Monday, March 13, 2006

Movie Sequels

For some inexplicable reason, I watched The Cutting Edge 2 last night on Fox Family. Total waste of 2 hours. That movie was horrible. It was supposed to be Doug and Kate's kid as the lead, and she was the champion ice skater looking for a new partner and finding romance eventually with her non-skater turned skater partner (instead of a hockey player, he was an inline skater). It was basically a recreation of the original with a slightly modern twist. It sucked.

I don't know why I even bothered. The first red flag should have been the fact that it was on Fox Family. The second red flag should have been the fact that it was a sequel since I've seen a small handfull of good sequels in my life.

Sequels close to or better than the original:
1. Superman II - I enjoyed this one better than the original. Kneel before Zod!
2. Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - Skip Episodes I and II; they were pretty dreadful.
3. Shrek 2 - Just as funny as the first, with the added bonus of a hysterical Puss in Boots

And one that's so bad that it's good:
Grease 2

It's crazy how this movie turned into a near-cult classic, seeing as how it's so ... awful. Haha. But it's campy and hilarious and totally cheesy. I love it! And Michelle Pfeiffer probably wishes the movie would fall off the face of the earth. Too bad, Miss "I want a cool rider"!

I will freely admit that I own the DVD and that I used to own the album when I was a kid. And knew all the lyrics to all the songs, including "Reproduction". Hell, I could probably still sing it now. I found this fansite for it. Yeah. Seriously.


Tammy said...

Dude, you own Grease 2? HAAAA! Okay, I know all the words to 'Reproduction' too, so I'm probably not one to talk.
I wasn't even aware that a sequel to The Cutting Edge existed. Now I'm a bit curious to see it. There's not much on tv to hold my attention most nights. The last couple of nights I've been watching a Korean soap opera called 'Full House' that I found on the Greek Speak boards. Its hokey and predictible, and yet I'm oddly addicted to it. Help!

Lisa said...

I also had NO idea Cutting Edge had a sequel-I liked that show..but really don't want to watch part 2 of it. Some things just cannot be duplicated-unless it is a reality show! ;)

destiny said...

I love Grease 2, too!!! Reproduction, reproduction...