Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So You Think You Can Fame-Whore?

Got caught up watching So You Think You Can Dance tonight - it was the LA auditions, and not surprisingly, I saw a familiar face.

The fame-whore of all fame-whores - Jules Sanchez - auditioned for the show. And I'm going to say hi right now to Jules because I will bet that he is doing blog searches on himself as we speak. Hi, Jules! Why do I say that? Because I also came across this post on the Canadian Idol website from someone named jlssings:

Jules Sanchez From American Idol

Hmmm ... wonder who could have the initials JLS with a link to on his profile? ::rolls eyes::

Anyway, I guess this says something about me also that I actually know who this guy is. For those who don't, he auditioned for American Idol in Season 1 and made it to Hollywood somehow. In between the first audition and the Hollywood round, he decided to get his eyebrows waxed in an effort to improve his image. He had a waxing mishap and had pretty much his entire eyebrow, skin even, peeled off. After he got cut, he got on the horn in front of all the auditioners and told off Simon and Randy in a pretty memorable rant. It got so bad, and he was getting his add handed to him by Simon and Randy, that other bootees walked off the stage because they didn't want to be associated with his madness.

Jules didn't stop there, though ... I also saw him audition for Pop Stars 2, another season of American Idol, and an infinite amount of reality shows. I also saw him in line trying to get into an American Idol taping, but that's another story. I also saw him on a documentary about reality shows, and he was interviewed as a professional reality or game show contestant or something stupid like that. Apparently, he also auditioned recently for RockStar (BWAH! As if!) and America's Got Talent. It's obvious he's just a fame-whore (I witnessed him carrying around a big pink poster at Hollywood & Highland at the American Idol finale that had his name and website on it), and yet these shows keep putting him on TV. Talk about enabling!

So after reading his "resume" I think he easily surpasses Alexandra Bachelier (AI1, PopStars 1 and 2, among others) as the biggest fame-whore to come out of reality tv. The girl is still plugging along trying to become famous. Google found her Myspace Music for me. Heh.

On top of that familiar face, I also heard a familiar name ... maybe? One of the auditioners, John Arviso, said he was a member of the metropolitan ballet and that he's from Victorville but living in Long Beach. They listed his age as 30, so it's possible we may have gone to the same high school. Does the name ring a bell to anyone?

We won't get to see John on that show anymore, though. Boyfriend couldn't even do an arabesque without his knees buckling, and he could barely do a full pirouette. He was either nervous as hell, or he's not really in the ballet.

Unfortunately, we won't see the two bad-ass dancers from SickStep (one of the members of that group, Ryan, was a finalist last year) anymore either because they are about as good as I am with choreography. It's a shame because one dude, Victor, did some of the sickest dance moves I've ever seen. He slid across the stage on his head! (and it was much better than this attempt.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Celeb Couples News

The Insider reports that David Spade and Heather Locklear are no more and that David was seen with Paris Hilton this past weekend at Ultimate Fighting Championship. Well, David's a busy beaver because People caught him and Heather out on the beach at Malibu, and I spotted him and his wee little self at The Grove on Sunday night with another young blonde not named Paris or Heather.

The Constantine Maroulis and Kellie Pickler rumors continue. People says that Constantine was seen shopping for her in Santa Monica, looking for a rock and roll look for her. The more horrifying news about the whole thing is not so much that those two could be an item, but that he thinks a black and white dress and green polka-dot shoes would look cute together.

People also reports that Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry finally got married. All in front of the cameras, of course. They did meet on a reality TV show, after all.

Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe's divorce is confirmed by The Insider. Could it have been that whole forgetting to thank her husband bit at the Oscars?

Brangelina ... they had a baby girl. Blah blah blah.

Friday, May 26, 2006

With Apologies To Mr. Loaf

In my last blog, I commented on Meatloaf's performance on the American Idol finale, saying he sounded like "hot buttered ass". Well, I found out why, and now I feel like an ass myself.

According to this article, Meatloaf suffers from a terrible case of television stage fright. From the article:

He said the only thing he remembers is the television people telling him that he had less than two minutes before he went on, and then he was walking off the stage and thought he was going to pass out.

He has no memory of what happened in the middle. He admits he sat down and began to "cry like a baby" afterwards.

Meat Loaf said that he's surprised he didn't die of a heart attack.

