Thursday, April 06, 2006

No Southern Comfort For R&B Singers

Country night found AI5's resident R&B singers in the bottom 3 this week, none of whom had even seen the seal prior to this week. Mandisa was the unfortunate one to have to leave the show, and she was joined in the bottom 3 by Elliott Yamin and Paris Bennett.

Not to get all Elton John on everyone's ass here, but with next week's train-wreck waiting to happen - Queen night - Paris (who probably wasn't even born while Freddie Mercury was alive) looks doomed to follow in Mandisa's footsteps. Which would deprive the show of any kind of color to speak of.

What could Paris do to stay in the game? She could do a Fantasia-esque "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", or she could use that big voice and range to do "We Are The Champions". It couldn't possibly be worse than what JD Fortune did to that song. Heh.

A few predictions for next week: Chris closes the show (again); Ace sings "You're My Best Friend"; someone sings "Somebody To Love", maybe Katharine or Elliott. Hopefully the song choice of irony bites Kellie in the butt if she sings "Another One Bites The Dust".

Wednesday is supposed to mark the return of the group song. Yay! They cannot possibly top, however, the brilliance of the Jacob Hoggard/Shane Wiebe "Under Pressure" duet in the Canadian Idol 2 finale. Beat those falsetto notes, Ace! Actually, on second thought, please don't even try. My ears can't take your normal falsetto already.

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