Friday, April 28, 2006

Ten Tube-Related Questions

Here are 10 questions raised from watching TV this week:

1. From The OC: Who picked out Marissa's dress, and did they really think it was cute? Ewww!

2. From American Idol: Which is the real Kellie Pickler? The dumb bimbo blonde who asked on The Tonight Show "What's a cameo?" or the nice, normal girl from this Entertainment Weekly post-elimination interview?

3. From Veronica Mars: Why don't women realize that when you knock on the door and the person of your affection opens it only halfway (and wearing next to nothing), there's usually another woman on the other side of the door also wearing next to nothing? Poor Veronica had the double-whammy of realizing not only that Logan's "epic love" speech came out of a drunken stupor but that he also slept with possible mass-murderer Kendall Casablancas after he professed his feelings to Veronica.

4. From Survivor: Is it possible for someone to dominate the competitions a la Colby Donaldson and actually win? Hot firefighter Tom dominated, but he also had the benefit of having his entire tribe being the last ones standing. This year, Terry is absolutely dominating the competitions and also has the hidden immunity idol (although he hasn't exactly used it to his best benefit!) and is the last person standing from his tribe after the merge. He seems to have no chance in hell of winning. Why is it so hard for people to respect the game-play and vote for the most worthy rather than who lucked into being in your original tribe?

5. From American Idol again: Can the beautiful people win American Idol? Simon Cowell thinks that Katharine McPhee is too pretty that it's going to hurt her in getting votes. I generally hate the whole girls-don't-like-really-pretty-girls-because-they're-threatening theory, but I think brunette beauties tend to be looked at as Veronicas rather than Bettys. Carrie was more of a Betty - wholesome pretty. So was Kelly, and she was not considered one of the lookers her season. Most of the contestants with model-looks of past years were eliminated fairly early - Christina Christian, Ryan Starr (ehh ... I guess in some people's minds), Kim Caldwell (before she got that horrific haircut), Lisa Wilson (when her mouth was closed), Amanda Avila, Becky O'Donahue. The difference with them and Katharine, though ... she has a fantastic voice to go along with her looks.

6. From Lost: Why does ABC love to show these "recap" shows so much? You'd think one would be enough, but I feel like they've already done two of them for Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy, and the season's not over yet. I'm sure they'll do a season recap after the finale too. Boring!

7. From The Amazing Race: Why does this group of contestants make me miss the much-maligned TAR: Family Edition? Where are those crazy Weavers? I kind of miss hating them! This group is kind of boring. And the ones who aren't boring are totally playing it up to annoying levels (HIPPIES!)

8. From Idol Tonight: Who did Kimberly Caldwell sleep with to get this job? She's a horrible interviewer/host! She shouts most of the show, and she cuts people off when they're trying to answer her question. The whole show is wretched. I only watch to see which former Idol they bring back to interview. This week it was Mandisa and Leah LaBelle (who has jet black hair now ... not a good look for her).

9. From the NBA Playoffs: Has Steve Nash gotten Kobe Bryant's imprint removed from his body yet after Kobe dunked in his face?

10. From Access Hollywood: Will someone please neuter Kevin Federline already? Britney Spears is apparently 5 months pregnant, which will give K-Fed four kids with two different women by age 25. The world does not need another Federline Spawn. And just to remind you why, check out this awesomely hilarious video of K-Fed listening to his song Popo Zau. This video never gets old.

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