Thursday, May 11, 2006

Humility, Thy Name Is Not Chris

"If you would have people speak well of you, then do not speak well of yourself. " - Blaise Pascal

In the words of Judge Reinhold on Fast Times At Ridgemont High: Learn it. Know it. Live it, Chris Daughtry!

I was starting to feel really bad for the guy after he got sucker-punched last night on American Idol. Then I read all the interviews the next day, and, well, the guy was way too high on himself. I've never seen such unhumble and ungracious comments from a contestant before. Even Mr. Self Love, Constantine Maroulis, and Ms. Clueless to the World, Kellie Pickler, went out with graciousness and class. This dude? Not so much.

Check out these two interviews:

Entertainment Weekly - He really came across very assy in this one. He more or less blames the fans for being complacent and not voting because they thought he was safe. He even speculates that maybe his fans didn't want him to win. He thought this was one of his best weeks and said "I honestly feel in my heart Simon just didn't like the second song. I don't think it was me. It was the song." He called his elimination "the biggest shock in American Idol history" (to which I say pffft! There is a reason people are saying Chris has been Tamyra'd!), and he encourages those who claim they will boycott the show because he was robbed before backtracking. It's all a bit much in this, what, 5-10 minute interview? - Quote: "It's weird because you have all these people telling you for weeks that this is your thing to win, you're gonna win this thing. And when you have so many people telling you that, you assume this is what America wants. The only thing I can think of is everybody thought I was a shoo-in. Paula said, "We'll see you in the finals." Everybody's like, "He's fine, we need to vote for the person we want in there with him." That was my downfall, in my opinion."

What really bugs me about his interviews is that he never once gives it up for the other remaining contestants. In fact, he flat-out refused to talk about them. You don't hear him saying that when it's down to the final four, the talent level is so high amongst them that it could have been any of them going. Not once does he acknowledge the others' talent or ability to pull in a strong fanbase. Or even considers the fact that, hey, maybe people voting preferred one of the others to him.

Humble or not, Chris received an offer from Fuel today to be their new lead singer. As I said back in March, he should take the offer and run far away from Idol. I do wonder if Fuel knows what that by taking in a former Idol favorite they're also getting with it some fanatical Idol fans. Good luck with that, guys!


lisa said...

Wow-I had no idea that Chris was going off and saying all those things!! He totally has it wrong if he blames the fans-not a smart way to get more fans to buy your cd!!! I think he was a victim of his own fanbase and it got him in the end! Poor guy!!

Anonymous said...

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