Wow. I feel REALLY bad now. Although I do wonder why he would agree to sing ...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Best Finale Ever!

Not only did tonight's AI finale bring the most popular and acceptable result with Taylor Hicks winning, but it also brought the most entertaining and star-studded finale ever! One word - PRINCE.

PRINCE! At the finale! And they kept it a secret! Aaahhhhh!!! Talk about your American Idols!

And the show was so packed with incredible performances. Mary J Blige singing "One" with Elliott Yamin (WOW), Al Jarreau singing "We're In This Love Together" with Paris Bennett (those two sounded amazing together), Live singing with his shorter clone, Chris Daughtry. They brought back the group medleys! And they sounded good! How about Lisa Tucker?! I don't know if they showed it on TV, but Paula Abdul was going crazy for her during her solo on "Alfie". I was blown away too. I thought she sounded so good. Taylor and Katharine singing, dancing and being goofy on "Time Of My Life" was a great precursor to the winner's announcement.

Big yikes, though, on Meatloaf. Poor Katharine. I mean Chris got Live, and Elliott got Mary J, and Kat got MEATLOAF?! And not only that, but Meatloaf sounding like hot buttered ass! GAH! He was so awful! Out of tune, off the beat and sounding like Adam Sandler doing Operaman.

Taylor didn't get much better with Toni Braxton grinding on him while singing "In the Ghetto". The song is about poverty, not about sex!

Another yikes - Clay Aiken's hair. WTF?!?! He looks like a street urchin! No wait. He looks like K.D. Lang!

Congratulation to Taylor Hicks for a well-deserved victory, and congratulations to Katharine McPhee for a great run on the show and for giving some of the best performances of the season. I am sure both will have successful careers. And I want her version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"!

Celeb watch: I started out in row 2. Directly behind me was David Boreanaz and his hilarious and adorable little boy. Also in that row were Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper from The OC) and Vonzell Solomon looking very cute. Boreanaz's kid wouldn't let her through the row. It was quite cute. Behind them was Heather Locklear (gorgeous!), Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor. I didn't get to stay in my seat too long ... Anthony Fedorov bumped me out, then I moved next to Ming Na before getting bumped by Nadia Turner. I finally settled on a seat in the second row of the back section. From there, I saw Lisa Rinna (she looked fantastic - killer bod!), Harry Hamlin, Ray Romano, Carrie-Ann Inaba, Kathy Griffin, Joey Fatone, James Van Der Beek and his wife, David Hasselhoff, one of the ZZ Top guys, Jon Peter Lewis, George Huff, Jennifer Hudson.

Also seen during the day: Mikalah Gordon puffing on some ciggies outside of the AI Extra set. One of last year's bad contestants, Adam (of Adam and Dirk), who went from being part of last year's finale to being a seatfiller. Justin Guarini leaving the Kodak. Matt Rogers asking how he can get into the Fox VIP party. BWAH! So You Think You Can Dance winner Nick and runner-up Melody, along with Bobby "Copacabana" Bennett and former contestant April Walsh, who was one of the later cuts this year, standing in this almost-VIP section between the fans and the press area after the show. Bobby was in the balcony during the show, watching with Top 24 finalists Will Makar (or Wilma Carr, as I love to call him), Stevie Scott and Ayla Brown. Constantine Maroulis doing interviews and periodically posing for pictures with fans. He managed to stay on his feet this year. Heh.

Thoughts From The Finale

I went to Tuesday's American Idol finale at the Kodak theater. I came out thinking I would have called it a draw, but when I watched it on TV, I have to agree with Simon in that Taylor Hicks' last song propelled him to victory over Katharine McPhee.

I ended up sitting in the back of the theater, so at times it was hard to hear. I started out in the third or fourth row initially (I was a seat-filler) and was behind the gorgeous Jennifer Hudson and the happiest man on earth, George Huff. Behind me was Ace Young and his parents. Next to me was Ann Nesby (Paris Bennett's grandmother), and then I got booted from my location when Paris came. She's really cute. I just missed seeing Elliott Yamin. I wanted to see how tall he is. Heh. BTW - speaking of Elliott ... everytime his name was mentioned or his face was on the video board, the crowd went bonkers. He and Chris Daughtry were the most beloved of the booted finalists, by far. If Elliott had made the finals, he totally would have won. Sigh.

