Friday, March 10, 2006

I Demand A Recount!

Just when I thought things were working out fairly well on the American Idol results show, the rug gets thrown from under me. Last week's bootings were justified, with three of the worst singers getting the boot (Brenna, David and Heather). But this week? I thought Gedeon gave the best performance amongst the guys this week, and he got tossed. Will was one of my favorites since the early auditions, and he got the boot (although he probably deserved it after his poor song choices each week). Ayla was the best one two weeks ago and one of the best in the first week, and she's going home and going back to her basketball scholarship. Kinnik was no surprise, but at least she went out with a bang, knocking her sing-out out of the park.

The one thing I could agree with on the results show last night was Bo Bice, who entered and exited the stage to loud cheers. Although it was apparent that he was sick, Bo still put on a hell of a performance. He was so into it that he ended up with crazy rock hair at the end. Haha. Taylor Hicks could take some lessons from his fellow Alabaman on how to move on stage without looking like a clown.

So our Top 12 is Katharine, Kellie, Lisa, Mandisa, Melissa, Paris, Ace, Bucky, Chris, Elliott, Kevin and Taylor. Next week is Stevie Wonder night. Watching Kellie and Bucky do Stevie Wonder should be quite amusing. Kevin and Chris might have a challenge as well. I can't wait to see what Elliott pulls out after his fantastic "If You Really Love Me" performance from week one. Paris should shine next week as well.

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Lisa said...

I,too was SO shocked about Gedeon going-I dunno..maybe he was just too good for this show or just born in the wrong era-as he IS the man for the music of the 50s...that was a shame to see him go. Will? I dunno-he wasn't great at all for me but he was so loaded with potential-still, he would have been given the boot within the next few weeks.

Poor Ayla-YOUCH-and for her to even take as hard as she did made everyone feel WORSE-I could hear Ryan Seacrest kinda crack up a bit. Sigh

Bo was sick?? Again?? That poor soul has been dealing with his intestinal thing all year-and then the broken foot in the summer..I loved his hair though-and he is SUCH a trooper-he just tries to do what he can with that music stand in hand..he can belt it. I think there is nobody like that guy this year! ;)

I still hope Chris, Elliot and Mandisa battle it out for the top 3!! :)