman on an airplane recently, and he wants to find her, so People magazine is setting up an email for the woman to contact him. I hope that works out for him so he can stay out of the Hottest Bachelor issues because "Taylor" and "hot" do not compute.

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Lisa said...

I was actually going to write about this exact news on my blog, but good thing I came here first. I was thinking the same thing...TAYLOR? HOT?? I don't get it-but I never got why Brad Pitt was ever deemed Sexiest Man Alive on People either.

I think the plane story is so cute though-I bet this will be a great Hollywood love story for now since it seems like Taylor is on the meat market. hah

I must say that I don't see anything hot about someone who looks old enough to be my Dad. As wild and awesome and wierd as Taylor is, I really wonder if People magazine would still call him the Hottest Bachelor if he came in any other place BUT first. It always seems as if everyone LOVES a winner and nobody cares about the others (publishing wise-not actual people).

If Taylor is smart he will stop giving glances to all these ladies and trying to hook up cause records tend to sell MORE when the supposed Hot man is single!!