Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thoughts From The Finale

I went to Tuesday's American Idol finale at the Kodak theater. I came out thinking I would have called it a draw, but when I watched it on TV, I have to agree with Simon in that Taylor Hicks' last song propelled him to victory over Katharine McPhee.

I ended up sitting in the back of the theater, so at times it was hard to hear. I started out in the third or fourth row initially (I was a seat-filler) and was behind the gorgeous Jennifer Hudson and the happiest man on earth, George Huff. Behind me was Ace Young and his parents. Next to me was Ann Nesby (Paris Bennett's grandmother), and then I got booted from my location when Paris came. She's really cute. I just missed seeing Elliott Yamin. I wanted to see how tall he is. Heh. BTW - speaking of Elliott ... everytime his name was mentioned or his face was on the video board, the crowd went bonkers. He and Chris Daughtry were the most beloved of the booted finalists, by far. If Elliott had made the finals, he totally would have won. Sigh.

Anyway, the acoustics in the back aren't all that great, so when it gets really loud, it's very hard to hear. I missed most of Randy Jackson's comments (I've found that this is a good thing most of the time). And I missed Katharine's miffing of the ending of her coronation song, "My Destiny". She hit those bum notes just as the whole crowd was getting on their feet and cheering for her. It's a shame, too, because she was having a great night up until then (Somewhere Over The Rainbow is just stunning to hear in person), and I also thought she really connected with that song, crappy as it was.

Now Taylor sang the crap out of his crappy song. His opening was weak (and those lyrics are SO DUMB!), but he really let loose at the end and churched it up. It's a testament to him as a performer that he was able to turn that horrible song into something worth listening to. Not that I particularly want to hear it again after the confetti drops and fireworks pop today!

Oh - and a couple of celebrity and ex-Idol sightings: James Van Der Beek and his wife, Stanford from Sex in the City, Justin Guarini, Tori Spelling, Ty Treadway, Anthony Fedorov, Nadia Turner, Tamyra Gray, Mikalah Gordon, George Huff, Jennifer Hudson, Ayla Brown, LaToya London (looking ridiculously gorgeous w/ long hair), Kimberley Locke.


Lisa said...

So you DID make it to the finale!! Good for you! How exciting for you to be sitting near all of those cool people! And Jennifer Hudson was there? How cool-did she still look the same?What about happy-man George Huff? There seemed to be a lot of Idols there from a few seasons ago!! Did you see the slimy Constantine? They panned over to him a few times and he was always mugging for the camera. Gross!!

And Justin? Awww poor Justin.

I am glad you saw the show and gave your predictions-I can imagine that it was better in person and somehow the singles might be better in person? They were just gawdawful on TV so I hope that the producers do them justice somehow with more mixing or a re-release.

I, too noticed that the audience would go WILD on Chris and Elliot's pictures-I felt all happy especially for Elliot because he never seemed to get that much hollering in the beginning, it was only in the past few weeks that he really got more fans! I bet the tour will boost him even higher-I sure hope he makes it because he is SO good and really loves his music!!

You should have brought one of your good signs saying CHRIS AND ELLIOT FOR AMERICAN IDOL! haha

tammy said...

So Liza, did you squee when you saw Justin or heckle him for releasing that crappy jazz cd? hahaha

Yay for JHud!

Was Con slightly less creepy in person?

Superstar said...

Hands down with the choices I have to pick between, I have to go with Taylor Hicks. He is a TRUE musician unlike Katherine who will just sing. He plays the guitar, harmonica and sings. He has a history of re-vamping songs w/ his own band. He by far will be around 10 yrs from now. I don't think we can say the same about other Idols that simply just sing. Kelly Clarkston, only sings other peoples songs...Carrie Underwood, beautiful voice, no song writting abilities. Kelly doesn't even make the songs her own....They all have beautiful voices I will give them all that, and we all know that a sound producer can make event he worst of them sound OK (Ashlee, "lip sync" Simpson). I had to vote for Hicks. Sorry...I still LOVE the blog!

Lisa said...

Waaaaaaait a second-Kelly Clarkson wrote many of the songs on her 2nd cd-I think you got confused there. Infact BECAUSE OF YOU was written by her when she was 16 years old, and if you research, you will remember that she won a Grammy for that single! Taylor was definitely a good choice for the title-I was getting rather tired of Katherine's love affair with herself and the camera.

That final song tonight with her and Taylor proved that Kat was more concerned with holding the train of her dress and twirling in circles than even singing.