Thursday, May 11, 2006

Idol All Shook Up

In one of the biggest shocks in American Idol history, fan and judges' favorite Chris Daughtry was eliminated on Elvis week just one day after Paula Abdul told him, "See you in the finals." Chris was unceremoniously told of his fate when Ryan Seacrest said, "A lot of people predicted, Chris, that you could be the next American Idol. Chris, you are going home tonight." Boom. Just like that, with all the tactfulness of a Mack truck.

Chris looked shocked and pissed. Paula hid her head in her hands. Simon looked pissed. Katharine's jaw dropped, and even she looked pissed. Everyone in the audience had their mouths open. It was a Tamyra/ Constantine/ LaToya/ Jennifer Hudson-like moment. I guess we can no longer claim that Idol is rigged when "The Chosen One" is going home. Chris fans, of course, are calling shenanigans. Typical Idol fans.

Did he deserve to go home? He did have two consecutive weeks of weak second songs (bad being a relative term, of course). Katharine also had two bad weeks in a row, but her bad song two weeks ago was her first, and she smoked the second song. I think her mediocre performance this week, coupled with the judges' comments, galvanized her fans. Between that and a huge surge from Elliott, who had the best overall night, it pushed Chris out of the game. His alt-rock musical stylings on just about every song didn't help either. It's not as if many fans of 90's alt-rock watch and vote on American Idol.

So the Final 3 is Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin and Katharine McPhee. Kat will probably get the villain edit and get blamed for the demise of The Chosen One, a la Jasmine Trias. On Top 3 night in season 3, Clive Davis was deliciously evil, giving Jasmine "All By Myself" to sing, that song, of course, being the song that LaToya nailed in the semifinals. Jasmine predictably fell short on that song and was finally booted. Watch for Katharine to be singing "Hemorrhage" next week.

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Lisa said...

I have a feeling that MANY people will be upset with Katherine for beating Chris out-especially since she was not that great at all...however, I have a feeling that Chris's votes are gonna go to Taylor-so long as he and Elliot are in the top, even better...but you are right, I wonder what Clive will pick for Kat next week-wanna bet it will be either a Whitney, Barbra or Celine song? Greeeeeeeeeeeat.