Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Idol Guys Show More Spark

Taylor Hicks wears a "toboggan" on his head and turns into the male Diana DeGarmo. Gedeon McKinney perfects the pointy pose on a blues song. Will Makar makes everyone feel ancient. Kevin Covais is called a chicken, while Bucky just wants his biscuits. Someone sings a Fuel song. The AI5 Top 10 guys were definitely more interesting than the girls were the day before, but were they better? Tough call.

Best vocals of the night: Elliott Yamin
When Simon said last week that he could potentially have the best male voice from all five seasons, I was taken a bit aback. But after two straight weeks of excellence, he very well could. I think the fact that he's not conventionally attractive is going to help him more than it would hurt him, since Idol fans love the underdogs.

Best performance of the night: Chris Daughtry
He temporarily turned the competition into RockStar: American Idol by having the cajones to sing a Fuel song. His singing was a bit too screamy for me in the chrous, but it was overall a standout performance if nothing but for the fact that it was so different. It was no Whipping Post, but for this season, it was good enough.

Most bizarre: Taylor Hicks
He was talking about wearing a "toboggan" on his head in public. Maybe it's an Alabama thing, but where I come from, a toboggan is a sled. He opened his song by yelling at the audience to stand up. On a Commodores ballad. And then he "wooooooo!" at various random times in the song like he was Drew Lachey after a perfect dance and more often than Diana DeGarmo ever yelled "come on!" during a performance. And his movements are so spastic. He's lucky he has a good voice. That is all I have to say.

Future group medley standout: Gedeon McKinney
Gedeon is already practicing for those cheesy group medleys. That pointy pose at the end (of a bluesy song, of all things) would have made Danny Zuko proud.

Best resemblance to a movie star: Kevin Covais
Chicken Little. Poor kid.

The demoralizer: Will Makar
Will was 12 when the first season of American Idol aired. Way to make people feel ancient, Wilma!

Best hillbilly act: Bucky Covington
Unlike a certain cal-uh-MAR?-ee hater, Bucky's down-home southern-ness comes across as very genuine and real. He wants his biscuits but he's not going to pretend he's never heard of biscotti.

Worst calculated risk: Ace Young
Twice now he hasn't known the name of the songs he was singing. Both songs were Brit-pop songs - Swear It Again by Westlife, which he said was called "All Over Again", and "If You're Not the One", which he called "If I'm Not Made For You". Something tells me he was strongly encouraged by someone close to the show to sing all these Brit-pop songs that he wasn't all that familiar with. Hmmm ... Anyway, Ace blew it by trying to hit those high notes on the Daniel Bedingfield song. He sounded like cats screeching and looked terribly constipated while doing so.

Most likely to go this week: Bucky, David and Kevin

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Lisa said...

Coughcough...just added your site to my blog as a wanna be a good idol fan and do the same for me? hint hint?

And I love your reviews for American Idol-I have always done that in my forums but took some inspiration from YOU and decided to post them as well..except yours DO look better than mine-pictures and all! I likes...and didn't you love seeing Bo in the audience tonight? He seemed to like Bucky-Chris is the man though..DEFINITELY on top!