Anyway, the acoustics in the back aren't all that great, so when it gets really loud, it's very hard to hear. I missed most of Randy Jackson's comments (I've found that this is a good thing most of the time). And I missed Katharine's miffing of the ending of her coronation song, "My Destiny". She hit those bum notes just as the whole crowd was getting on their feet and cheering for her. It's a shame, too, because she was having a great night up until then (Somewhere Over The Rainbow is just stunning to hear in person), and I also thought she really connected with that song, crappy as it was.

Now Taylor sang the crap out of his crappy song. His opening was weak (and those lyrics are SO DUMB!), but he really let loose at the end and churched it up. It's a testament to him as a performer that he was able to turn that horrible song into something worth listening to. Not that I particularly want to hear it again after the confetti drops and fireworks pop today!

Oh - and a couple of celebrity and ex-Idol sightings: James Van Der Beek and his wife, Stanford from Sex in the City, Justin Guarini, Tori Spelling, Ty Treadway, Anthony Fedorov, Nadia Turner, Tamyra Gray, Mikalah Gordon, George Huff, Jennifer Hudson, Ayla Brown, LaToya London (looking ridiculously gorgeous w/ long hair), Kimberley Locke.

Friday, May 19, 2006

SNL Gems

Gotta love I found these classic SNL skits on the site. They're still funny even after all these years.

I was thrilled to find the Chris Farley/Patrick Swayze Chippendales skit. I almost busted a gut the first time I saw it and could not control my laughter in the office when I watched it again.

Gap Girls

Chris Farley & Patrick Swayze audition for Chippendales

David Spade and Helen Hunt say Buh-Bye

Eddie Murphy as a grown-up Buh-Weet

Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song

Adam Sandler as Operaman

Jimmy Fallon singing Valentine's Day parodies

Chris Kattan and Chris Parnell audition for Britney Spears

If anyone can find the Mango/J.Lo skit, the Paula Abdul Spartan Cheerleader skit, Choppin' Broccoli, or the Heather Locklear Wayne's World skit, let me know!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cover Me

I've been running into quite a few covers recently, some impressive, some not so much. I get a kick out of hearing famous artists cover other people's songs. It's interesting!

The impressive:
Tori Amos - "Operator" by Jim Croce
Bo Bice - "Doesn't Remind Me" by Audioslave
Shinedown - "One" by U2 (by the way, there's also an acoustic version of "I Dare You", aka the song that Chris Daughtry screamed his voice into near-oblivion with)
Gavin Degraw - "A Song For You" by Donny Hathaway
Carrie Underwood - "Bless The Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts

Not too bad:
Lifehouse - "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane (would have been better if they had done something distinctive to it)
Switchfoot - "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys

Rob Thomas - "Borderline" by Madonna (It's cool at first, but then it just drags into the neverending song. I like Jody Watley's better)

Natasha Bedingfield - "The Scientist" by Coldplay (really emphasizes her weak vocals)
Jason Mraz - "Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones (sung in that distinctive Mraz way, making this song very unrecognizable)
Big and Rich - "Like A Virgin" by Madonna (I have no words)

Whatta Yamin He's Gone?

Sweet, unassuming, golden-voiced Elliott Yamin lost out on American Idol by a measly two-tenths of a percentage vote. The ultimate underdog will take his place amongst the most well-liked Idol contestants in the show's history, right alongside the happiest man on earth, George Huff. I hope Elliott gets a recording contract out of this. He certainly deserves it!

How great would it have been if the show had decided to turn things around on its ear and declare a statistical tie, advancing all three finalists in a ground-breaking, unprecedented move? Now THAT would have gotten the buzz going for the finale!

There is a lot of McHate buzzing around the internet about Katharine's happy face after Elliott was eliminated, with the haters conveniently putting her smile out of context. She was smiling as Ryan Seacrest was saying "That means Taylor and Katharine are moving on to the finale", not as he was saying Elliott was eliminated. Immediately upon the announcement of Elliott's elimination, Katharine put her hand on her heart and turned to Elliott to squeeze his arm.

