Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Weird Ones Can Really Sing!

Can Gedeon McKinney's odd way of speaking (When I. Am. Not singing. I. Am. A painter) be overlooked enough to get him into the Top 12? Will Taylor Hicks' Elaine Benes dancing be found as endearing as some people seem to think Kellie Pickler's idiocy is? Coming from someone who has not really been a fan of those two in the American Idol competition, I would have to say yes, their vocal performances were good enough tonight to overlook those bizarre tendencies.

Gedeon's "When A Man Loves A Woman" was fantastic, and I really don't like that song at all. Until he turned into a total spaz and made Jon Peter Lewis look like Barishnikov near the end of the song, I was totally feeling Taylor's Michael McDonald impersonation. All it took was turning away from the TV at that point to continue to enjoy the song. Those two were the best of the night for me.

Close behind were Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin. They both sounded good, although song choice was not stellar for either. Chris' song, "Broken", was pretty similar to last week's song, and Simon is right about not remembering it later. Elliott picked "Heaven" by Bryan Adams, and it's not really his thing. He's much better at the more soulful songs, not the rock songs.

Bucky Covington was okay for what it is. I really can't stand country, so I wasn't into it at all, but I can acknowledge that he did pretty well with it. Will Makar and Kevin Covais, these two kids are adorable and quite funny, but they're too young for this and look like high school kids auditioning, which they are. For some reason, young guys just don't seem right in this competition, but it's ok for young girls. Will has the better voice of the two by a mile and is much more comfortable on stage than Chicken Little. If one has to go, I'd much rather keep Will.

And that leaves us with Ace Young. He's one of the favorites in the competition because of his looks. Which I don't find to be all that. And I don't find his voice to be all that. In fact, I find his voice to be quite mediocre and quite horrifying when he tries to do the falsetto. I can only tolerate so much male falsetto in a song, and he more than overdid it. Gah. It made me miss Sway. Ace's song choices are, um, interesting. A George Michael song, two Michael Jackson songs and a Daniel Bedingfield song? Huh.

As an aside, I'd like to point out something I just read about Gedeon. His father died four months ago, and he hasn't seen his mother and siblings since he got to Hollywood because they can't afford to make the trip. Gedeon almost didn't get a chance to audition because they cancelled his original audition city due to the hurricanes, and the closest one to him was Chicago. He had to raise the money to get him to Chicago. I find it interesting that Idol hasn't exploited this story. I think the producers know that this story could take votes away from their Chosen One, so they're keeping it under wraps while we get Pickler's sob story shoved down our throats.

Anyway, who's out tomorrow? Probably some sort of combo of Kevin, Will, Bucky and Gedeon. Ha. Way to go out on a limb, huh?

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Lisa said...

Good review and you are quite spot on with everyone. I agree that Gedeon is a TOTAL freak when he talks-he is so rehearsed and just weird..but he can sing. I had NO idea about what happened to his family-see, now THAT is a story we should be hearing, not Pickler and her "Hey I am dumb as a stump" slogan. Ace, to me, has the same kind of song each time-nothing upbeat, just in the middle..I do think he is salad dressing without the calories right now-he needs to do SOMETHING or else the pretty looks are just gonna get boring after a while.

I honestly think that Kevin and Will are definitely children in an adults world right now-sure they may be cute and sweet, but the longer they stay in the competition, the harder it will be for them to leave.

I STILL think the top boys are Elliot and Chris with Taylor coming in for his personality.