Monday, April 24, 2006

Catching Up On The Tube

Been out of town all week and am trying to catch up on all the latest dirt. Here are a couple of random things from the tube this past week:

*The OC - Ryan's supposedly at the Berkeley campus in this episode, except it's really the UCLA campus. And Brown, where Seth is at, looks amazingly like USC, which is to Ivy as UCLA is to Cal State LA. Next week, Lisa Tucker from American Idol makes a cameo, playing herself at the prom. Rumor has it that her character was originally named "First Black Girl Ever On Campus". ;)

*American Idol - Ace Young finally folded. About damn time. Now once the Pickle and her clever apologies for being the suck get the deserved boot, we'll truly have a competition. Here's a really bizarre transcript from the post-elimination press conference with Ace. Between the fawning fangirl questions and Ace extolling his virtues so much, I got the heebies from the whole thing. Saw him perform "Butterflies" on Regis and on Ellen today. More heebies. He sang pretty much the whole song in falsetto, and on Ellen, he sang it a capella. Let's just say he's no Bo Bice. Bo knows singing in tune!

And speaking of Bo, the AI producers pulled that "choose which group is the Top 3" crap they pulled on Bo (and George Huff in season 3). Taylor Hicks was the unfortunate one to be put into that situation. There's only one way to handle that situation without shooting yourself in the foot a little bit, and Taylor didn't do it. Bo got it right last year when he refused to pick sides and just stood in the middle of the two groups. That's all you can do without looking like an ass. It seemed like Taylor may have been trying to fake out Seacrest by shaking hands with Chris first and then moving to the other group, but I guess we won't know until he gives his exit interview (which may never happen the way he's apparently going).

*Miss USA Pageant - Didn't see it, but Lisa Wilson from American Idol 3 (the model who made the Top 32 despite frollicking in the pool with creepy Alan Ritchson instead of practicing. She sang a pretty bad version of "Come To My Window" in the semifinals) was second runner-up. No talent contest in this pageant, which must have helped her. Heh. I saw a little bit of the interview portion on the morning news, and the winner, Miss Kentucky, did not sound poised at all. She said something not grammatically correct and ended her sentence with a "So yeah ..." Apparently, being a good spokesperson does not rate very high in the contest.

*Veronica Mars - Things are finally starting to come together in the bus crash mystery. And I repeat - About damn time. This season hasn't been nearly as good as the first season, but it would be hard to top that finale with creepy Aaron Echolls showing up in Veronica's backseat and him locking her in a refrigerator while lighting the porch on fire. I did like the whole reversal of last year with Veronica saving Keith by removing the bullets from Liam's gun (last season Keith saved Veronica from creepy Aaron Echolls and the fiery porch). Veronica came up with some great one-liners, my favorite being to Weevil when he asked if she believed him about his role in the bus crash: "How could I not when you're batting those Maybelline lashes at me?" Ha! (For those who don't watch VM, the dude has these ridiculously long eyelashes that would make any girl insanely jealous)

*What About Brian - Remember the last blog I wrote about how great the show is? Well, uh, yeah. It hasn't lived up to the pilot so far. But I'll still watch! Ain't nothing else on on Mondays!

*The Sopranos - So two different people told me about this great scene where two of the guys go to LA to some celebrity "luxury lounge" and mug Lauren Bacall in order to steal her SWAG. Sounds more Joey than The Sopranos, but it does sound hilarious! I'm sure HBO will show it about 15 more times this week, so catching it shouldn't be a problem.

Still more TV to catch up on ...

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