The hating on Kat's mother, on the other hand, well, I have nothing for that one. Her mother raised her arms up in jubilation and mugged for the cameras. That was really tacky. A smile is understandable, but that displayed showed little class. She had an appropriate reaction when Chris was eliminated last week, and I understand that she was thrilled about her daughter advancing to the finale, but take it down a notch, woman!

Kat made some comment on the show last night about not really talking to her family all that much, which I found to be way odd that she'd say it out loud (she seems to have a problem with the filter between her brain and mouth), but after watching her mom whoop it up at the end of the show, I am wondering if the reason Kat doesn't talk to them a lot is because she can't stand them.

So Taylor's pretty much a lock to win this thing next week. If Elliott's fans vote at all, they will vote for Taylor. Similar music tastes, plus a vote for Taylor is a vote against Katharine. Although, to be fair, Taylor has quite a few haters himself, so Kat will pick up some anyone-but-Taylor votes too. I think she will need 3 sensational performances in the same vein as Somewhere Over The Rainbow next week to have a chance, though.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Katharine Gets Her Moment

But will it be her last? If tonight is indeed her last as an Idol contender, she'll always have that gorgeous performance of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Personally, I think it was enough to catapult her into the finale. No, it doesn't erase the clunkers she has produced, like "I Believe I Can Fly", "Against All Odds" and "The Voice Within", but Kat has had her share of great moments on the show, like this one, "Since I Fell For You", "Someone To Watch Over Me" and "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree". Let's face it - the girl is wildly inconsistent. When she's bad, she's very bad. But when she's good, she's often great. She just needs to realize that her money is in her smoky mid-register, and not in her shrill upper-register. She could be another Jane Monheit, but more mainstream.

Loved the "ruby slippers" she wore for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", by the way. What a cute and subtle shoutout to the Wizard of Oz.

Unfortunately, Elliott is probably going to be the one to go tonight. He has a great voice, but he just didn't bring it last night. He flubbed the words to "Open Arms" (not to mention a note leading into the lyric mishap), and his song choices were uninspiring.

I'd rather see Taylor go, but his Soul Patrol will keep him in despite his karaoke-esque performances. "You Are So Beautiful" was nicely done, but it was a copycat performance of Joe Cocker, right down to the faltering voice. I was sooo apalled to see him break out the finger guns and holster when he sang the line "This gun's for hire" on "Dancing in the Dark". It was as bad as Ace's showing of his scar on "Drops of Jupiter" or Elliott pointing to his eye when he sings the word "look". And "Try A Little Tenderness" belonged on a cruise ship the way he did it.

This guy is going to win next week, though, and 19E and RCA will not know what to do with him. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Simon Says

Simon Cowell went on the Tonight Show last night and predicted that Taylor Hicks would win this year's American Idol. Usually, what Simon says goes, but this is also the same guy who picked Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler to be in the Top 3. Yeah. Simon also said that Katharine McPhee would be in the finals with Taylor, but I can't tell if he was being serious or just trying to make a funny because he said she would be in the finals because he picked her song ("Over the Rainbow", incidentally). Paula Abdul told Teen People that she thinks Elliott Yamin should win, but Paula has about as much pull and as much credibility as a gnat.

Simon was quite funny and charming on the Tonight Show, I must say. He made quite a few funnies too, especially in regards to Ryan Seacrest, who surprised him by popping up on the show. Amongst the comments (paraphrasing here): Ryan's ego is so big that he would marry himself, divorce himself and then re-marry himself.

Clive Davis has selected his songs for the Idol Top 3 to sing tonight - "Open Arms" for Elliott, "I Believe I Can Fly" for Katharine, and "Dancing In The Dark" for Taylor. Clive is so very out of touch. These songs choices are horrid, especially Katharine's! Be prepared for a long night ... And Katharine, be prepared for a creepy old man to leer at you like he did to Fantasia in season 3.

But then again, I had a strong negative reaction to Clive's choice for Bo Bice last year - "Don't Let The Sun Go Do Down On Me" (aka the song that has been sung every single year on Idol), and he slayed me by the third note and just knocked it out of the park. I don't expect an "In A Dream" a capella moment, but hopefully someone will surprise me.

Speaking of surprises, I read in SI that Matt Leinart is going to be on Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher and will be "arrested" for soliciting a prostitute. Not sure that a crime-related Punk'd is a good idea right now considering all the controversy at 'SC right now, but better them than us!

