Friday, April 14, 2006

BB All-Stars

Entertainment Weekly reports that this summer's Big Brother will be an All-Star Edition, a la Survivor: All-Stars. There will apparently be 20 former contestants from which to choose, and 12-14 of those will be re-entering the house based on audience vote.

Big Brother has been a guilty pleasure of mine since the first season. I've seen every season and even started watching the live feeds last year to see Kaysar, Janelle and Howie try to take down the Fiendsheep.

Who would I like to see back?

S1: Curtis
S2: Will (aka Dr. Evil), Monica (aka It's On-ica)
S3: Danielle (who should have and would have won if the jury hadn't seen her diary videos), Roddy (The Devil, tm Danielle), Jason (cute virginal Jason, who sadly would probably not participate), Marcellas the Martyr
S4: Jack
S5: Nakomis (queen of the six-finger plan), Will
S6: Kaysar (too brilliant for his own good), Janelle (quick-witted and not afraid to speak her mind - "Bye bye, bitches!")

The problem with the audience deciding is that people will not want to vote for the people that actually make the show what it is - the evil ones. In order for the show not to become a snooze-fest, you'd need people who wouldn't get along. You'd also need that to avoid built-in alliances. So in the interest of good television, this would be the best cast:

S1: No one. They were all pretty boring.
S2: Dr. Evil and Nicole
S3: Danielle, Roddy and Marcellas
S4: Alison and Robert
S5: Nakomis and Jase
S6: Janelle, Kaysar and Ivette

And yes, Janelle and Kaysar together would be a built-in alliance, but you can't have a BB All-Stars without probably the two most popular players in BB history. We'll see if the third time will be the charm for Kaysar. Doubtful, but you can bet I'll be watching!

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