Friday, March 03, 2006

Fuel For The Fire

Chris Daughtry's performance of "Hemorrhage" by Fuel on Wednesday's American Idol show didn't just knock the judges' and Idol fans' socks off - it caught the attention of the band Fuel as well. According to Randy Jackson on Access Hollywood, Fuel has put an offer out to Chris to front the band, who is currently looking for a new singer. Their former lead singer, Brett Scallions, just left the band last month.

Check out the Fuel website, where they have lead singer audition information.

If this rumor is true, Chris should take the offer and run far, far away from American Idol. There's no way in hell Chris will be able to sing his kind of music if he was tied in to Idol. You can bet the latest boot-ee, Sway Penala, is somewhere near the Idol hotel lobbying for Chris to take the offer right now. hahaha.

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