And speaking of 'SC criminals, OJ Simpson is going to be doing his own Punk'd-like pay-per-view show, called Juiced, and that the white Bronco is going to be involved in the prank somehow. And just when you thought he couldn't get any creepier ...

Grey's Anatomy finished up the season with a two-hour season finale that should have ended after the first hour. The second hour just dragged on and on but finally got re-interesting again at the end with a steamy sex scene between Meredith and McDreamy. Then Denny died, Izzie freaked out, and Alex carried Izzie off his bed and held her in his arms. Aww. Who knew there was a heart underneath the assy exterior? And the cliffhanger? Meredith has to choose between McDreamy and Finn. Now THAT's a nice problem to have. The show is moving to Thursdays next season. Once again, ABC plays lineup shuffle. Because it worked so well for their previous Sunday hit, Alias?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Super Sweeps Sunday

So much good TV on Sunday. The night started off with NCAA Championship #99 for UCLA, as the women's water polo team beat U$C 9-8 on a last-second goal. Not that I saw it, though. CSTV inexplicably cut away to a shot of UCLA's head coach on the pool deck just after the foul that led to the shot and didn't get back to the action until the ball was going into the net.

Next up was the finale of Survivor. Last we left it, Danielle and Cirie were battling it out in a tie-breaking fire-building challenge for a spot in the Top 3. While it's a better tiebreaker than the ridiculous pick a rock tiebreaker that doomed Pascal, you'd think the show would be much more intriguing if the contestants didn't know ahead of time what the tiebreaker was going to be. Anyway, although Cirie blazed a fire first, she couldn't sustain it, and Danielle won the challenge. The next challenge unfortunately wasn't for immunity, it was for reward, and Terry came from behind at the last second to steal it away from Aras.

I say unfortunately because in the actual all-important immunity challenge, Danielle won and took assy Aras to the final two, in large part because he threatened her and told her that if she took Terry, she'd lose both his and Cirie's vote. I thought Terry and Cirie were the only ones worthy of winning the competition, and it would have been interesting to see a final two with the two of them. I think Terry would have gotten the votes from Shane, Austin and Sally for sure, with Bruce and Courtney as toss-ups. It would have been very close. I was pulling for Terry the whole way. Anyone who can get that far and win every challenge with his back against the wall and the whole camp against him deserved to win. Cirie was useless in the challenges, but she manipulated every elimination to her favor and was the real mastermind of her alliance. In many ways, she carried Aras to the title. Terry kind of did too. He should have thrown one of the immunity challenges earlier in order to get rid of Aras. He could have blind-sided them with the immunity necklace but failed to strategize properly with it.

After the Survivor Reunion show (Hey, Probst ... the Tina/dead son thing ... can you say intrusive?!), I hit the TiVo to watch Desperate Housewives. It's getting back to the campy out-there-ness of the first season. The Susan/Edie rivalry continued, and Susan continued to inadvertantly put Edie in harms way. After accidentally burning Edie's house down and running her over with her car, this time Susan accidentally sends Edie into a beehive, which completely blows her face up. I'm evil ... I totally laughed when they showed her face after. Crazy neighbor whats-her-name (seriously, I care so little about this plotline that I can't even be bothered with their names) chopped her fingers off in order to frame Zack's dad for murder. Crazy neighbor Applewaite locked her other son in the basement and told him he made her so angry for allowing her to murder her son for no reason. Hello?! Listen to yourself, crazy lady! You were going to murder your son! Bree checked herself into a psych clinic, fearing a nervous breakdown coming. I was feeling a Kimberly Melrose Place wig-removing moment coming. Carlos is so going to have an affair with the Chinese girl. And Lynette discovering Tom's infidelity? That is the reason why Felicity Huffman won an Emmy. She's truly outstanding.

