Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Best Finale Ever!

Not only did tonight's AI finale bring the most popular and acceptable result with Taylor Hicks winning, but it also brought the most entertaining and star-studded finale ever! One word - PRINCE.

PRINCE! At the finale! And they kept it a secret! Aaahhhhh!!! Talk about your American Idols!

And the show was so packed with incredible performances. Mary J Blige singing "One" with Elliott Yamin (WOW), Al Jarreau singing "We're In This Love Together" with Paris Bennett (those two sounded amazing together), Live singing with his shorter clone, Chris Daughtry. They brought back the group medleys! And they sounded good! How about Lisa Tucker?! I don't know if they showed it on TV, but Paula Abdul was going crazy for her during her solo on "Alfie". I was blown away too. I thought she sounded so good. Taylor and Katharine singing, dancing and being goofy on "Time Of My Life" was a great precursor to the winner's announcement.

Big yikes, though, on Meatloaf. Poor Katharine. I mean Chris got Live, and Elliott got Mary J, and Kat got MEATLOAF?! And not only that, but Meatloaf sounding like hot buttered ass! GAH! He was so awful! Out of tune, off the beat and sounding like Adam Sandler doing Operaman.

Taylor didn't get much better with Toni Braxton grinding on him while singing "In the Ghetto". The song is about poverty, not about sex!

Another yikes - Clay Aiken's hair. WTF?!?! He looks like a street urchin! No wait. He looks like K.D. Lang!

Congratulation to Taylor Hicks for a well-deserved victory, and congratulations to Katharine McPhee for a great run on the show and for giving some of the best performances of the season. I am sure both will have successful careers. And I want her version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"!

Celeb watch: I started out in row 2. Directly behind me was David Boreanaz and his hilarious and adorable little boy. Also in that row were Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper from The OC) and Vonzell Solomon looking very cute. Boreanaz's kid wouldn't let her through the row. It was quite cute. Behind them was Heather Locklear (gorgeous!), Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor. I didn't get to stay in my seat too long ... Anthony Fedorov bumped me out, then I moved next to Ming Na before getting bumped by Nadia Turner. I finally settled on a seat in the second row of the back section. From there, I saw Lisa Rinna (she looked fantastic - killer bod!), Harry Hamlin, Ray Romano, Carrie-Ann Inaba, Kathy Griffin, Joey Fatone, James Van Der Beek and his wife, David Hasselhoff, one of the ZZ Top guys, Jon Peter Lewis, George Huff, Jennifer Hudson.

Also seen during the day: Mikalah Gordon puffing on some ciggies outside of the AI Extra set. One of last year's bad contestants, Adam (of Adam and Dirk), who went from being part of last year's finale to being a seatfiller. Justin Guarini leaving the Kodak. Matt Rogers asking how he can get into the Fox VIP party. BWAH! So You Think You Can Dance winner Nick and runner-up Melody, along with Bobby "Copacabana" Bennett and former contestant April Walsh, who was one of the later cuts this year, standing in this almost-VIP section between the fans and the press area after the show. Bobby was in the balcony during the show, watching with Top 24 finalists Will Makar (or Wilma Carr, as I love to call him), Stevie Scott and Ayla Brown. Constantine Maroulis doing interviews and periodically posing for pictures with fans. He managed to stay on his feet this year. Heh.


Superstar said...

I stand corrected I forgot that Kelly wrote that song...I don't mind saying I was wrong! OPPS! LOL ;o)

OK SO LOVED seeing PRINCE YEAHHHHH!!!! I know that he is such an ego maniac..but then most musicans are to some point!

My Grandma was SO mad that McPhever didn't win it. She was so over the top about Kat's "over the rainbow" that I just about puked. (She sings the song the best I have ever heard. I just don't like the song...)Anyway, My Grandma called me 1/2 way thru KNOWING that I knew who won(she lives in WA State)...I refused to KIBBITS... I said, "I think the person who won is the better musician"...She was so mad..then she called me at the end and told me , "You made me think that Kat won, you little stink pot!" Stink pot? I haven't been that since I was 3!!!!! LOL ;o) What other show can link the 3 generations of a family????

Thanks for your site. Love the Finale! WHOOO HOOOO!

Lisa said...

You were at the finals? How exciting!! And even more exciting that you kept getting bumped out of your seat by other Idols!! I wonder what they would have thought if you said, "NO I AM STAYING HERE!" haha

I actually LOVED Clay's hair-it was a shocker though, but if you think about it he USED to look like that guy who was singing with him-and now he looks like that...far better I do believe! heehee

Meatloaf was terrible and Braxton was acting like a slut-I didn't see Paula go crazy for Lisa Tucker during Alfie-I always thought Lisa was good but I just couldn't connect with her either!

And I saw DERK-haha it was awesome that he got invited back to the show-I bet he and David Hasselhoff are great friends! heehee

I actually didn't love the duet with Mary and Elliot-He sang great and then she stuffed him to the side and sang the rest of the song..that was annoying because Elliot just stood there-unless he felt overwhelmed by her or something.

How long did the contestants and everyone stay on the stage after the show went off the air? I always hate that they cut it off so fast.