Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wonderful Idol Performances?

Stevie Wonder night on American Idol tonight. Weird, because sometimes it seems like every night is Stevie Wonder night the way they've been overusing the poor man's songs. We saw some wretched performances from Kevin Covais (an almost comically bad Part-Time Lover), Kellie Pickler (Blame It On The Sun ... I think. The way she sang it, I didn't recognize it), Melissa McGhee (Lately with butchered lyrics) and Ace Young (an out-of-tune Do I Do) and some brilliant performances from Paris Bennett (All I Do) and Taylor Hicks (Livin' For The City). Chris Daughtry was great, but the tongue-bath he got for being so modern and making it his own was ridiculous since he was just copying the Red Hot Chili Peppers' version of "Higher Ground".

So since there have been so many Stevie Wonder performances over the years, I thought I'd try to pick the best and worst ones on Idol.

Top 10 Stevie Wonder Idol performances
1. For Once In My Life - Justin Guarini
The best way to describe it is electric. It was a great performance all the way around.

2. All I Do - Paris Bennett
She commanded the stage in much of the same way Justin did.

3. If You Really Love Me - Elliott Yamin
The best Stevie Wonder vocals I've heard on Idol.

4. Livin' For The City - Taylor Hicks
More Michael McDonald than Stevie Wonder, but terrific vocals and passion nonetheless.

5. Overjoyed - Charles Grigsby
Went from unknown to finalist with this one performance.

6. Lately - RJ Helton
Won the lone wildcard position in season 1 with this. His recorded version of the song was one of the best on the season 1 CD.

7. Part-Time Lover - Nikko Smith
Opened the semifinals in season 4 with this song and brought the necessary soul and smoothness. His performance of this song on the tour was fantastic.

8. Higher Ground - Chris Daughtry
Points taken off for not doing it Stevie style and just copying the Red Hot Chili Peppers' version.

9. Ribbon in the Sky - Gil Sinuet
Outsung Justin Guarini on the same night in the semifinals

10. Until You Come Back To Me - Katharine McPhee
One of the best female vocalists in five seasons of American Idol

Top 5 Worst Stevie Wonder Idol performances
1. Lately - John Stevens
Embarrasingly bad from Teen Martin

2. Part-Time Lover - Kevin Covais
A nerdy little 16 year old Chicken Little look-alike is not going to know how to interpret this song, and when you couple that with the soul-less singing and embarrassingly bad "dance" moves ... YIKES.

3. Lately - Melissa McGhee
She forgot the words at least 3 times, and couldn't even cover well. She knew she totally blew it

4. Blame It On The Sun - Kellie Pickler
Boring in so many ways, and she countrified it with a bad twang.

5. For Once In My Life - Camile Velasco
Deer. Headlights. That is all.


tammy said...

HA! I love that 3/5 of your worst Stevie performances came from last night.

Lisa said...

OMG-how DO you remember all those songs?? Geesh, I almost forgot how many souls sang Stevie on Ai and bombed or did well...I just don't think anyone dazzled us MORE with Stevie than Justin Guarini-I mean, he sang it, he had the look, the star quality-it was a BAM package. I am not too sure about the Katherine Mcphee thing though, I dunno about her-I LIKE her voice but to me it is so light in never mentioned Mandisa though-she was GREAT!

I really think we need to BAN the Stevie songs from now on...that guy must be even MORE rich from Ai with all the songs people sing...