Sunday's Grey's Anatomy was the first hour of a three-hour season finale. Tonight is the conclusion (in about 1 hour if you're on the west coast). At the end of Sunday's episode, Izzy wigged out and totally lost it trying to get Denny his heart, lying to Burke that his condition deteriorated such that he needed the heart right away. And not only that, but she convinced him to let her make his condition bad so that he could get that heart. Crazy girl. She snipped something that's going to make his heart stop or something, just as Burke is going to get to the hospital. Only problem is, Burke gets shot just outside the hospital. Dun dun dun! Addison has it out with McDreamy in front of the rest of their co-workers after realizing that her husband seems to not have any passion either way about her. She had an affair with his best friend, and he just left. Meredith dates McDreamy V2.0, and Derek is so angry he can barely breathe. She should have seen the writing on the wall when said best friend came to the hospital earlier in the season and hit on Meredith. Derek decked him for that, something he didn't even do when he found out about the affiar. Two more hours of this ... can't wait!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Random Website Links

Just sharing some interesting websites:

Jody Watley covering Madonna's "Borderline"
Sarah Mather - aka the girl who gave the awesomely funny "F-you" performance of "Get Ready" after she was booted in the first round of semifinals on AI4.
Serge Cayanong (he was on Canadian Idol 2 and 3 and was robbed out of a spot in the semifinals both years) covering Ne-Yo's "So Sick"
Shayne Ward singing "Over The Rainbow" on X-Factor in the UK. This is supposedly Katharine McPhee's judges' choice song for Tuesday's American Idol. Simon seems to have a thing for this song. And I think Ace Young was supposed to be the American version of this guy, except Ace's falsetto sucks, and, well, he kinda sucks too.
The Advocate - Some of the funniest, snarkiest recaps you'll ever read of American Idol

Go Fug Yourself - Fashion commentary. All celebs and their stylists hope they don't make it on this website
PerezHilton - Celebrity gossip
Defamer - LA gossip

Flash games - I don't get the bowling game, but the office paintball is fun
Classic 80's games - Play Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Asteroids, plus others

Bargain Flix - Search for the best bargain on DVDs - Avoid registration on many websites. Especially good for newspaper sites that require registration to read articles - Internet Movie Database
Video Downloader - Download video clips from YouTube, et. al via this site

EBaum's World - Funny videos and pictures

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Humility, Thy Name Is Not Chris

"If you would have people speak well of you, then do not speak well of yourself. " - Blaise Pascal

In the words of Judge Reinhold on Fast Times At Ridgemont High: Learn it. Know it. Live it, Chris Daughtry!

I was starting to feel really bad for the guy after he got sucker-punched last night on American Idol. Then I read all the interviews the next day, and, well, the guy was way too high on himself. I've never seen such unhumble and ungracious comments from a contestant before. Even Mr. Self Love, Constantine Maroulis, and Ms. Clueless to the World, Kellie Pickler, went out with graciousness and class. This dude? Not so much.

Check out these two interviews:

Entertainment Weekly - He really came across very assy in this one. He more or less blames the fans for being complacent and not voting because they thought he was safe. He even speculates that maybe his fans didn't want him to win. He thought this was one of his best weeks and said "I honestly feel in my heart Simon just didn't like the second song. I don't think it was me. It was the song." He called his elimination "the biggest shock in American Idol history" (to which I say pffft! There is a reason people are saying Chris has been Tamyra'd!), and he encourages those who claim they will boycott the show because he was robbed before backtracking. It's all a bit much in this, what, 5-10 minute interview? - Quote: "It's weird because you have all these people telling you for weeks that this is your thing to win, you're gonna win this thing. And when you have so many people telling you that, you assume this is what America wants. The only thing I can think of is everybody thought I was a shoo-in. Paula said, "We'll see you in the finals." Everybody's like, "He's fine, we need to vote for the person we want in there with him." That was my downfall, in my opinion."

What really bugs me about his interviews is that he never once gives it up for the other remaining contestants. In fact, he flat-out refused to talk about them. You don't hear him saying that when it's down to the final four, the talent level is so high amongst them that it could have been any of them going. Not once does he acknowledge the others' talent or ability to pull in a strong fanbase. Or even considers the fact that, hey, maybe people voting preferred one of the others to him.

Humble or not, Chris received an offer from Fuel today to be their new lead singer. As I said back in March, he should take the offer and run far away from Idol. I do wonder if Fuel knows what that by taking in a former Idol favorite they're also getting with it some fanatical Idol fans. Good luck with that, guys!

Idol All Shook Up

In one of the biggest shocks in American Idol history, fan and judges' favorite Chris Daughtry was eliminated on Elvis week just one day after Paula Abdul told him, "See you in the finals." Chris was unceremoniously told of his fate when Ryan Seacrest said, "A lot of people predicted, Chris, that you could be the next American Idol. Chris, you are going home tonight." Boom. Just like that, with all the tactfulness of a Mack truck.

