Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Damn, Beaver!

The Veronica Mars season finale wrapped up the big storyline of the season by revealing whodunit ... for quite a few things. (If you haven't watched the show yet, better stop reading now!)

And you can blame it all on the Beav. Turns out the Big Bad of this season was Cassidy Casablancas, aka Beaver. Not only did he cause the bus crash from the season premiere, but he also killed Curly Moran (and tried to frame Veronica for that murder); raped Veronica when she was roofied up at a party (one of the big whodunits from season 1); blew up a helicopter carrying Mayor Woody, who had molested the Beav as a kid, and Veronica's dad; tazered Veronica; then tried to force her off the top of the building. About the only thing Beaver didn't do was kill Thumper. That one's getting pinned on Weevil, who was arrested just moments before receiving his diploma in an assy move by Lamb.

As much as I wasn't fond of the season-long very complex mystery, the finale made it worth it with superb acting and a thrilling, perilous scene with the Big Bad and Veronica, just like last year's bone-chilling finale. Although you pretty much knew Veronica would be ok in the death struggle on the roof (the show wouldn't BE Veronica Mars without Veronica Mars, after all), it was still suspenseful. Logan showing up to rescue her was great, but what was even greater was him not so much rescuing her from Beaver but rescuing her from killing Beaver in retaliation for killing her dad and raping her. After he convinced Veronica that she's "not a killer" and got the gun from her, I thought for sure he was going to shoot Beaver himself. That would have been interesting, but I like how it played out.

Keith Mars ended up not on that plane, Veronica and Logan kissed, so all's well that ends well, right? Well, what kind of season finale would that be? The cliffhanger? Kendall Casablancas shows up at Keith's office with an offer for his assistance and a suitcase filled with something that may make him miss his flight to New York with Veronica. So what's in the suitcase? EW thinks it's evidence of Aaron Echoll's murder, which was orchestrated by Duncan. Sounds plausible to me. Hopefully the new CW network will allow that mystery to be solved by keeping this show for its third season in the fall.

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