Chris looked shocked and pissed. Paula hid her head in her hands. Simon looked pissed. Katharine's jaw dropped, and even she looked pissed. Everyone in the audience had their mouths open. It was a Tamyra/ Constantine/ LaToya/ Jennifer Hudson-like moment. I guess we can no longer claim that Idol is rigged when "The Chosen One" is going home. Chris fans, of course, are calling shenanigans. Typical Idol fans.

Did he deserve to go home? He did have two consecutive weeks of weak second songs (bad being a relative term, of course). Katharine also had two bad weeks in a row, but her bad song two weeks ago was her first, and she smoked the second song. I think her mediocre performance this week, coupled with the judges' comments, galvanized her fans. Between that and a huge surge from Elliott, who had the best overall night, it pushed Chris out of the game. His alt-rock musical stylings on just about every song didn't help either. It's not as if many fans of 90's alt-rock watch and vote on American Idol.

So the Final 3 is Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin and Katharine McPhee. Kat will probably get the villain edit and get blamed for the demise of The Chosen One, a la Jasmine Trias. On Top 3 night in season 3, Clive Davis was deliciously evil, giving Jasmine "All By Myself" to sing, that song, of course, being the song that LaToya nailed in the semifinals. Jasmine predictably fell short on that song and was finally booted. Watch for Katharine to be singing "Hemorrhage" next week.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Damn, Beaver!

The Veronica Mars season finale wrapped up the big storyline of the season by revealing whodunit ... for quite a few things. (If you haven't watched the show yet, better stop reading now!)

And you can blame it all on the Beav. Turns out the Big Bad of this season was Cassidy Casablancas, aka Beaver. Not only did he cause the bus crash from the season premiere, but he also killed Curly Moran (and tried to frame Veronica for that murder); raped Veronica when she was roofied up at a party (one of the big whodunits from season 1); blew up a helicopter carrying Mayor Woody, who had molested the Beav as a kid, and Veronica's dad; tazered Veronica; then tried to force her off the top of the building. About the only thing Beaver didn't do was kill Thumper. That one's getting pinned on Weevil, who was arrested just moments before receiving his diploma in an assy move by Lamb.

As much as I wasn't fond of the season-long very complex mystery, the finale made it worth it with superb acting and a thrilling, perilous scene with the Big Bad and Veronica, just like last year's bone-chilling finale. Although you pretty much knew Veronica would be ok in the death struggle on the roof (the show wouldn't BE Veronica Mars without Veronica Mars, after all), it was still suspenseful. Logan showing up to rescue her was great, but what was even greater was him not so much rescuing her from Beaver but rescuing her from killing Beaver in retaliation for killing her dad and raping her. After he convinced Veronica that she's "not a killer" and got the gun from her, I thought for sure he was going to shoot Beaver himself. That would have been interesting, but I like how it played out.

Keith Mars ended up not on that plane, Veronica and Logan kissed, so all's well that ends well, right? Well, what kind of season finale would that be? The cliffhanger? Kendall Casablancas shows up at Keith's office with an offer for his assistance and a suitcase filled with something that may make him miss his flight to New York with Veronica. So what's in the suitcase? EW thinks it's evidence of Aaron Echoll's murder, which was orchestrated by Duncan. Sounds plausible to me. Hopefully the new CW network will allow that mystery to be solved by keeping this show for its third season in the fall.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Celebrity Dish

Nick Lachey finally found some taste in the dating department. But it's not in who he's dating but in who he won't date. Yahoo reports that when asked on a radio station if he would ever hook up with Lindsay Lohan, who has made it known that she has always had a crush on him, Nick said, "I can safely say that I don't have any interest in Lindsay Lohan...nor do I understand anyone else that does." Hee!

Nick's buddy Matt Leinart is apparently now dating Paris Hilton. Didn't take her long to glob onto another multi-millionaire. Maybe she's the reason his stock dropped all the way down to the No. 10 draft pick ... his IQ must drop about 20 points every minute he spends with her.

Paris' ex-buddy Nicole Richie finally admits that she needs to gain weight. The formerly frumpy Nicole is now Calista Flockhart-like thin and tells Vanity Fair, "I know I'm too thin right now, so I wouldn't want any young girl looking at me and saying, 'That's what I want to look like.'" Oh yes, Nicole, because this is what we all strive for. Gack!

The other Paris - you know, the one who is famous for actually DOING something and having a talent greater than partying - was booted last night on Idol. Paris Bennett went out with style, flair and grace last night. The bottom 2, she and Elliott Yamin, were asked to do one of their songs prior to the announcement. She coyly removed the gum out of her mouth and plopped it in Ryan Seacrest's hand, asking if he could hold it for her. Then, with her mic pack dragging from her waist towards the end of the song, Seacrest tried to help her by holding it and walking and faux-dancing around the stage with her while she continued to sing. It was the funniest thing I've seen on that stage since John Stevens tried to do Crocodile Rock. Paris is really cute. In one of her post-elimination interviews, she said about her 18th birthday, "I'm thinking about having a big party bash. Maybe at a roller-skating rink because I love to roller-skate. Do it really big."

Speaking of big, Anna Nicole Smith may be pregnant. Or not. This story's stupid. I was just looking for a good segue into this ...

Britney Spears and spawn monster K-Fed are rumored to be having a baby girl. And Brit apparently wants to move back to Louisiana because she's tired of all the pressure of living in LA and having every move watched and judged. That, and she's tired of K-Fed ogling all the pretty women. According to this article, he said about her desire to leave, "Send me a postcard!" Girl, run! Run far, far away from Mr. Popo-Zao.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Something Old, Something New

Or in Taylor Hicks' case, Something Old and Something Older.

This week's Idol was supposed to have two themes - Songs From The Year You Were Born and Songs From Today's Billboard Charts. It's supposed to be an old song and a new song. Except that Taylor decided to do an old song and an older song, using the Chris Daughtry method of getting around theme nights. His song from his birth year was "Play That Funky Music", and his "today" song was "Something" by The Beatles, which is on some obscure chart for older music. Actually, for all we know, "Something" WAS from the year he was born because he IS a 42-year old man, after all!

Anyway, Taylor brought back his inner Elaine for "Play That Funky Music", and his "Something" really wasn't vocally impressive to me. The tone of his voice on that song sounded strange. I think Taylor had a big misstep tonight by not doing a current song because he reminded the producers and 19E that he doesn't have much (or any) relevance in today's music scene. If they were trying to sabotage him before, they'll surely do it again in the near future so they don't get "stuck" with him as the winner.

The sabotage may come sooner rather than later, though, because their Chosen One, Chris Daughtry, may be fading. The affects of all those weeks of screaming his songs (with maybe two or three exceptions) are starting to take its toll on his voice. After a good version of Styx's "Renegade", Chris followed up with a scream-fest on "I Dare You", which started out as a song that might have a nice melody but unwisely turned into "What If, Part Deux". Chris' voice just died on him on this song, with off-key screaming and cracking.

Speaking of off-key, Katharine McPhee was REALLY off-key on her first song "Against All Odds", but then she tore up the stage on her finale, singing KT Tunstall's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" on her knees and barefoot in jeans. I didn't think Kat had it in her to do this song, but she was terrific and most likely saved herself.

The bottom two will probably be Elliott Yamin and Paris Bennett, the two best singers in the competition. But, as we all know, this isn't exclusively a singing competition. Elliott did a bland "On Broadway" for his first song and then "Home" by Michael Buble for his second. I LOVE "Home" and I love Elliott's voice, but I don't exactly love Elliott's voice on "Home", although it was nicely done. Elliott's voice is not quite soft and wistful enough for the song, and none of his performances were quite memorable enough, good or bad, to bring in the big votes. Same with Paris. She did Prince's "Kiss", which I thought was going to be a trainwreck but ended up being sassy and cute, then finished with "Be Without You" by Mary J Blige, which she tore up vocally. While her contemporary song was really great, I think she would have been better off singing "SOS" to get those tween votes that Pickler used to get.

Paris is most likely going to be outta here tomorrow. Especially if the Idol curse holds up. Every contestant who has performed second in the Top 5 show since the second season has been eliminated. But then again, Elliott made the unfortunate choice of singing two songs with negative lyrics - "they say I won't last too long on Broadway" and "let me go home ... I wanna come home".